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10 Exotic Dream Trips to make this Summer

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After COVID-19 pandemic grounded flights around the globe especially now that several countries have started to open again, several travelers are itching to ‘get out of Dodge’. Here’s the sampling of the best dream travel trips that you can take.  If that feeling of liberty has you feeling surprised and unsure of which bucket-worthy local to next check of your travel list.

Mainly due to the pandemic of corona virus which has also gained its popularity as the COVID 19 pandemic. The industry of tourism has witnessed its great drawbacks. The tourism sector has been affected massively as people are confined to indoors due to the lockdown . The tourism industry is quite optimistic that will start to travel once the initial fear of the pandemic wears off.  If the vaccines starts to get implemented soon as no one knows when they will be able to travel safely.

For every budget and taste, there is always an adventure that has been set. Whether your dream vacation involves the fairytale castles, long distance hikes, safaris or  beaches. This would be your ultimate summer holiday destination being a sole traveler or while you are visiting these places .

Thanda Safari, South Africa

Progressively protected from the poachers and the hunters yet being easily accessible to some curious travelers. You can easily have a place in your imagination where the popular huge five game species of Africa dwell without any enclosure in their massive habitats. You can picture yourself by being present at the foothills of Drakensburg Mountains in South Africa.   That has a seasoned tracked who leads and armed with a camera and not a rifle for hunting.  Chances to picture yourself to have an expert wildlife photographer at your aid to train you with the secrets of capturing the magnificence of these animals up closes in an African Bush.

You need not have to imagine anything as you will be reliving all at Thanda Safari. In terms of accommodation, you can dwell in the upscale lodge of the luxury reserves, private villas. But if you are looking for real adventure there’s oportunity for  luxury camping tents. With a commitment to support the local Zulu culture and to show care for the environment. This African outfitter combines them all with the traditional elements being the best place in the world.

Why travel to Thanda Safari?

Thanda Safari Game Drives

There is always the room for massive number of animals who can roam freely with 14,000 hectares of private, conserved land that can be explored. Lion, rhino, leopard, buffalo, and elephant are the Big Five dwellers of this reserve along with several others.

Gorgeous Accommodation

If you wish to look at luxury at various different levels then it comes to the luxurious accommodations of Thanda where everything is design to its beauty blues and with strategic creative planning. You have different types of bedrooms all facing out to the national reserve.

Camping in the Bush

You have the Thanda tented camp to have the most unique experience. Imagine yourself falling asleep to the sounds of the bush. Thinking of the flickering firelight, and the great view of the stars.

Top-Notch Treatment

You are sure to be in love with the hospitality at Thanda, where you are going to love the cuisine and the attention that you will be getting and a complete VIP treatment that you are sure to receive. You will be overwhelm with the warm welcome from Thanda travel.

Bush Walks

One of the most memorable experiences was a bush walk with the top guide along with the game drives. You will be led all through the reserve by foot, with tracks being pointed out; you will surely come across various floras, as well as be trained with some unique survival tips.

Point to Note:

The local guides as well as the local staffs offers you a cultural immersion opportunities and also enhances the experience altogether. The guests can easily choose to stay in a luxury safari camping tent, private villa or a traditional safari lodge as you travel with cheapair.

Sailing across the Coast of Sri Lanka

For the International Travelers in Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka is an island nation within the emerald waters of the great Indian Ocean. You can easily opt for a seven day sailing trip all around the southern coast of the island which is the best way to rediscover this evolving destination raising interest across bigger crowds. You will surely have a lot of time to surf, snorkel, and relax along with the explorations of the forts that are known for ages along with the remote beach towns, and the small fishermen villages.

Why visit Sri Lanka?

Tropical climate all year round

You are sure to witness two monsoon seasons affecting the different parts of the country at different time of the year and this opposes the fact of one monsoon at the same time throughout the whole country. At any specific time, the travelers can expect to have a sunny climate here is what it means.

Aplenty of enticing dishes

Flavored with the uniqueness of some exotic spices that is never failing to delight, Sri Lanka is blessed with this distinctive cuisine.

Home to rare animals

Here in Sri Lanka, you are never going to be bored as it boasts two marine parks and 26 national parks.

Iconic beaches

This small island nation possesses some of the most pristine coastlines in Asia being surrounded on all sides by the sea lions.

It’s gorgeous landscapes and hiking trails

It has some gorgeous nature trails that are something right out of a fairytale as this island nation has abundance of flora and fauna. Sri Lanka’s hiking trails are completely breathtaking as it has some stunning vistas and waterfalls, misty mountains rising above the clouds, hillsides that are covered by paddy field as well as the tea estates with occasional peacock as well as deer that is crossing your path.

Point to Note

If you wish to book this trip then the travelers should be minimum 16 years of age. You need to keep in mind that kayaking, rafting, walking, hiking, everything is required here. It always good to plan a group trip to visit this place.

Japan’s Long-Distance Paths hike

When you look over and beyond the eye dazzling lights of Tokyo, you are sure to find the calm long-distance routes for walking lies Japan’ rural past. These trips are often guides by the tour operators. Don’t forget to walk on Nakasendo Way which is one of the five established routes that were used during the period of Edo, this is the connected route from Tokyo to Kyoto for the pedestrian travelers. Today, you get the taste of Old Japan along with benefiting from few modern amenities or baggage transfers made between stops by taking its guided tour.

Why visit Japan?

  • Perfect natural scenery

The natural beauty of the country is the obvious first thing to strike you. There are several manners in which Japan is a nature lover’s paradise though several people link Japan with a highly modern country bearing the high-end stores and shopping malls.

  • Paradise for the shoppers

While visiting Japan, shopping is the major reason behind it. But, mostly for the local brands. You can shop for both souvenirs and local handicrafts from Tokyo and other big cities that have top-notch shopping centers along with the traditional markets.

  • Japanese cuisine

This country is sure to attract millions of tourists and travelers every year who can experience some authentic Japanese food, although this cuisine is available round the globe. Sake bars, and sushi conveyer belt are some of the usual experiences here.

  • Different sports and activities

You can surely find several exciting experiences within this country though adventure tourism is not something that one would be linking with Japan.

  • Beautiful temples and zen gardens

The zen gardens and the temples once entered, you can experience the peace and the magic these places to visit actually offers along with being aesthetically beautiful and gorgeous.

Point to Note

You can take the walk trip through the Nakasendo way by booking the Kiso Road in the months of March, April, June, October, or November. You can also take the longer route.

Unveiling the mysteries of Easter Island

Easter Island often finds its way up to the list of several passionate travelers as it is a far flung and mysterious destination hundreds of miles off the coast of mainland Chile.  You can plan for a fun-filled travel package visiting the beaches, volcanoes, moai statues that are sure to have amazed the explorers for centuries making it one of the most perfect vacation spots.

 Moreover  you can stay at Explora Rapa Nui lodge as there is no better way to see the entire Rapa Nui. You can easily select several guided explorations that are all narrowed down by your choice. You can then make your day complete with a glass of Chilean wine and take spa and relax with the waterfront views.

Why visit Easter Island?

  • The Moai Stone Statues

The monolithic stone statues are what make Easter Island quite famous. These statues are believed to be carved by the people of Rapa Nui sometimes between 1250 and 1500 and they usually depicts the faces of their ancestors and they are commonly termed as the Moai.

  • Rapa Nui National Park

Easter Island has immense amount of wealth of natural riches with their extinct volcanoes, caves, and lava tunnels that were usually formed by the volcanic eruptions, a rugged coastline of the hidden bays, and cliffs along with having their great cultural heritage.

  • Isolated Spots

Amidst the scenic landscapes, there are several guided hikes that leads the visitors around the island to witness the archaeological sites.

  • The Remote Beaches

Particularly at the time of the summer months of southern hemispherewhere the white coral sand is usually overtaken by the warm Pacific Ocean with the coconut trees that sways in the sea breeze, it is best to visit Anakena.

  • Ride the Waves of the South Pacific Swell

The conditions for surfing are the best here due to its location in the South Pacific with lava reef breaks and a year-round swell.

Point to Note

With the provision of cultural immersion opportunities, the local staff as well as the guides usually enhances the experience even more.

Disney’s New Toy Story Land in Florida

Pandora was the highlight of the last year. Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge will be the year next. This year it would be the Toy Story Land as this is one of the fun places to go for a getaway.

Toy Story Land is usually primed to be the hottest destination in Orlando this summer as it features some of the best new rides along with carnival themed 4D arcade.

Why visit New Toy Story Land?

  • All-New Toy Story Land Attractions

You are sure to see the giant board-game pieces, more than 400 toy blocks as well as the similar features including the tinker toy shaped lampposts all across Toy Story Land’s 11 acres.

  • Your Favorite Toy Story Characters

It is no surprise that you can meet some of your Toy Story favorites while you were in Orlando while the character meet-and-greets have always been the major part of Disney’s theme parks. You are sure to find your favorite characters here.

  • Toy Story Land Dining & Shopping

You now have the chance of stocking up some great Toy Story merchandize. You can also get the miniature replicas of the rides.

Point To Note

Toy Story is expect to be open in times for the summer travel seasons and the final dates have yet to be announce. The hotels there will also be featuring the décor of Toy Story this summer.

Relaxing at the serenity of the floating hotel off the Coast of British Columbia

The seekers for isolations are usually offered the ultimate opportunity of experiencing something as a remote part of the world in the solitude of its virtual world, being located in the archipelago of Haida Gwaii off the coast of British Columbia.

This Ocean House usually offers three-four, as well as seven night travel packages filled with adventures with some great travel touches to it. Guided rainforest hikes are among the old-growth forests and up-close explorations of the ancient Haida villages that are now turning back to its wilderness are some of the activities that are included here. You can explore and relax at this primitive world if you are a nature-freak.

Why Visit British Columbia?

  • To hike

All across British Columbia, you are sure to find the great hiking trails that are here. If you are looking for a multi-day adventure then the West Coast trail in Vancouver Island is the best.  Along with the Ice line trail that traverses Yoho National Park present in the Canadian Rockies.

  • Mild winters

The milder winters in Canada is experienced in Southern British Columbia. Both the cities can go years without having to turn into a white winter wonderland although it can easily snow in Vancouver and Victoria in the winter months. You can easily select British Columbia as your travel destination if a winter vacation in Canada with freezing temperatures excites you.

  • Visiting Victoria

You will have a picture of England straight out of British Columbia capital that is located on Vancouver Island. Victoria is pretty well-known as the tourist attraction as it endures some of the classic Victorian architecture, floral hanging baskets adorning the streets in the warmer months, and the colorful buildings. You can also enjoy various attractions that are there.

  • Having a drink in the Okanagan Valley

To the international visitors and the residents of the BC, the Okanagan valley is the other most famous destinations. It includes the towns of Penticton, Kelowna, Osoyoos, and Vernon, and this valley surrounds the lake of Okanagan.

  • Adventure in Squamish

Between the Vancouver and Whistler, you will find Squamish. It is the capital of Canadian adventure. You can perform various activities here like kiteboarding, mountain biking, rock climbing, ski diving, and many more.

Point To Note

You will surely come across several packages including the return flights.

Cyprus, a Mediterranean Alternative to Croatia

Europe’s highly popular coastal countries have now become a sea in themselves each summer as it is packed full sea of tourists as they are attracted to their love to the Mediterranean Sea. But, in sunny Northern Cyprus, this is not the case here as mass tourism usually keeps this tour as unspoiled. Northern Cyprus is known to have deliver some pristine beaches and plenty of sunshine . This is one of the best  secrets of this region.

Why Visit Cyprus?

  • Mixture of Mediterranean cuisines

The cuisine here is a mixture and refinement of various Southern European, Central Asian, and Middle Eastern influences as it has made a crossroads of three continents.

  • It’s a trip down history lane

You can also discover some ancient history here dating back to 1100 BC. You can take a trip down to Salamis, a city which once has hosted to some successive superpowers.

  • The seaside offers all kinds of activities

Cyprus is mainly famous for its beautiful pristine sandy beaches . The clean water is its highlights names as one of the most clean beaches in Europe. The island shows over 40 blue flag beaches that can be use for swimming and other water sports.

  • Most serene place on Earth

If you are looking for peace then you have arrived at the right place with a picturesque countryside and rugged mountains. It also hosts the immigrants from the surrounding war-torn countries as it is a safe haven. It is quite admirable when it comes to the friendliness of the locals.

  • There are travelling options for lovers of luxury

The visitors can land onto several options here who wishes to live the luxury of Cyprus. It also houses some of the exclusive casinos and world class sporting and spa facilities that can entertain you to the fullest.

Point to Note

Mainly between May and October is when there are trips that are arrange among a minimum of 15 years old and maximum 12 people in a group.

Northern Lights of Iceland

Iceland is now among the topmost dream destinations to those seeking for adventures or just a casual getaway. And it is consider as more of a stopover than just a destination. The country usually reveals no hint for spoil by its popularity even with its recent growth in the number of visitors Except to the few of those who can easily go into its massive and icy wilds, the best parts of this small numbered island nation usually remains inaccessible.

Why visit Iceland?

  • The Midnight Sun

The summer nights here are bright with a daylight present 24-hours ranging from mid-May to late July as it lies just below the Arctic Circle.

  • The Icelandic Geothermal Baths

The most valuable resource of Iceland is its rich supply of water. Iceland has a lengthy history of making use of geothermal energy as their source of power and the quality of water for drinking is exceptional due to the abundance of unspoilt mountain and glacier stream.

  • The Icelandic Whales

For over twenty species of whales you are going to find in the ocean surrounding Iceland providing them their natural habitat, and in the recent times, it has now becomes Europe’s whale watching capital.

  • The Icelandic Glaciers

Iceland is mainly known to be the land of Fire and Ice due to its massive glaciers and volcanoes that are all spread across the island.

  • The Food in Iceland

It is usually a modern outcast of the gastronomic traditions of their ancestors when it comes to the kitchen of Iceland. There is a strange and basic preparation of some ingredients. People could easily scrape together as all the activities of gathering, farming, and fishing on a volcanic island in North Atlantic. The harsh living condition there has also reflects in the diets of the natives.

Point to Note

This is mainly a winter trip. The trip requires highly capability in physical strength. February, March, and November are the ideal time for visiting those places there.

Explore the Galapagos by Catamaran


The place is completely new dream trip . Which offers a whole new way to look at the remote archipelago with popular adventure travel firms as this Galapagos Island in itself needs no recognition.

 Who are in search for bringing in a dream family vacation to life, for them this is a new itinerary. Which includes Snorkeling, plenty of upclose photo opportunities, as well as the guided walks through .

Why visit Galapagos?

  • Galapagos Tours

Several tours are available where you can easily hop aboard a Galapagos cruise and ride into an exploration of the different parts of each of the island present there . This is one of the major reason behind visiting archipelagoes.

  • Beaches

The white sandy beaches are the main tourist attraction where you can easily lounge on the shore . Even take a sip in the turquoise warm water.

  • Wildlife

During the Galapagos Island tour, you are sure to have encountered with the wildlife there. On the beach you are sure to find a group of tortoise as well as the penguins that are usually grope together. The animals are far away to be disturb by the humans . They are pretty relax and this is the ideal place where people of all ages can explore without any hindrances.

  • Authentic Cuisine

The cuisines that are available here is of a diverse range serve with fresh ingredients . These are massively collects from the local.

  • Volcanoes

When you are visiting this island here, some of the highlights are the volcanoes. The common places where you can easily go ahead to explore the  Daphne Major, Fernandina Island, Genobvesa Island, volcan Wolf.

Point to Note

At almost every fitness levels, this is a leisurely trip that is very appropriate. Eight years is the minimum age for participation here and the group size ranges from 10-14. The ideal time would be in April, July, and August. You can easily get hold of a local guide here who can help you with your adventures.

Experience Europe’s Last Great Adventure

When you consider your dream trip, how can Accursed Mountains go off your bucket list? If you have ever heard of this place then you can mark yourself as a dream traveler. You can easily discover the endless wilderness of the rugged river valleys, secluded villages, staggering limestone gorges .

This is, in almost several respects, the last wilderness in Europe that is unexplored.  Eight-day guided trip of the Wild Frontiers Adventure Travel‘s usually takes you there for a week’s worth of hardcore hiking against an indescribably spectacular backdrop.

Why visit Europe?

  • Picos de Europa, Spain

You are sure to have the images of the dazzling cities such as Seville and Barcelona, ancient pilgrim trails and sandy beaches with the mentioning of the vocation Spain. You are sure to come across the wild mountain landscapes too. Picos de Europa is thereby for  some great high-rising hiking opportunities. As it bears a series of limestone massifs overlooking northern Spain’s Atlantic Coast.

  • Central Sweden

The main heartland of the country in several ways is the Central Sweden. The red painted cottages with sense of nostalgia as well as traditional handicrafts. This is usually the Sweden out of their childhood dreams for many.

  • Cairngorms National Park, Scotland

Scotland is also among the wildest with just a 2 percent of the country classes as urban . It is one of the Europe’s smallest countries. Ancient forests, tranquil lochs, cascading waterfalls are all studded in this ancient forest as in the highlands.  You are sure to find all these in Cairngorms National Park . They are along the five of UK’s six highest mountains that are present there.

  • Transylvania, Romania

There is a huge biodiversity within the dense forest of Transylvania. As they are the habitats of Europe’s largest populations of bears, lynx, wolves. Also one third of the plant species of Europe. From around the world, the beauty of these woodlands is keen on drawing their visitors . Where the fortified churches, area’s castles, and the medieval towns are the main beauties here.

Point to Note

The trip requires a proper level of fitness.  You will have  the breakfasts, lunches, and dinners included in your travel packages . You can choose to spend your days and nights in either the hotels or the local guesthouses. Ideal visiting time would be June and September as this can be the cheap place to travel.

Do you are thinking about places to holidays ? Then the above-mentioned list would be the dream trip you are going to make this season.

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