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10 Most Exotic Places To Travel This Season

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eTravelers are always on the lookout for some great places & cities to head to whenever possible. Today we are going to share some exotic places where you can travel to have the best experience after the end of the pandemic spread due to coronavirus. Here is your day and night tour plan for 10 most exotic places.


There is nothing that is ever going to beat Dubai irrespective of where you go in the world. In terms of glamor and glitz, it remains the most unparalleled destination; it has a huge number of superlatives making it a futuristic city. The streets here are dotted with skyscrapers, beaches that stretch along with the entire city, and the skyline that dominates the tallest building in the world.

Dubai is a city that is rich with its cultural heritage, this is where there is a blend of different nationalities as well as religions, and it is nothing about only the fancy cars and five-star hotels. It is also the land of skyscrapers and sand dunes.

Your trip to Dubai will be carrying along a huge number of surprises ranging from being a small fishing village to that of the most futuristic city from all around the globe. Today, we are going to share the ultimate ways in which you can enjoy your 7 days stay here in Dubai where you can enjoy everything that you must see in this glorious city.

Airport to Hotel transfer

You can save both time and money by pre-booking a private transfer to the hotels that are in UAE upon your arrival at Dubai International Airport. You can have direct contact with the driver whom you can inform if there are any delays as you can specify your exact time of arrival too.

If you wish to book all your tours then you can also make use of a mobile app GetYourGuide. You can skip the line at top attractions and have your tickets pre-booked.

How to spend 7 days in Dubai

7 days in Dubai – Day One

  • Dubai Mall

You can commence with your trip by visiting Dubai Mall which is in the paradise of Downtown Dubai. You will be hopping around from one store to another as there are 1200 of them as you begin your trip at the Dubai Mall.  Surely you will find the perfect blend of lifestyle, shopping, and entertainment all together for creating all all-included destinations which you are hanging out casually in one of the largest shopping centers of the world.

Dubai Mall is a must-see bearing the buzzing shop with some glorious interiors!

  • Dubai Aquarium and Zoo

Here you can spend a few hours learning about the different spaces and exploring over 33,000 aquatic animals and checking how they dwell in their habitats that are quite similar to that of their natural ones. You can watch all the species as you walk under a tunnel. You can also see sharks there.

Here you can get the perfect understanding and knowledge about marine life!

  • Dive with sharks

You can have the experiencing of submerging amongst the 100 species of marine animals and this is the best place to make your dream of cage experience come true.

If you are a person who tends to become scared easily then you can take a trip on a glass-bottom boat.

  • BurjKhalifa

When you are in Dubai, visiting the most iconic structure or BurjKhalifa is a must. You can make your stay the best one in the most incredible attraction and enjoy the ideal panoramic views and add it to your advantage.

You can enjoy the views of Dubai’s skyline as you climb up to the 124th floor. And sunset would be the best thing to view here!

  • Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain is a completely different experience altogether. Fountains are generally top of the list in terms of itineraries or attractions.

The fountain is something out the world experience. With the sound of the oriental and Arabic tunes that whirls’ through the air, water that is lit with colorful lights, and dancing through the tones of the music and the synergy of the people all around it.

You can also make your fun a better one through the boat ride on the Abra where you get to experience the gorgeous views as you are floating past the mountains here.

  • Souq El Bahar

You can head over to the attractive Souq el Bahar for a chance to unwind, eat, and enjoy some glorious views after sightseeing today.

7 days in Dubai – Day Two

You can easily spend the second day of your 7-day itinerary submerging yourself in the culture that was there before the discovery of oil in Dubai. You can easily get the perfect understanding of traditional souks, the Bedouin culture, as well as the mosques that are there.

  • Old Dubai

Here you will be able to explore easily some different traditions, cultures, the old modest way of life, and every custom that reflects within the attractions of Old Dubai as you head over to this place.

Visit the Gold Souq where you can find the cheapest gold in the world.

  • In the Gold Souq, you can find some of the best and cheap collections of gold from the world.
  • In Grand Souq, you can get a unique collection of spices, herbs, as well as fragrances.
  • You can experience the complete traditional lifestyle of Dubai and on Abra, you can take a ride through the lake that is flowing here in Dubai Creek.

You can also learn about the historical significance of the history of Dubai through the Heritage Village and check out the traditional crafts and costumes.

  • Visit the Dubai Frame

The recent and the most attractive one in Dubai is the “Dubai Frame”. This is a completely new landmark of Dubai with the new design specifically with the idea of connecting the old and the new Dubai rising up at the height of 150 meters. The best time to visit this place is the time closer to the sunset to enjoy a glimpse of both daylight and evening.

  • Jumeirah Mosque

People often forget that this city is in reality an Islamic one though there are people coming here only for its glamor and richness. You can gather the experience of true Islamic Architecture and the monuments in the Jumeirah mosque. This is the place that bears its true reflection of Islamic history with white marbles, large domes, as well as soaring minarets. Except for Fridays, tours are especially available daily from 10 am.

  • Lunch at Burj Al Arab

In the middle of the day, the best place to head for lunch would be at Burj Al Arab: Al Muntaha. With the sweeping vistas of the city of Dubai, how about doing a lunch up in the open sky?

From yeh 27th floor of the Burj Al Arab, you can enjoy the spectacular surroundings from its 27th floor along with enjoying the glamorous French cuisine in Al Muntaha.

  • Visit the Dubai Miracle Garden

When you are in search for the largest natural flower gardens then this is the place that you must see. If you wish to escape from the hustles and bustles of the city, this is the perfect getaway being in the middle of millions of flowers and revel in the oasis that is deep in the heart of Dubai.

7 days in Dubai – Day Three

  • Dubai Marina

What is better than enjoying your breakfast by the water, why be surrounded by skyscrapers, white yachts, and promenades that are full of people. This would be the perfect way to start your day.

You can book a speed boat and take a mesmerizing sightseeing tour all around the coastal droppings of Dubai and get the perfect view of Burj Al Arab.

  • Dubai Mega Yacht Lotus 200 Experience

In terms of the yachts, Lotus 200 is the most luxurious one. You can arrange a Megayacht brunch here. dive into the outdoor pool, enjoy at the live cooking stations, with a wide range of selection amongst the international cuisines, several areas of entertainment, giant top deck, as well as cinemas for the kids.

  • Mall of Emirates

This would be yet another mall that offers some great shopping experiences, fun, as well as entertainment. You can enjoy at the ski bars, hop around hundreds of the stores, or watch movies as well as play video games.

  • Ski Dubai

This would be one of the greatest mind-blowing experiences. This is the place that has transformed into a complete winter wonderland. You can sip away hot chocolate in a café there in midst of the snow, you can also ski off 7 slopes, or even play in the snow with your partner.

This is the ideal place for every winter enthusiast.

  • JBR Dubai

You can simply chill away in this beach-facing development as you can end your day in the best way ever. Surrounded by the shops and the cafes and overlooking one of the best beaches here in Dubai as this is a beach promenade full of life.

7 days in Dubai – Day Four

  • Midriff City Center

This is not a mall that is similar to the rest as it has its own uniqueness. You can simply head out for shopping or relaxing at the spa and it houses around 430 stores.

  • iFLY Dubai

In one mall you have dived with the sharks while you have skied in the other one. Now you can easily experience the simulation of skydiving in here. You can definitely have your skydiving experience here.

  • IMG World

After skydiving you can head over to the largest theme park.

You will be spoil completely for choice with every different concept, game, as well as the ride with all four different zones.

7 days in Dubai – Day Five

  • Hot Air Balloon ride in Dubai

You can easily float about 1200 meters above the beautiful sand dunes of Dubai all along with the sunrise. You can watch the sand dunes stretch for miles and immerse themselves in the beauty of the dawn as the animal’s march on their own path beneath you and the camels even go in their own direction.

  • Desert Safari

Without experiencing a desert safari, a trip to Dubai will not be a complete one. You can enjoy a camel ride in the middle of the desert, get your hands painted in henna while being surrounded by the golden sand dunes, and many others.

7 days in Dubai – Day Six

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

When you are looking for some extravagance, then the Sheikh Zayed Mosque can deliver its true meaning. The epitome that is here is that of the grandeur. This mosque is its own magnificnese decored with white washed marbles, beautiful perfect white domes, as well as the soaring minarets.

7 days in Dubai – Day Seven: Dubai

  • Dubai Museum

This museum is usually housed in the Fort of Al Fahihi dating back to the year 1787. Here you get the complete idea of the past years of Dubai and what the older civilization was out there along with its history and culture.

  • Kite Beach

You chill out at the beach in the last few hours. You can dive into every kind of sport and activity in this beach as well as surf and play volleyball paddling the boards and kayaking. At the end of the day you can enjoy the sun at the beach here.

  • Dubai Opera

You can easily experience the grandeur of the evening that is full of art and culture at the Dubai Opera. This is usually known to be one of the most cultural places in Dubai that exceed all expectations. Various types of events are hosted here.

  • La Perle by Dragone

If you are in search of some water and light shows then this is the best one to experience. Your imagination sets off every boundary while speaking of watching La Perle’s performance by Dragone.

Some of the exclusive highlights here are water, acrobats, and aerial stunts that will set you all to live in awe making this place the must-visit here in Dubai.


Here in Singapore,you can cover most of the main tourist spots during a complete week of stay as this is a country that is small relatively. It may not be as straightforward when it comes to organizing a vacation here as there are several things for you to do and see here. Today we are covering you with this great guide that is featuring the ideal of this sunny island if planning is not that good thing for you to do. Straight up you need to book a flight and pack up your luggage is what you have to do.

Day one

  • Morning

You have to kickstart your vacation at the new shopping mall of Singapore which is the Jewel Changi Airport right after you land at the best airport of the world. You can easily kill some of your time before heading out to your hotel as this bears dome houses from future housing 280 dining as well as outlets of retails. The minute you land, never forget to keep your hands on to the local dishes here. You can also enjoy some Singaporean favorites like the chili crab and stingray sambal as you head out to the food court homing some local brands like that of the Boon Tat BBQ seafood.

Also you can grab onto some local exclusive like the Pandan shake which is mainly a vanilla and coconut ice cream shake that is topped with gula Melaka crumble as you go to the NYC-based Shake Shack. You can also make a head start by shopping at Foot Locker, Pokemon Center Singapore, and Nike before stepping out of the airport.

  • Afternoon

You can head to the Singapore Flyer for a ride of 30 minutes as you are sure to get some amazing views of the whole city after you have freshened up at the hotel there.  Also, you can admire Esplanade when you visit this place due to its ideal architecture that is similar to the kind of the fruits, which is the durian. You are sure to witness a huge number of performances, so, it is very easy to book a ticket for a show here. You can also get a complete shot of yourself when you walk over to Merlion Park who is the iconic mascot of Singapore.

The following are the other places where you can visit:

Gardens Bay

Singapore is known to be the city where there are some new passions that are simply on the list of being discovered and it is something that is more than just a bustling metropolis.

This is the most attractive garden by the bay and you can start exploring this place. There are three huge cooled conservatories that are filled with its natural pride covering a total area of 101 hectares and a space of verdant greenery.

  • Night

Marina Bay Sands

You can easily take a stroll all the long stretch of the waterfall to that of the Marina Bay Sands all in the evening. You are sure to find a resort that is filled with loads of attractions that are there mainly for the visitors and it ranges from the sky-high spots of partying together to that of the luxury shops.

ArtScience Museum™

You will surely wish to make a beeline for the Art Science Museum if you are an enthusiast for the arts. The lines are blurred between that of the artistry to that of the technology and there are exhibitions that are thrown too.

You can easily take a stroll over to that of the Merlionpark as you can take some great photos of the famous icons of this city in order to add them to your Instagram feeds.

Day 2

Tanjong Beach Club

On your second day of the Singapore trip, sun, sand, as well as surfing is the ideal thing for you to do here. This is the island resort of Sentosa who is known for its popularity of white sandy beaches, friendly attractions, as well as some action-filled offerings that are meant to provide you the best entertaining feel.

There is their own charm when it comes to the three beaches here. You can simply soak beneath the sun holding a cocktail in your hand here.

Universal Studios Singapore

You can experience a great amount of magical ordeal here as you spend your day here. This is a theme park that is spread over all across seven districts all following the movie theme.

Here you will also come across the sea aquarium which is the largest in the world stretching across 36 meters wide and a height of 8.3 meters.

S.E.A. Aquarium at Resorts World

Beneath the sea aquarium you are sure to embark on the odyssey that lies beneath as you are sure to find a massive number of sea creatures from deep within the walls that are made out of glass. You will be mesmerized to see the habitats of the sharks and at the Open Ocean you can simply immerse in its natural beauty.

Quayside Isle at Sentosa Cove

You have to visit the Quayside Isle if you are feeling hungry. You will be in awe to find such a high range of different cuisines, ranging from the fusion of the Chinese food that is served by  Blue Lotus Chinese Grill House to that of the classic Greek fare at Mykonos on the Bay.

8 Night Safari

You can take a stroll over to the wider side at the night safari as dusk hits the city. It holds over 130 species of nocturnal animals that are scattered across this park. Species range from the Indian rhinoceros to that of the Malayan tiger.

You can embark along with one of the four walking trails as you can close up to get a personal view of these majestic creatures. We would also be recommending you to take the tram ride instead if you are too tired from the daylong activities. This is an experience that will make you move across the distinct habitat of the wildlife park.

Day 3: Culture and Heritage in historical boundaries

National Museum of Singapore

In the Civic District, you are sure to find the blend of the future with Singapore’s bright future and the rich colonial history. Alongside of the modern shopping malls and the skyscrapers, you are sure to find the colonial buildings as well as the museums that are present.

At the National Museum of Singapore, you can spend the early part of the day by exploring all around the culture of the city as well as the heritage. The exhibitions are completely bound for enchanting and informing in equal measures with the history of the nation that would come back to its vivid life at this grand old dame of these local museums that are present.

Here at the Magic and Menace exhibition, you can unveil the world of the belief of shamanic Southeast Asians. And even at the Singapore History Gallery, you can learn about the past of the nation. You also have to be sure to check out the mesmerizing art-inspired wares at the museum label of the retail brand of the establishment if you are in search of a souvenir.

National Gallery Singapore

You can also visit the Singapore National Gallery in the afternoon where you can find the art that is present from all around the globe. This is a top-class institution that ranges all over to 8,000 works of art from Singapore to that of every region once it is housed in twin buildings that were usually the City Hall and Supreme Court once.

Orchard Road

At Orchard Road, the reputation of the Lion’s City as the paradise for the retail stores gathers its complete expression as it is the largest shopping belt present on this island.

At several malls alongside of this busy stretch, you are sure to spend most of the evening hunting for treasures. While there are the luxury brands that can be found at the Heeran and Mandarin Gallery, there are global brands as well as fashionable threads present at the mall.

It also makes room for the trove of some top-notch restaurants that include the establishments that are worthy of Michelin like the Alma by Juan Amador, beni, and Les Amis.

Design Orchard

You can hunt for the latest gadgets here in the Apple Store or at the Design Orchard you can also peruse loving craftworks. If you are thirsty then you can head out for the Emerald Hill. You are sure to find the watering holes that can easily serve up some chilled beer which you can enjoy with the live music there as it is the habitat for all.

Day 4: Hip meets heritage


Chinatown is the most enticing blend of both the new and the old with its streets decorated with lanterns, some ancient temples, and rocking boutiques.

You can take a walk down the South Bridge Road for blending yourself within the rich culture of Singapore. You can witness some eye-catchy architectural work and some glorious insights of the Masjid Jamae, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum, as well as the Mariamman Temple as here you get the testament of the religious diversity of Singapore.

Chinatown Heritage Centre

Visiting this place should also be there in your travel list. This space has galleries that boast some exhibits showcasing the earlier lives of the Chinese people who resided there and on Pagoda street, this is a three-remarkably beautiful shophouse that is restored to its finesse.

Chinatown Complex Food Centre

Chinatown food complex is the perfect place to head for lunch located at Singapore’s largest center for the hawkers. There are about 260 vendors with its famous Michelin meal that is extremely affordable along with the Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya sauce chicken rice and noodle.

Lim Chee Guan

You need to be sure to bring back the Singaporean taste before you leave this district. They both make up the best souvenirs when it comes to the barbeque meet slices of the backway as well as the spices from the Spice Maker Anthony.

Haji Lane – The nightlife

Just as the sun sets in, you will want to take your precious time to visit this historic neighborhood. This is the best place where you enjoy having a beautiful photo opportunity at the dusk along with the golden-domed Sultan Mosque as this is the most attractive landmark here.

For socializing, you can embark on to a bar hop all the way up along the Haji Lane as the gregarious travelers here find immense opportunity here. To a whole range of the hop watering holes as well as the buzzing bars, from the themed New Age going live in its BluJaz Café is what this narrow street homes too.

Day 5

Joo Chiat/Katong

If you wish to witness one of the liveliest districts of Singapore, then JooCHiat/Katong is one of the best with its cool cafes, modern rainbow-hued heritage shophouses, and modern boutiques.

With the shops, eateries, this is the neighborhood that is well-known for being the trove of all the things which is the Peranakan, the architecture that has the striking influence of its culture.

You can enjoy a hot bowl of spicy coconut milk-based noodle soup which is the KatongLaksa, bit on to the snacks and desserts of PeranakanKueh at the Kim ChooKueh Chang shop as well as get hold of some delicate nonya garb at the RumanBebe.

Bras Basah.Bugis

In the district of the Bras Basah, Bugis, you can spend the rest of the day which bears some vibrant arts as well as the most cultural districts, that lies all in the heart of Singapore. You can discover the rich art of this region as you bargain hunt at Bugis Street and also can spend some huge number of hours or two at the America Church or the Fort Canning Park.


We would be recommending some dinner as well as a cocktail at the Loof since there are several dining opportunities that are aplenty in the neighborhood. The nostalgia of Singapore’s past is taken by this charming rooftop bar, and both the delightful cocktails as well as the delectable comfort food are what it serves up.

Day 6: Lush green spaces

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Singapore usually bears the reputation for being a city within a garden surrounded by the green spaces, and parks that are dotting along the whole island while most of the modern cities are mainly urban sprawls.

At the Singapore Botanical Gardens, you can spend the day in the middle of nature along with the tranquility. It has over 600,000 orchid plants at the National Orchid Garden being the UNESCO Heritage Site that is filled with eye-catchy floras.

You can drop by the Botanic Gardens Heritage Museum as you learn more about this 161-year-old garden. On the space’s long and colorful history, this attractive conserved colonial building will mesmerize you and take you to the next level of satisfaction.

The Halia Restaurant

The Halia is the best place for those food lovers who can stop for a lunch break. You will be able to indulge in various salads, pastries, and brunch staples since this restaurant specializes in Western Fares. At the one hectare of Ginger Garden, this restaurant is located.

The Southern Ridges


You can easily take walk around the southern ridges in the evening. This lush is quite popular amongst the bird watchers present locally as well as the nature enthusiasts connecting some of the most luxurious green spaces of Singapore like most of the Mount Faber Park as well as the Labrador Nature Reserve as well as the Hort Park and stretches all across 10 kilometers.

This is the best place to kick back and relax when you feel a lot tired in this pedestrian bridge suspended 36 meters above the ground which is the Henderson Waves. You shall be treated to some of the best sunset views and the time of visit would be around dusk.

Day 7

Jewel Changi Airport

Before you jet off, you can spend your last day in Singapore by exploring Jewel Changi. From all the terminals this is accessible, as it is the home to some great retail stores and some glorious and delicious food.

Canopy park is also the best place to head to where the kids can be set free in the middle of the twists and the turns of the mirror maze and also get lost in the artistic beauty of the Discovery Slides.

Pop by Naiise Iconic is the best place to go about some last-minute shopping spree as it stocks a great number of local wares that range from homeware inspired by the local cuisine to t-shirts with Singlish motifs.

You can also sate your cravings for the Peranakan fare at the Violet Oon or even visit the Tiger Street Lab for the delicacies and a mug of ice-chilled beer. And these all you can try out before embarking on the flight home!


With the countries out there like of Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, that are driving all attention to themselves in Southeast Asia as you will not be seeing the travelers who are carving out a complete 10 days plan in Malaysia.

You can easily discover what you should be doing in Malaysia with this complete package 10-days itinerary for the visitors who are visiting Malaysia for the first time as it ranges from the pristine beaches to that of the modern & historical cities that hides some of the best cuisines of Asia with that of the rolling hills that are sprinkled with the tea plantations.

Things to know before you plan for a vacation in Malaysia

When to go to Malaysia?

The weather of Malaysia can be a bit of a mixed bag like that of Southeast Asia. You can expect hot and humid conditions that are there in the year throughout with two distinct dry and wet seasons that are quite different depending on where you decide to visit in Malaysia like that of Southeast Asia.

The best time to visit Malaysia is between February to April when you plan for this itinerary. The west coast of Peninsular Malaysia is at its driest during these months.

You should be expecting that things will turn from sunny to that of blissful to the miserable drop of a hat on any given particular day on your Malaysian itinerary. Within your Malaysian packing list, you need to be sure to include a sturdy umbrella and a lightweight rain jacket in too.

Where to go in Malaysia: A complete 10-day itinerary

When you plan for Southeast Asia then there is no place like that of Malaysia. Malaysia’s pleasures are a lot more compelling or much worthy of your time though it might lack a world wonders like that of Angkor Wat in Cambodia or dispense with the party-going thrills of Thailand.

I surely guarantee that you will connect sooner with Malaysia at the deep level whether you are prepared to be seduced by the colonial charms of George Town or that of the Pristine beaches of the Perhentians or something that is in between all.

You will never go to see it all in just a single trip as a matter of fact in a country that ranges from diversity to that of its massiveness. Your best bet is one focusing mainly on West Malaysia with only 10 days here.

There is always a good reason behind it!

Traveling between the destinations here in West Malaysia is not an exercise in extreme patience or that of the will, unlike Malaysia’s wilder east that comprises the Sabah and Sarawak. As far as the Southeast Asian travel destinations go, with the elimination of several difficulties that you would be encountering in these more divine corners of the country, Malaysia is fairly the mainstream here.

More details

They are budget-friendly and modern with public transportation which is quite comfortable as well as efficient with the distances that are between the major travels destinations that are quite manageable with the top accommodations in Peninsular Malaysia. Even you have never set your foot in Southeast Asia before, these simplicities thereby take a smoother ride here.

Peninsular Malaysia will be offering you something which you can get excited about whether you are a cosmopolitan wanderer or wish to have some backwoods adventures.

We here have focused mainly on the urban destinations in this 10-day Malaysian itinerary. For you, this would be the best starting point when you are planning your trip to visit Malaysia.

You can have a chance to explore even further through your day trips where you can extend your stay a little further as you are sure to find all the evidence that you require to transform this fascinating country into your next favorite destination in Southeast Asia.

Let us now get started to enjoy the complete trip to Malaysia!


2 Days

You can give a head start Melaka which is the riverside city instead of that of Kuala Lumpur before you are swiping down your credit card as you plan for the Malaysian itinerary and book your flight to Kuala Lumpur.

You are sure to question whether or not you are in Southeast Asia while you wander around the ever-fascinating Melaka. Melaka is not exactly the travel destination of the run-of-the-mill in Asia as it has a strong background of European colonial influences.                        

These are the main part of the city’s charm here.

The thing that you are going to find in the old colonial city will not be betraying the history with the Dutch, Portuguese, and British colonists who all called Melaka their home.

This is no longer a tourist destination that has not yet been unveiled though being a riverside town. You need not expect that you will be traveling here along as you have heard very little of this place here. On the Malaysian backpacker trail, it is simply the favorite one with a gradual increase of the tourist hordes that are pounding over the pavements usually proving this.

It is bound to leave a strong impression with whatever lies hidden in the streets of Melaka and it is usually the best one here.

What to Do in Melaka?

Melaka presents one of the most ideal destinations of Southeast Asia range from the delights of Chinatown to the riches of the tapestries of the Eastern and European influences and this is simply going to keep you very busy.

In order to find what you are looking for, Melaka is not the place where you will have to dig a lot deeper. The city has a huge number of charms up on its sleeves. It will help you stay intrigued within this fascinating multicultural town by simply walking along its beautiful riverside or by exploring the backstreets.

And, what about its food?

Melaka is one of the ideal cities in Malaysia in terms of their food, besides their outwardly handsome appearance. It usually says a lot in a country that takes its food quite seriously.

Melaka is left with its culinary palette which is all to its own with a sprinkling of the Portugues and Peranakan influences. There are no rooms for doubt that your tastebuds will be falling equally in line with that of the other senses as you are plying through the food stalls as well as the restaurants that serve some of the mindblowing street food in Malaysia as you ponce around the city awestruck by its architectural mojo.

The following are some of the best suggestions for things that you can do in Melaka:

Dip in the colonial history of Melaka

You will soon notice the influences that are left by its colonies as you wander through the historic center of Melaka. There is a complete hodgepodge of the architectural styles that are sure to give Melaka an air of unseen else in the world with their three major European powers that all grasp control of this strategic city during its long period of history.

A’Famosa Fort and St. Paul’s Church are the two most famous Portuguese colonial sites that you can explore and they overlook the city from the top of Bukit St. Paul. Very little remains from the 16th century former Portuguese stronghold other than a sole gate and the evocative church ruins.

The colonial possessions of the Dutch are even more evocative of this city. Among the colonial buildings along with their distinctive terracotta facades, the Stadthuys and the nearby Christ Church take center stage in Melaka.

Roll down the river with a Melaka River Cruise

One of the best ways to get acquainted with the city with the sparing 45 minutes along the Melaka River. You are sure to float by several of the historical sites of Melaka as well as the traditional Malay villages such as the Kampung Morten on your jaunt where you will be floating by several historical sites of Melaka.

Kampung Morten Melaka

You can also try a Melaka Night River Cruise for the most romantic experience with your significant other.

Snag a ride on a trishaw

It is something of the legend of the traveler with the colorful trishaws in Melaka. All around Southeast Asia and not just Melaka, this is a three-wheeled mode of transport which is very popular and this is the most scenic way in which to get around the city.

There is hardly a much better place than that of the Melaka for doing it if you have never ridden a trishaw ever before. You are sure to find the trishaws that are deck out with some bright lights, along with the Hello Kitty gear as well as the obnoxious loudspeakers that you are never going to hear into the night while you are residing in the city center.

Experience the bustle of Melaka Chinatown

Chinatown in itself is quite happening. You are sure to find the coolest cultural attraction in Melaka in the famous Jonker Street of Chinatown.

Jonker Walk Night Market in Melaka

You can stop by the Jonker Walk Night Market on a Friday, Saturday, as well as Sunday to enjoy some delicious eats since Melaka is a veritable heaven for food lovers. When you are here, you can never think of leaving the place without trying the chicken rice balls and also the delicious street-side ice cream pastries that are there.

Where to Stay in Melaka

It is usually a challenge that you can select while you are staying here in Melaka with the compact size of the city here. You will also have several opportunities where you can stick close to the action as you can explore the historic city all on your foot as long as you are staying somewhat near to its center.

Snagging into some good hotel deals in Melaka which is not so difficult to find. The following are some of the best hotels where you can enjoy here in Melaka:

Hatten Hotel Melaka :

This is the most comfortable 4-star hotel that is close to its every action and they are quite clean and can provide a lot of comforts. You can sure get some stunning looks from the 12th-floor rooftop pool.

1511 Guesthouse Melaka:

Here in this historic center, you are sure to make a great choice for a clean budget-friendly room. From the river, it is a couple of blocks away and from several of Melaka’s most popular tourist attractions, it involves a quick walk.

Casa del Rio Melaka: This is the top 5-star luxury hotel in this city here. There are private balconies in the rooms overlooking the river. You can also cool off in the luxurious infinity pool of the riverside.

Kuala Lumpur

3 Days

When you look at any big modern city in Asia, Kuala Lumpur is a lot more like that on its surface, with skyscraping buildings, and sprawling loud crowds that are scattered all around. Kuala Lumpur rises in its altitude of its own with the ideal blend of Chinese, Indian, and Malay cultures.

There is no place that can beat Kuala Lumpur. It will not be taking you long for realizing that there is something a lot magnetic about this capital city of Malaysia which rises to its own uniqueness with the streets surrounded by the Victorian buildings, restaurants that are enticing to you with their roti canai or laksa, along with its own colorful temples.

Things you can do in Kuala Lumpur

When you travel to this Malaysian capital, not all fall in love with this city instantly. They are a little overwhelming and at times brashy and known for their lordliness.

You will not be finding the charms of jumping out at you during your first hours of the visit of this city, once you get the overall initial shock of wandering around such a chaotic outwardly place, you are sure to witness the most compelling moments here.

You can dig your spoon into a laksa and soon you are sure to see what there are so many travelers clamber for more time here in Kuala Lumpur instead of escaping at the very first opportunity here as you slip into its traditional market of Little India.

There are many things that you can do here in Kuala Lumpur like any of the worthy urban Asian destinations for tourists. You can also seize several basics of Kuala Lumpur with only 2-3 days in hand. The following are some of the ideas for you to try out here:

Soar Grandly above KL at the Petronas Towers

Petronas is the massive pair of buildings that might be quite popular architectural twins present in this world as this is the home to its massive state-owned petroleum company.

The Petronas towers were the two massive towers in the world for almost six years till Taipei 101 swiped the crown. These architectural marvels are the absolute must-see when you are here in Kuala Lumpur even if the title has been conceded for long.

From below, the ideal way to experience the Petronas Tower is not just gawking at them. You can trek between the buildings on the 170-meter high Skybridge for catching a glimpse of Kuala Lumpur from above if you embrace vertigo here.

You can easily get hold of one of the limited free tickets as you need to be sure to get there early in the morning.

 Also, you will get some time and money-saving combo tickets that are available if you wish in combining your visit to the Petronas Towers as well as visit KL Menara Tower.

Wander through Kuala Lumpur’s colonial past

Walking through colonial Kuala Lumpur is usually the best way to get a better understanding of the British past of this country while its colonial legacy here in KL is not as impressive as that of Georgetown or Melaka. This district occupies a smaller swath of land that is a wedge between the two rivers of this city which is the Klang and the Gombak as the district is not that large.

It is one of the most vital places to visit when you are enjoying your stay in Malaysia with its center at Merdeka Square. It was here that the first President of Malaysia Tunku Abdul Rahman shake off the rules of the British to usher into the independence of this country although the yoke of the British was strung around this district here.

The building of Sultan Abdul Samad is one of the most impressive in colonial Kuala Lumpur and there is no building such as this. This stunning building usually features a bricked façade that is fringed by the colonnades and arched windows and doors that spells out its ideal influence on the Moorish as at once it was the home to the colonial administration of the British.

Experience a little slice of Bollywood in Little India

It is the small jaunt to that of Little India and is also known as the Brickfields ranging through the colonial Kuala Lumpur. The most colorful corner of Kuala Lumpur is Little India and it is of great virtue.

The sound of Indian music usually echoes through the streets here and the air here lingers with the aroma of the masalas and curries. In the more easily digestible city of Kuala Lumpur, it is like a small piece of Chennai here.

The ideal way in which you can experience Little India is by allowing the chaotic atmosphere of and around the Jalan Masjid India and weaving in and out of the shops along the JalanTunSambanthan.

You can check out some of the highly priced religious buildings where Sri Kandaswamy Temple outshines them all constructed through the South Indian style of architecture.

Nothing will be completely unlike tasting the food out here in Little India!

On the streets of Little India, the fiery and savory cuisines of the blend of both Sri Lanka and South India offers life here ranging from tandoori chicken with naan to that of the banana leaf curries. The eating experience that you will have here will some completely unforgettable to you.

Explore the shops and temples of Chinatown

One of the best places to take a stroll around and taste the culinary gold would be here in Chinatown.

Kuala Lumpur is not that big but stretches all across only a handful of the alleyways and the streets compared to the other Chinatowns present from all around the globe across the Merdeka Square to that of the Klang River.

Chinatown is the perfect place to dodge in and out of the colorful shops that sells everything from cheap souvenirs to that fashion wears and you can also admire the temples here. Chinatown transforms into a completely different place by night though.

You can also soak into a full-on Malaysian night market life in the evening as you pop into the JalanPetaling which is the main street in the Chinatown of Kuala Lumpur. One of the huge reasons for visiting Malaysia is by eating the delicious food out there.

Where to Stay in Kuala Lumpur?

It would be a blessing for anyone who is used to the sky-high prices in some other part of the continent as you select where to stay here in Kuala Lumpur. Hotels are affordable for even top-notch accommodations.

You can start off your search here:

Verdant Hill Hotel Kuala Lumpur:

Located in Bukit Bintang, this is a superb 4-star hotel. It has a beautiful infinity pool with views over the city for a price that will be affordable for you and it also features some of the largest comfortable rooms.

Aloft Kuala Lumpur Sentral:

This hotel here is located right next to Kuala Lumpur Sentral train station and this is a hypermodern hotel. The hotel rooms are decorated in their funk style and the infinity pool will surely be alluring to you.

Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur:

Near KLCC you are sure to find this luxurious and grand 5-star hotel. You will be getting some epic views of the city that includes the iconic Petronas towers and it features special floor-to-ceiling windows too.

Cameron Highlands

2 Days

You can soon look for some peace and quietness. You can continue to your Malaysian itinerary by beelining over your relaxation to the Cameron Highlands after you are paying your first-time Malaysian visit.

Cameron Highlands is the dream of the hikers while being set among the rolling greenery and the tea plantations. This would be making a huge escape for you with your experience.

From the heat as well as the humidity of the lowlands, in Cameron Highlands, you will surely be able to find some respite. The cooler temperatures are sure a blessing to you if you would be spending your days tramping amongst the hills.

What to Do in Cameron Highlands?

There are fewer little things for you to do here in the Cameron Highlands than anywhere else in Malaysia with the complete relaxed pace. You can also fill up some good days easily and try out the following things mentioned here:

Visit a tea plantation

It would be like visiting Amsterdam without seeing the canal as coming to Cameron Highlands it is a must to see the tea plantation here.

The history of tea only starts in the 20th century in the interwar period as here in this area it is very short. Sungai Palas Tea Estate is the oldest and the most famous tea plantation out here.

You will understand a lot at the Sungai Palas if you have never witnessed the intricacies of tea cultures

By sipping on tea among the areas of some of the famous views you can easily raise up your learning curves.

Lace up your hiking boots and hit the trails

When you are an active traveler, you can spend most of the time hiking out in the trails of the Cameron Highlands. You will surely find seven official trails out here. They have their varied conditions and are well-marked too.

Where to Stay in Cameron Highlands?

You may find it a lot more difficult to be able to choose what is best laid for your trips down there with a massive cluster of hotels that centers on the Tanah Rata. Compared to that of Kuala Lumpur, the inventory here is of top-notch quality with its mid-range of hotels and accommodations.

Arundina Cameron Highlands:

This guesthouse is set amongst the lush scenery that is less than a 5-minute walk from the center thereof the Tanah Rata and this is a lot more delightful one. They are quite arresting when it comes to the views from the terrace in itself.

CH Green Stay Resort Apartment:

You can get the best bang for your buck in this area and from the center of Tanah Rata, it is about a 5-minute drive and the views that you can get here are simply mindblowing.

The Smokehouse Hotel & Restaurant Cameron Highlands:

You can get the sprinkled touch of the warmth and coziness of the colonial flair of Europe. Between the Brinchang and Tanah Rata, it is both convenient and relaxing for hiking as well as sightseeing.


3 Days

Mainly due to its cultural diversity, this is one of the huge reasons if you wish to visit Malaysia. It is also the most spectacular island here in Penang.

Penang is surely a place where you can spice up this 10-day itinerary to Malaysia with the feel of a Chinese Enclave on the Malayan Peninsula.

It is simply quiet here.

If you are looking for a bonafide Asian food destination then Colonial George Town is in the main city of Penang.

You can spend a lot of your time exploring the food scene of Penang apart from marveling at the colorful blend of Chinese, Indian, and Malay colonial architecture.

There is a palate that is created that makes it stand out from the rest with its history of diverse culinary influences. Here in Penang, you can never go hungry.

What to Do in Penang?

There is nothing more compelling than the various activities that are stuffed into the compactness of this island as for all the reasons Penang is nothing more compelling. The other Penang usually offers some quiet moments that can be received with a bit of difficulty for those who are feeling crammed within the bustling George Town.

Exploring the island is not of much trouble here even with just three days of your trip here. The following are some of the ideas about the things that you can do here in Penang that will get you started:

Explore the colonial center of George Town

You might wish to concentrate on wandering around the busy streets of George Town if you are short on your time. Georgetown is the hotbed for some great architecture like that of Melaka. The overwhelming Chinese influence is where the difference lies.

You can soak up the temples, mosques, galleries, as well as mansions as you spend at least one day in George Town. From the food stalls at the New Lane Hawker Center, you can top it off with the char koayteow or the Hokkien noodles.

Tramp through Penang National Park

Penang National Park is usually packed with several activities even though it is the smallest of the national parks here in Malaysia. If you wish to sweat then there are usually two decent-size hiking trails that slither through the jungle.

The canopy walkways as well as the Penang Turtle Sanctuary are the two most well-known activities here.

Soak up the rays at Batu Ferringhi

BatuFerringhiwill is not able to compete with that of Langkawi or Pulau Perhentian as far as the beaches can stretch to. The next ideal thing where you can claim a spot would be for the worshippers of the sun when you tend to visit Penang during your Malaysian itinerary.

You are sure to find cleaner and quieter beaches as you move to the west.

You can make a trip to the Batu Ferringhi Night Market for some Malaysian street food if you happen to catch yourself here in the evening.

Where to Stay in Penang?

When you are trying to decide on where you can stay here in Penang it is recommended that you narrow down your search to that of Georgetown. You will find a great selection of hotels here that are offering some great value if you dig in a bit and this is an action packaging island here. The following are some of the options that you can try out.

B Street Hotel: This is the most contemporary hotel in the budget that is located at the UNESCO World Heritage Center here. In the evening you can slide up to the bar present on the rooftop to get some gorgeous views all over to the colonial state.

Betel Nut Lodge: This is the guesthouse that usually occupies the 19th-century heritage building in the ancient colonial center that is there. It has got several different attractions that are within the close walking range.

Cheong Fatt Tze (The Blue Mansion): This is the most colorful piece of Penang history being the city’s most ideal boutique hotel being set in an old Chinese merchant mansion that is there. They will be leaving you within ideal awe each time when you retire back to your room with its intricate details and bright colors.

Tips, tweaks & more places to visit

You might wish to change up the itinerary that will better suit your needs as it all depends on the Malaysian travel experience that you are in search of. The following are some of the suggestions here:

For foodies

You can easily skip out over the Cameron Highlands. You can also plan more time in Melaka Kuala Lumpur which is the ideal of all if the food is highly delectable. For the tastebuds craving for the new and some exciting flavors, all of these destinations of Malaysia are in their pure perfection.

For quiet time

You can easily spend a lot of time in the Cameron Highlands. From one of the cities here on your Malaysian itinerary, you can easily stead some time away and get into the hiking mode as well as gulp into tea.

Looking for someplace to relax?

You can throw the Langkawi onto the end of your itinerary as you are ditching the Melaka. You can also allow some extra days to visit Langkawi and move on from Penang as you start your trip to Kuala Lumpur.

Visit an off-beaten path?

If you wish to split your time between the mainland and Sarawak then you will require a bit more than 10 days in Malaysia. Taking it slow is usually recommended as covering ground on Borneo is never so simple.


Have you envisioned the palaces and the golden temples of Bangkok when you imagine and wonder about Thailand? You might have got a glimpse of the enormous elephants in the jungle as well as the playful monkeys. The Thai Islands and the perfect white sandy beaches of Phuket can never leave your wonder. With a thorough determination of which is the experience that you would love to have in Thailand, you can simply book your flight and be prepared for a steady adventure as Thailand has all of this and many more. Check out the itineraries that we have shared with you that you can cover in seven days here in Thailand.

Thailand Overview

  • Day 1-2: Bangkok

You need to fly to the Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport or the Don Mueang International Airport. You can also explore this capital city that is well-known for its splendor for the first two days of the trip that you are covering. Also, you can visit the Grand Palace at the Khao San Road as well as the Wat Pho, several smaller temples as well as the Wataru. A matter of joy is you can also get the Thai massages at one of the several parlors there for a more relaxing itinerary. Then you can climb onto the top of the Golden Mount and get the view of the sunset that is there over the city as you enjoy the notorious nightlife of Bangkok.

Chinatown is the best stop that you should be making in order to try some local delicacies while you are here in Bangkok. Confused about what you order? If you are booking Bangkok Night Foodies Tour in Chinatown then you need not worry at all. Together with the best of the recommended dishes, the local guides will take you around the markets there.

Day 3: Kanchanaburi

You can easily take a day trip to that of the western province of Kanchanaburi with the use of Bangkok as the home base here. You can check out the subject of the movie by the similar name as well as the Jeth War Museum and the War Cemetery. Then, you can visit Erawan National Park for checking out the waterfalls or the stops to nearby elephant camp for the most lighthearted day out there. You can also return to Bangkok at the end of the day there.

Day 4: Ayutthaya

You can also take a trip down the Ayutthaya province as it is the age-old capital of Siam on your day 4 trip. You can spend half of the day exploring the ruins and the other half by pouring over the nearby Bang Pa-In Palace which is the summer home of the famous King Mongkut and the King Chulalongkorn and you can spend the rest of the day by admiring the ruins of the temples and learning the history of Buddhism here.  Moreover, you can also take an overnight train to Chiang Mai from Ayutthaya which is in the north of the country that will make the next part of your journey the best one.

Day 5: Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai usually offers a huge range of activities for every type of traveler who is out there in such a smaller city than that of Bangkok. You can take a day trip to the nearby elephant as well as the tiger sanctuaries, you can also haggle in the nighttime markets and also visit the Buddhist temples out there. You can also stretch your adventures to the tallest mountains in Doi Inthanon. Before you spend the night in Chiang Mai it is better to consider heading out for a night safari at your local zoo.

Day 6: Chiang Rai

You can take your day trip to that of Chiang Rai as well as the Golden Triangle as you wake up early for your day trip. One of the northernmost cities that are there in Thailand as well is the Golden Triangle which is the place that sees the blend of Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand here in Chiang Rai. You can take a boat ride all down the river and pass through the marshland which used to serve as the center of the opium trade of Southeast Asia while you are at the Golden Triangle. On your way back to Chiang Mai, if you have some time then you can stop by the local village and visit the hill tribe that is there. It is better to spend your night here in Chiang Rai.

Day 7: Chiang Mai

While you are preparing for your flight back home, you need to pick some of the final souvenirs along from Chiang Mai.

  • Bangkok and its surroundings

Day 1-2: Bangkok

You can commence your trip to the capital city here in Bangkok. You can spend the first two days exploring the exclusive Grand Palace and its ornate temples which makes Bangkok a lot more popular as you pick up your accommodations in the vibrant backpacker’s district Khao San Road. Then you can easily take a Thai cooking class if you wish to have a more relaxing day or even take a cruise along the Chao Phraya River.

Day 3-4: Kanchanaburi

You can travel westward to Kanchanaburi on your travel on day 3. There you can easily experience both the heartbreaking history of this huge province and also the breathtaking nature there. You can learn about the history of World War II in Thailand by simply visiting the infamous Bridge that lies on the River Kwai, the Jeth War Museum, and the War Cemetary there and this is how you can spend your first day there.

Also, you can ride across the railroad that is a commission by the imperial army of Japan that was built with the help of the forced labor known to be the Death Railway. On your day 2, you can check out the waterfalls at the Erawan National Park too. You can visit the local elephant camp as well as the stunning gardens of the Erawan National Park. Then you can travel eastwards to Ayutthaya at the end of the day.

Day 5: Ayutthaya

This place is well-known for its aged Buddhist temples and is the former capital of this city here. It includes the large reclining Buddha as well as the head of Buddha that is entwinned in the tree roots there. You can simply admire the amalgamation of European, Chinese, as well as Thai Architecture and also visit the nearby Summer Palace. You can return to Bangkok at night.

Day 6 -7: Pattaya

The next morning you can head out to Pattaya by taking a flight from Bangkok. You can admire the Sanctuary of Truth, a wooden monument that dedicates to philosophy and art instead of any materialistic matter, and check out the Big Buddha of WatPhraYai. You can visit the NongNooch Tropical Botanical Gardens, Pattaya Floating Market as well as the Buddha Mountain as you move out of the city. Then you can take your flight back to your home on the afternoon of the 7th day.

Thailand’s Gulf Islands

Day 1-2: KohSamui

If you wish to avoid the bigger cities then heading out to the beach would be your ultimate relaxation paradise. You can take a trip around the eastern Thai islands as you fly into KohSamui. You are enjoy snorkeling or relaxing on the beach, as well as taking a boat ride around the islands of the Ang Thong National Park. It is just a tropical paradise and there are no strenuous activities involved here.

Day 3-4: Koh Phangan

You can take a high-speed ferry to the nearby KogPhaNgan which is known for its vibrant nightlife as well as the Full Moon Party on your day 3 trip. Explore the lagoons, explore the waterfalls of this island as well as go hiking all during the daytime. You can also try out the different restaurants and bars that are there where you can surely meet the other travelers at night time.

Day 5-6: Koh Tao

If you love scuba diving then Turtle Island or Koh Tao is one of the ideal places for you to head to. You can easily spend the next two days enjoying the water-laden activities that involve swimming, diving as well as snorkeling as you take the ferry to Koh Tao from Koh Phangan. While the excursion is on, the lucky divers are sure to see the whale sharks. Compared to that of the Koh Phangan, the nightlife is a bit tame and for young travelers, families, as well as honeymooners, this island is quite well-known.

Day 7: Koh Samui

You can transport to the airport for your way back home with the help of a ferry back to KohSamui.

  • Northern Thailand

Day 1 -2: Chiang Mai

On day 1, it is better to arrive in Chiang Mai. You can explore the night markets, climb on the top of DpoInthanon as you commence your journey by visiting the Buddhist temples there. You can also get a Thai Massage as well as take a cooking class as you visit the Mae Sa Waterfall.

Day 3-4: Chiang Rai

You can easily travel to the Golden Triangle and Chiang Rai. You can stop by a modern art exhibition and the cultural icon styled that is after the Buddhist temple on your way to the North there is the white temple. Then take a small ride all across the Mekong River to the Laos market and this way you can gain another stamp over to your passport. Also, you can learn about the well-known opium trade at the Opium Museum when you return back to Thailand. Then, visit Mae Sai, on your second day as it shares its border with Myanmar.

Day 5: Lampang

You can also visit the traditional villages and the hill tribes of Thailand as you travel down south. You can also see the emerald Buddha at WatPhraKaew Son Tao or even explore the elephants at the National Elephant Institute which is a conservation center for the infamous animals of Thailand as you marvel along with the murals of WatPhra That Lampang Luang.

Day 6: Sukhothai

You can start off for the Sukhothai Historical Park which is the capital of the Sukhothai kingdom of the thirteenth century to that of the fifteenth century as you wake up in the morning. It is one of the most famous tourist destinations on the exterior of Bangkok and Chiang Mai being the UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can easily spend your night in Sukhothai.

Day 7: Chiang Mai

As you are returning to Chiang Mai you can fly back home after collecting some final souvenirs.

  • Northern Hill Tribes and Villages

Day 1-2: Bangkok

You can explore the temples and the palaces in your first and half-day of arrival. This is a modern city and is nothing like that of the hill tribes. You can then head on to Chiang Mai on your second night by boarding an overnight train.

Day 3: Chiang Mai

You can spend a huge amount of time in Chiang Mai. As the social travelers will usually love to talk to the merchants who are there in the night markets, many of them usually come to sell the crafts that their villagers make, and if you are a historian you can explore the temples of Buddha out there. You can spend your night in Chiang Mai.

Day 4-6: Northern Hill Tribes

Through the northern Thai villages, you can depart Chiang Mai as you start your trek. At the busy marketplace of Mae Malai Village, you can start out. You can also hike through the forests as well as the rugged rural terrains of the Bae Min Jok and Pa Khao Lam by simply experiencing the beauty as well as the diversity of the different types of hill tribes for the next two and a half days. You can easily learn the art of making bamboo rafts as well as basket weaving. Also, you can learn the languages, unique culture as well as the identity of the tribes as you stay in different villages, after which you can return to Chiang Mai at the end of the sixth day.

Day 7: Chiang Mai

You can prepare yourself to fly back home after picking out the souvenirs.

South Thailand

Day 1: Bangkok

Fly into Bangkok on the first day and check out city highlights such as Wat Pho and the Grand Palace, or sample the street food on Khao San Road. In the evening, take an overnight train to KhaoSok National Park.

Day 2-3: KhaoSok

You will be in the middle of one of the oldest jungles present in this world when you are arriving here at KhaoSok. You can watch over the mischievous monkeys that play, as well as sign in for one of the best guides of the park as you can stroll across the waterfalls.  The animals gathers at the edge of the water as you take a boat ride down at CheowLarn Lake. You can also spend the night in the guesthouse of the jungle there.

Day 4-5: Ao Nang Beach

Located right in the core of Krabi, in the morning you can take a transfer to Ao Nang Beach from KhaoSok. After you trek through the jungle you need to relax, dive, swim, as well as snorkel there.

Day 6-7: Phuket

On the island of Phuket, you need to bring your southern vacation to an end. For the young travelers who enjoy the nightlife there. Phuket is the haven for them. You can head out to the international airport there on day 7 and leave for your home.

Sailing from Phuket

Day 1: Phuket

If you have a love for a seafaring voyage then this is the best destination. Phuket is the largest island here in Thailand where you can join up with some groups who will be taking you around the western islands through the cruise ship or even the catamaran. You can relax on the beach of Phuket in the morning and sail to the Northern Phuket islands in the afternoon. You can spend your night this way.

Day 2: PhangNga Bay/Railay Beach

James Bond Island or KhaoPhingKan is the island where you arrive in the morning as it is located for the Man with the Golden Gun. You can also go for hiking to check out the Shrine of the Sea Princess as well as experience the active nightlife as you tour the island and arrive at Railey Beach, you can easily spend your night on the catamaran or on the ship.

Day 3: Railay Beach/Koh Haa

You can swim, dive, as well as snorkel in the lagoons as you set your sail for the national park Koh Haa. Your options here would be sunbathing and kayaking as you spend your night on the catamaran or on the ship.

Day 4: Koh Phi Phi

This is the smaller archipelago having six islands as you arrive here. You can climb to the top of the viewpoint for a breathtaking view of the Thai Islands, you can also get personal to the monkeys over the Monkey Beach as well as enjoy other cultural entertainment in the evening, as well as the fire, shows that are held there.

Day 5: KohRachaNoi

You need to pass by Maya Bay which is located for the Leonardo Di Caprio movie The Beach before you set off for the KohRachaNoi. You can also enjoy yourself at the beach or head on to dive in the deep waters while you are arriving here at KohRachaNoi.

Day 6: Ko Yao Yai

This is one of the less developed islands of Thailand and is well-known for its natural beauty as you make your final stop here. You can enjoy your final walk on the beach as well as go for a swim in the turquoise water for the last day. There are way too many changes within the atmospheric pressure all in a short time period that can be quite hazardous to your health if you plan on flying the next day.

Day 7: Phuket

You can prepare for your flight way back by returning to Phuket.


It is surely never going to justify the actual views that one of the top islands of the world is going to offer irrespective of how many times you start watching Julia Robert’s Eat Pray Love and how many picturesque Instagram images of Bali you fall in love with.

You can swim with the colorful fishes while diving in the clear blue waters here or you can spend a week lazing on the beach to get a lovely tan. You can ride bikes all across the islands for exploring their corners and nooks as you learn to surf, detoxify in a yoga retreat or go hiking over the volcanic mountains. For everyone, Bali really does have something.

You can manage to pull off a good trip at the top spots here in Bali though a week might not be enough for exploring the deepest corners of this place. The following is the way how can manage to plan your trip there.

  • South Bali – Seminyak (2 Days)

South Bali is where you should be commencing with your trip as it ranges from surfing alongside the placid waves to visiting the Balinese temples and upscale art galleries to cheap street shopping. As your flight will be landing at the Denpasar airport which is there in the region that is close to the Seminyak which is your home for the next two days as you are sure to save time this way.

Day 1


We would be suggesting that you travel to the bit north of Canggu after you settle in the Seminyak. There are several ways in which you can unwind from the travel exhaustion here and there are plenty of ways to enjoy your morning in the best way ever. You can check out the paddy fields as you travel there with your bike as well as on the beautiful, black sand beaches you can easily take your surfing lessons.

For both the families as well as the individuals, Canggu has a relaxed vibe here. You can also catch some good lunch at one of the various local cafes where Gypsy Kitchen and Monsieur Spoon are the best options for your noon plans.


You can revel in an afternoon spa and even come back to Seminyak post lunchtime. Being the area’s only cultural landmark, you can also make a visit to the Petitenget. Also, by visiting the covered spaces such as the Nyaman art gallery that usually houses Balinese art as well as the contemporary pieces by the local artists, you can easily beat the heat here.

If you wish to enjoy some shopping then you can visit Legian which is up close to Seminyak. For the kitschy souvenirs as well as clothing, you can easily take a walk down Garlic Lane. You can also come across the handcrafted goods, wooden items, and cane as well as a few of the local designer boutiques since this is the lane that further connects to the MertaNadi Art Market.


You can simply head for a mix of the clubs and lounges to experience the different aspects of the island after the dark on your first night in Bali. You can visit the Hard Rock Café as well as the Sky Garden Rooftop lounge while you make your start at Kuta. Then, you can arrive back in Seminyak and go to Ku De Ta, the popular club in town from Kuta. For a more relaxed vibe, you can also check out the Potato Head Beach Club as well as La Favela Bar.

Day 2


You can also spend your day reveling in the silence of Uluwatu Temple which is one of the six main temples of Bali after a night of some heavy party and checking out a different range of bars. For spending a day learning about its history and culture, this is the beautiful clifftop setting of this place here.

You can also visit Nusa Dua first thing and then arrive back here for checking out the serene sunset as the venue here is open from 9am to 6pm.

Mid-Day & After-Hours

You can take a trip to the most exclusive and elite space Nusa Dua after visiting the temple here. At the Bali Collection store as well as the Sogo Departmental store, you can walk around or shop here. You can play at the luxurious 18-hole golf course present in this area as well as finish your trip to the temple quite early.

On the white sandy beaches, you can now enjoy your dreamy evening as you complete it with some romantic sunset as well as the romantic shacks.

You can also enjoy live shows such as the Devdan Show at Nusa Dua Theater as well as the Cabaret Show at the Sol Beach House Benoa. At St. Regis Bali, you can even get a quiet drink at the King Cole Bar at the Mantra Sakala Resort which is a poolside bar.

Central Bali – Ubud (2 days)

It is the best time for the cultural center of the island which is the Ubud after you have explored the southern region of Bali for shopping as well as parties. Since this place has a mix of natural marvels including the mountains and the waterfalls, this is one of the most famous tourist destinations of Bali and it also houses some of the best museums in the country.

Day 3

Morning &Mid Day

When you are in Ubud, you can wake up to some of its best views from all around the world. You can easily start your day by trekking to the volcanic top of Kintamani in the majestic Mount Batur.

You can then travel to the TirtaEmpul temple present near the mountain region since it is famous for its hot water. Then, check out the Elephant Cave of Goa Gajah as from here you can take a closer look at the history of this country here.

After Hours

With a look at the live performance at Ubud Royal Palace which usually happens in the evening, you can get a real taste of the cultural scene of Bali. The event usually hosts between 7:30 and 8 pm.

You can also try out foosball at the local bars of the Melting Pot Station during the after-hours, KafeBunuteUbud has live acoustic drinks and music and food as well as a pool table and table tennis.

Day 4

Morning & Mid-Day

It is the best time to get a closer look at the day after you have visited the PuriSanyel Royal Palace. At the island’s top museums, you can continue from the palace for checking out the cultural scene as well as the art of Bali including the PuriLukisan and Blanco Renaissance.

When you wish to get a glimpse of the grey-tailed monkeys that are usually hopping around on the beautiful sculptures of stones, you can continue to the Ubud Monkey forests. You can also carry on with the celebrations during the after-hours as this place is located at the core of the city.

After Hours

At the Laughing Buddha Bar, you can get the ultimate taste of the party life of Bali as it houses some exclusive live bands that play almost everything and has some of the best DJs playing in town. You can simply relax back and enjoy some of the best EDM and fusion that plays.

You can also visit the XL Shisha Lounge that is adorned by the Eastern theme and décor if you wish to spend some quiet romantic evening. The Monkey Forest area is lined up with pubs and forests where the tourists can enjoy at its best.

  • North Bali – Bedugul (1 Day)

A traveler is always at the hunch of knowing more and why they head to Central Bali for an awesome trick while the sunkissed beaches are adorned by the majestic temples of Ubud as well as the sun-soaked beaches of South Bali. To the serene crater lakes as well as the quaint mountainous trek you can take your road to it.

Day 5

You can easily board a taxi and travel further from the center of Bali to that of Bedugul which is not more than an hour away and it all depends on the traffic there from here in Ubud.  You can also go to the mountain village and then come back to Ubud for spending the night from Bedugul.


You can easily reach Bedugul by early morning to enjoy the maximum of the lakeside town as you start very early from Ubud. You can begin your day by soaking in the temple of the lake which is the PuraUlun Danu. Also, have fun with the water sports activities here if you wish to have a dose of adrenaline. Finally, during the lunch break, you can explore the restaurants that are there around this area.


For those who are in search of munching on some fresh and exotic fruits and veggies, Candi Kuning Market is the ideal place here. You can also explore the street shopping places as well as the souvenirs.

You can easily visit the botanical gardens here after a quick shopping trip. It is the best time to take a great walk as well as explore nature as it is perched at an elevation on the mountains and the weather is pretty cool here.

Early Evening

The one last stop that you should be making will be at Tampaksiring which is a mountain village in Central Bali as you head back to Ubud at night. You must check out the marvelous Gunung Kawi Temple located right in the middle of the neon beds of rice terrace. From across the country, it also has some of the finest carvings.

  • South East Bali – Nusa Lembonganspend one and a half days

You can spend a day and a half enjoying the beaches, diving within the interesting food flavors as you are traveling to the southeastern coast of Bali to that of the islands of Nusa Lembongan from here in Ubud. This place is void of the traffic as well as the pesky hawkers since this place is out of the commercial belt and is the best place where you can spend your last day in Bali.

Day 6


The Kelingking beach, as well as the Broken beach, are the two major beaches near Nusa Penida are the list of beaches that you can visit here. Compared to that of the well-known Dream Breach and the Devil’s Tear which is located in the main tourist areas these beaches are quite secluded.

You can spend your day enjoying under the pesky beach, dive, surf, try on the delicious food, or simply just lounge over onto the beach here. These beaches make it the ideal place to click on some great pictures that you can surely preserve.


You can easily head to the Goa Gala-Gala Underground House in the southwestern area of the Lembongan if you wish to stay away from the scorching Indonesian sun. You will be mesmerized to find the complete underground house that is made out of limestone and it is highly inspired by the Mahabharata which is a Hindu epic.

After Hours

There are several beach parties that are hosted by the locals as well as the tourists here in Nusa Lembongan which is the best way to make the most of this island here. You can also get a drink at MahagiriLembongan Beach Club as well as the Le Pirate Beach Club as both of them as pretty well-known for some of the richest cocktails that are there on the island here in addition to all.

Day 7

There are certainly a few ways in which you can make your last day a memorable one though when a vacation comes to an end, it is not much of fun.


You can take a helicopter ride of the island for one of the best experiences for you to gather here in Bali if you are planning to stay at Nusa Lembongan. You can also visit PuraPaluang Car Temple or head out to the popular Tamarind Beach or Mushroom bay for a quick surf if your budget suffice.

Then, you can easily take a taxi back to the airport and shop for the souvenirs as well as the local items that are there depending on your flight back home.


On the basis of the size and the geographical layout of the country, planning a trip to Canada and figuring out a travel itinerary might seem to be quite monumental. From sea to sea which is the main Canadian motto is usually has three oceans that border it. When you start to plan a whole country tour there this is something that becomes a lot more relevant.

Several travelers usually tend to focus on one area of the country as they have a time limit and can plan a tour for 8-10 days plan. Unless you are incorporating some longer distances through the internal flights, this seems to be the best idea to go for. From altogether the east and the west, Canada stretches to about 5,500 kilometers and the north is the remote side that is completely inaccessible still.

It is the best time to concentrate on your itinerary in Western Eastern or Central Canada and this would be the best option here. If you wish to go through some spectacular scenic beauty then you should definitely head to Western Canada which is filled with alpine lakes, glaciers, mountains, and the Pacific Coastline.

Packed with some of the most vibrant cities, Central Canada is the home to Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal, consisting of the forests of the Canadian Shield, as well as the lakes and the prairies.

Atlantic Canada is known for its endless shorelines, friendly cities with smaller town atmospheres including the Maritime Provinces and Newfoundland.

  • Western Canada: Canadian Rockies Itinerary

Moraine Lake

Vancouver, Banff National Park, Lake Louise, Jasper National Park, Kelowna, and Okanagan Valley, Calgary are some of the main Itinerary Highlights of Western Canada.

Car is the best transport you can make use of if you wish to see the Canadian Rockies, you can enjoy it in the reverse order as well by beginning the road trip that is going to take you to Kelowna from Vancouver. For a stop that is along the beautiful Lake Okanagan, and on to Banff National Park, there is a scenic seven-day trip that you can take from Vancouver to Kelowna. You can also head for a side trip up to that of the Icefields Parkway to that of Jasper and bring your trip to an end in Calgary from there.

You are sure to find some of the most spectacular scenic beauty of Canada once you are on this route. In the winter, the city of Kelowna caters to the skiers, and it houses some nearby ski resorts of the Silver Star and Big White. These two are quite well-known here in Canada. This is the most popular area that is involved in renting a cottage, exploring the lakes by the houseboat as well as golfing in the summer season.


The main highlights of this route and one that offers some great day hikes as they are all included in the area that is around Lake Louise of the Banff and Jasper National Park. Along the Icefields Parkway, you can easily plan your own Banff to Jasper itinerary. There are even some scenic pullouts along the Parkway to check out the turquoise lakes, glaciers, other sites, as well as the waterfalls even if you are not interested in getting active. This is also a glorious mountain tourist town with all kinds of accommodations and dining options and many stores and shops which you can count on in the town of Banff.

You can also check out the famous Calgary Stampede that is mainly held in July just an hour and a half east of the park here in the city of Calgary. Between Vancouver and Calgary, you are sure to find the flights that run through. A train trip on the Rocky Mountains is the other option for returning to the city of Vancouver and you can also explore the high-end trail route through the Rocky Mountains.

  • Canada West Coast Itinerary: Vancouver, Vancouver Island, & Whistler


You can easily head for the sights of Vancouver and spend a couple of days. For a day, you can drive or catch onto a bus on to the posh ski town of the Whistler, which is usually a fun destination round the year and you can also catch a ferry to Victoria as you head back to Vancouver as well as Victoria and this is something that can be covered in seven days.

You can also plan a Vancouver Island Itinerary as well as some excursions from Victoria if you find you still have more time in it. You can also visit the local farms as well as artisan studios if you wish to head for a day trip from Victoria catch a car ferry to that Salt Spring Island to go ahead with sightseeing.


Also, you can drive up to Vancouver Island to that of Tofino for a night or two where you can stay in one of the most beautiful seaside resorts with some days that are available. You can enjoy some of the best hikes around Tofino or near the village of Ucluelet and check out the pristine coastal forest all that way up the remote stretch of the island as you are spending some time walking along the beaches of the Pacific Rim National Park or surf.

Getting a car is the simplest and the ideal way to check out the attractions. It will be quite cheap when you include a bus to Whistler and walk on to the ferries to Salt Spring Island and Victoria if you are making use of the public transport. You can be aware that taking a car ferry might need some wait time mainly during the holidays with the help of a car. It is very important when you add on a trip to Tofino.

You can also consider taking time for exploring the best hikes on Vancouver Island and set up your RV or tent at one of the scenic campgrounds if you are looking for more things to do here. You can also check out your to-do list by taking excursions to Nanaimo.

  • Central Canada: Toronto, Montreal, & Beyond

Toronto Skyline

The ideal place for you to make a start towards the tour to Central Canada would be here from Toronto as it is the most important entry point for several travelers to Canada. You can check out the Broadway show and also take a day trip to Niagara Falls as you spend a few nights here in Toronto to go sightseeing. You can surely go for a day trip to the falls since there are many tour operators who are offering some great trips including a stop at the small magnificent town of Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Either you can drive or take a train to Ottawa, which is the capital of Canada to check out Parliament Hill as well as some of the national museums in the wintertime, along the Rideau Canal that is running through the city, you can also be able to skate along.

In Central Canada, the other most must-see city would be Montreal. You can visit there directly from Toronto if you want to skip Ottawa or you can directly land there from Ottawa itself. By car, it is quite an easy drive that you can go through and trains here run regularly from both of the cities to that of Montreal.

You can also continue your way to that of Quebec City to tour across this French city with historic background with the time that is available to you. This city might also serve as an alternative to visit Montreal if you are not able to visit them both as this city is worthwhile to visit.

  • Eastern Canada: Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island

Peggy’s Cove

You might wish to explore Eastern Canada region-wise other than the whole as it is a large area where you can try and see almost everything. PEI is the best start you would make a beginning with Nova Scotia. Car is the best way to travel across this city here.

You can easily check out the highlights of Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia with your 8 – 10 days plan. Spend a day by touring around its surroundings by visiting Peggy’s Cove and the most historic Lunenburg before you move on to that of the Annapolis Royal as you begin in Halifax with some sightseeing around the city. You can easily along the Bay of Fundy and make your way to that of the Confederation Bridge and that over to the Charlottetown, of the Prince Edward Island from there.

You need to bring out a day for exploring the PEI with a trip to the Green Gables which is the fictional home of Anne of Green Gables to that of a trip to Prince Edward Island National Park. Then also take out some time to enjoy yourself around the beaches if the weather cooperates with you. Also, you can take the Wood Islands Ferry to that of Caribou, and head up to Cape Breton Island once you are ready to leave. The most well-known activity around here is driving the scenic Cabot Trail that runs through the Cape Breton Highlands National Park as there are several things for you to see and do here.

You can also make your way out to Louisbourg for checking out the Fortress Louisbourg National Historic Site.

  • GrosMorne National Park

You can make a stop at St. John’s which is the provincial capital involved to explore George Street as well as the Signal Hill National Historic Site as you begin your Newfoundland itinerary. You can take the scenic drive along the Conception Bay and over to the Bonavista Peninsula to that of the charming town of the Trinity when you are leaving this place. This small village is at the seaside adorned with colorful houses overlooking the oceanfront cliffs. You can take a whale-watching tour as well as head-on for a hike as this is a cultural place with several historic buildings. You might also check out the iceberg while you are visiting in the late springtime.

 Then, Experience the quaint coastal community from there as you continue along the coast through the Terra Nova National Park and to the village of the Twillingate. You can also make your way to beautiful Gros Morne National Park and take a boat tour or some hiking in this spectacular landscape after a might here. You can also spend the entire day here at Norris Point, nearby Deer Lake or the Rocky Harbor.

Then check out the UNESCO World Heritage site of the L’Anse Aux Meadows if you have some time in hand to check out the history of the Vikings. You can make your way back to St. Johns later on. Driving in Newfoundland might be taking a longer than expected time with the winding roads and the last-minute turns off the highway as you go ahead to visit this coastal town here and check out the scenic beauties.

  • Polar Bear

It is not easy to cover all of Canada in a single trip. This is the region that is too remote and the highlight here in several cases are distant from each other geographically.

The following are some of the options that you can try out:

In the if late fall, you can check out the wildlife while you see the migration of the polar bear if you love to check out the wildlife then you should never miss visiting Churchill, Manitoba. There are several tours offered from Winnipeg that offers several day’s stays including your options to check out the bears that are thee in a Tundra Buggy and you can easily accommodate at the Tundra Lodge. It is possible for you to take a train to Churchill and there are flights that are also involved to Churchill from Winnipeg.

Whitehorse in the Yukon and the Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories are the two major cities of the north and both of them are easily accessible by car.

You can also incorporate this into a driving trip to Alaska. Driving up through the Northern British Columbia and running through the Haines, while going through the Carcross, Whitehorse, Dawson City as well as Alaska to the cities of Anchorage as well as the Fairbanks and then back to the Haines Junction, back to Haines as well as the Yukon. Here you will be able to experience some of the main characters as well as the cultures of the north by learning about the history of the Klondike Gold Rush and check out some of the most attractive landscapes here since this route will be offering you a great chance. 

Montreal’s Old Town

The main cities here are Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, as well as the national capital of Ottawa if you really look for cross-Canadian cosmopolitan adventures. You can also add on the Calgary, St. John, Halifax, and even at the side trip from Montreal to Quebec City if you wish to probe a bit more deeply. There are trains connections out there that run between Toronto, Ottawa, as well as Montreal as there are regular flights to all these destinations here. They are generally a lot more expensive when it comes to the flights to the eastern cities of Halifax and St. Johns.

The most beautiful city in Canada is usually Vancouver while Toronto is the best place to check out the show and take a trip to Niagara Falls and you can also enjoy the complete view of it from the CN tower.

For a random trip out to Lake Louise and the Banff National Park, nature lovers can easily make a stop at the Calgary. You can also catch a flight to St. John’s or to Halifax for enjoying some seafood as well as experience the friendly people and culture of Atlantic Canada for a more complete picturesque of Canada.


Including the day trips in all, in ten days you can easily check out the highlights of Australia’s finest cities. For example, you can pair Sydney, Cairns, as well as Melbourne and you can easily check out the Great Barrier Reef as well as the Blue Mountains. Basing yourself in the Exmouth as well as Perth, as here you can swim with the whale sharks as well as snorkel off the Rottnest Island, you can head out to the western part of Australia. Outback exploration in Uluru, family-friendly Gold Coast Adventure, as well as Whitsundays island retreats is all included here.

You can have the ultimate experience of Australia’s rugged natural beauty including the diverse culinary offerings along with the ancient tradition of their storytelling while encountering some of the most iconic landmarks in this cross-country itinerary. You will not only be witnessing the incredible icons but also will be settling into the way of life of the Australians as you are exploring Uluru’s vast red outback, Sydney’s Bondi Beach as well as the Great Barrier Reef.

What can you expect here?

  • You can explore Sydney as that of a local.
  • Check out the sunrise above Uluru.
  • You can also experience the marine life of the world’s largest coral reef.


Sydney is usually known as the city that understands the secret to the true balance as you are welcomed here in Sydney. You need to get all dressed up for an indulgent night out on the town all on the same day as to where else can you begin your morning with the surf and an Acai bowl and wear your workout gear to the lunch?>

Bill Bondi is a Sydney establishment since Bill Granger had first opened up in the inner city of the Suburb of Darlinghurst back in 1993 as you start your morning with the breakfast and coffee here. You can also take a walk along the spectacular clifftops that lies between the Bronte, Tamarama, and Bondi beaches, the round trip here will usually be taking 1.5 hours as you walk off your ricotta hotcakes. You can also surf lesson with the friendly crew at the Let’s Go Surfing at Bondi Beach as you finish off with a steam and a dip at the Bondi Iceberg Pool.

Bondi Beach

The easiest task of the day would be in finding somewhere to stop for lunch as Bondi is mainly the hotspot here for the bars, cafes, as well as restaurants that are out there. You can also enjoy a bucket of prawns in true Australian fashion in the middle of fresh air that overlooks the beach and this is the local favorite of the Bucketlist here. Then take the bus up the hill from Bondi Beach to the shopping precinct of Paddington where you can go through the fashion boutiques of some of the best Australian designers that include Lee Mathews, Bassike, as well as Camilla, and Marc.

You can arrange for a hearty meal at one of the pubs that are sure to pass walking along the side of Paddington’s pretty treelined streets that are out there. You can get an abundance of good yarn with some of the local regular ones.


Harbor Bridge is an aboriginal heritage and a green foreshore as there is no shortage of ways for exploring Sydney harbor being the home to the Sydney Opera House.

If you wish to get a breathtaking view all across the harbor then you need to wake early for climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Later on, you can travel across the historic quarters of Sydney which is The Rock. The local artisans usually set up shop at the Rocks Markets where one can pick up some unique souvenirs for taking back home on the weekends. You can take a walking tour of The Rocks as you are immersing yourself in the Aboriginal culture there. Stretching back to the origins of the Aboriginal culture can hear the creation stories or the dream time, which is a traditional dating back for over 60,000 years. You can also visit the important aboriginal sites as you get to learn about the landscapes here.

For exploring the Museum of Contemporary Art, which usually sits on the Circular Quay side of The Rocks, the art lovers should be leaving time for this. You can also take a cultural tour to the royal botanic gardens that are located right behind the Sydney Opera House when you come here. You can also explore the culture with the use of the artifacts, plants, as well as bush foods on the Aboriginal Heritage Tour.

 Also, you can catch the ferry from the Circular Quay to Manly which is about half an hour ride in the afternoon. Manly is a great spot for experiencing laid-back Sydney life with a long, sandy surf beach and a lively esplanade.


You can check out the blue mountain just under a two-hour drive west of Sydney. You can also check out the impressive rock formation of the Three Sisters, as you are catching a train, bus, or taking a day tour to Katoomba. Surely, you will find a walkway over the rainforest canopy and a glass-floored skyway with the scenic world in Katoomba that features a cableway. You are sure to get an unparalleled way to check out the mountain range in all its blue-hued glory as they are suspended 270meters above the ancient ravines.

You can easily scoot off to your pre-booked aboriginal Blue Mountains walkabout tour as you can spend a few hours in this scenic world. This tour will be helping you to walk through some of the region’s most sacred sites while reciting the ancient dream time stories as they are aboriginal-owned and are guided properly.

You can come back down into a charming town of full quaint cafes, boutiques, and a must-see candy store here into the neighboring village of Leura. At the Leura garage where you can settle down for some lunch.

You can then get the adventure of the inner-city here with the speakeasy bar scene as you are heading back to Sydney. You can also discover the hidden drinking holes that are favored by locals as you venture out through the city here.


You can beat the heart of the outback at Alice Springs as you wake up for an early morning three-hour flight from Sydney and spend your entire day in this fascinating town.

Alice in itself is quite compact and is built on almost relatively flatter terrain as it is great for walking about being surrounded by red dirt and hauntingly mountain ranges. You can explore several of the shops, cafes, and art galleries that are there as you stroll through the pedestrian-only main street. Then you can visit the most reputable art gallery that is home to the works by one of Australia’s most famous indigenous artists when you visit Araluen arts center. You can then have some lunch at its rustic outdoor eatery at the Bean Tree Café as you head to the Olive Pink Botanic garden which is about a 20-minute walk from the town.

The Kangaroo Sanctuary is a must-visit for animal lovers as here in this sanctuary care is given to the baby kangaroos that are orphaned as well as the full-grown kangaroos. You can also hold the baby kangaroo as well as meet the resident roos that are taken care of there.

You can indulge in burgers and a cold craft beer along with the locals at the bohemian pub restaurant for the nighttime entertainment at Monte’s Lounge.


For exploring the natural wonders of the Red Center, Alice Springs makes the perfect base here. There are tour companies that are out there who offers tours from one to four day long as well as hire a car of your own for being set off on the true Aussie adventure as you join a tour company Emu Run.

More Details

Including both the Uluru which is formerly known as the Ayers Rock and the 36 domes of Kata Tjuta which is formerly the Olgas, Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park is a four to five-hour drive to the southwest of Alica Springs.

There is a rock formation that is created all from the sandstone half a billion years ago you need to head out to Uluru. It has a circumference of 9.4 kilometers of 5.8 miles and it stands at 348 meters 1,141 feet high. It is a spiritual landmark for the local Anangu people in terms of geology. Along with the stories of the creation ancestors, those are still visible all around the rock Uluru is inseparable from that of Tjukurpa or its traditional law. This is the one that of offered by SEIT Outback or signs up for a dot painting experience that is led by one of the local from the Maruku Arts as you learn about these stories with the tours that is led by the Aboriginal tribe.

At the Ayers Rock Resort, you need to spend your night well in style with the once-in-a-lifetime dining experience with TaliWaru. Champagne and canapés, while the sunsets are usually followed by an intimate four-course dinner with the matching wines, is what is included in the evening. At the longitude 131 degrees luxury wilderness camp as you stay at the resort or the glamp which is a camp in luxury.


With a tour of the acclaimed art installation Field of Light that is set glittering at the base of Uluru with the experience of the ever-changing palette of Uluru at the sunrise. With your TaliWiru experience, you can book directly with the art installation of the Field of Light.

You can also reach Kata Tjuta which is a natural wonder of 36 domes that covers more than 20 square kilometers as you take the road 50 kilometers or 31 miles to the west of Uluru. While everyone is welcome to explore the walking tracks, the cultural knowledge that is associated with these rock formations is not shared with the visitors since Kata Tjuta is an extremely important site for the Anangu men. On the easy Walpa Gorge Walk, you can stroll among the domes as well as handle the four-hour Valley of the Winds walks right to the core of the landscape.

You can also tuck into an early dinner after a long day at the laidback Pioneer BBQ and Bar. You can cook your own Aussie meat over the grill as you think of the kangaroo steaks and emu sausages and select from the wide range of sides from the salad bar.


From the Ayers Rock Airport to Cairns, you can take the 2.5-hour flight as this is the main gateway to the Daintree Rainforest as well as the Great Barrier Reef. You need to be sure to explore the bustling markets as well as the beautiful beaches nearby along with the brilliant cafes as you rush off.

With several trendy ones that are laid along with the Grafton and Spence Streets, Cairns had a thriving café scene. Then mingle with the locals at Rusty’s market that is open from Friday to Sunday where you can stock up on the fresh local produce that includes seafood, exotic fruits, and much more all showcased in the 180 stalls as you dig into the heartiest brunch of chili eggs and a coconut latte at the Caffiend.

You can head to Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park which is just a 15-minute drive out of Cairns where you will be completely immersed in Australia’s Aboriginal culture with authentic music, dance, and storytelling in the afternoon. You can also learn how to make traditional jewelry with some indigenous artists and can also learn how to weave.

Before you sit down for a dinner at the Reef Hotel Casino or Salt House of the Tamarind that is overlooking the water, you can also take a stroll along the Cairns Esplanade.


The Great Barrier Reef houses more than 900 islands, 1500 species of fish, as well as 3000 coral reefs as it is stretching 2,300 kilometers or 1430 miles.

You can experience the reef altogether since there are several ways to go about it. There are operators out there such as the Passions of Paradise or the Quicksilver Cruises where you can dive and snorkel amongst the colorful fish as well as the vivid coral gardens. You can also book a three-day liveaboard dive and snorkel cruise with the ProDive Cairns for a longer stay. For exploring the reef with the sea rangers whose north Queensland sea country stretches from the Frankland Islands to Port Douglas, the cruise here offers a rare educational opportunity. You can catch the bird’s eye view of the Great Barrier Reef as you book a scenic flight.


You can also immerse yourself into some spectacular scenic beauty of a unique place where the lush tropical rainforests usually meet up with the white sandy beaches here in the Daintree Rainforest. There are usually more than 400 species of birds that are included here in the Daintree region and they are the larger flightless and the most endangered southern cassowary.

You can also explore the all mighty world site listed as the heritage in the Daintree Wilderness area as you are heading 2.5 hours north of the Cairns by a car driving on your own or through the tour operators. While you ride along its beaches or take the aerial walkway to the canopy tower at the Daintree discovery center as you check out the rainforest from your horseback while you drive along the beaches. You can also immerse yourself in the Kuku Yalanjitraditions that include learning to throw a spear, sampling bush foods, exploring the forest as well as the gorges through those aboriginal eyes as you join along with the Adventure North Australia or Walkabout Cultural Adventures.

You can dip into a cocktail as well as a 270-degree panoramic view all over the Cairns and the Coral Sea as you enjoy the last night in the Cairns. Sitting on top of the newly opened Riley Hotel, and serving up a delicious Mediterranean feast, Rocco is the town’s highest rooftop bar as well as a restaurant.


You can easily fly over two hours route to Brisbane, which is the capital of Queensland and a city that is well-known for its most thriving arts scene from the Cairns.

With a spot of museum hopping, you can surely enjoy the cultural highlights of the city here. you can also check out the fascinating Museum of Brisbane that features the boundary-pushing interactive work of multimedia as you start off at Brisbane’s City Hall. Then you can walk along with the modern, multi-dollar artful masterpiece in itself to the primary arts that are precinct to South Bank over to the Kurilpa Bridge. Here you will be lucky to find the Queensland Museum, as well as the Queensland Art Gallery of modern arts as you are walking all along with the down south of South Bank, which is the Performing Arts Center of Queensland. Nothing is going to disappoint you here as you select the one that takes your fancy to explore.


You are on the verge of experiencing everything all together with the unrivaled combination of natural beauty, year-long sunshine, and the most exciting things to do and see here in Miami. There are more fun and attractions that you could possibly fit into a single vacation with greater Miami and beaches. Here we will be showing you some of the gems that are in the kaleidoscope of attractions as they can range from the wild side of the land as well as the adventures of water to a walk. According to your choice of visiting the neighborhoods and the attractions that you most wish to see, you can easily mix and match along the itineraries.


9 a.m. – Breakfast at Bayside

At the second-floor food court of the Bayside, you can commence with your downtown Miami adventure. At Starbucks, you can simply go American style and gulp into the pan tostada which is a toasted Cuban bread at Café Con Leche, or simply enjoy the Latin-styled breakfast of Cuban coffee.

10:30 a.m. – Downtown Attractions Option #1 – Jungle Island

You can have super up-close fun with a variety of exotic animals that includes reptiles, lemur, parrots, orangutans, African penguins, and many more since this place is a tropically enchanting attraction. You can easily stroll through the lush green landscape with the tropical flowers, waterfalls, as well as palms while enjoying along with the animal shows or have one on one time with the baby chimpanzees as well as the scale creatures or big boa constrictor or the scaled creature is what you can enjoy watching here in this Jungle Island.

Option #2 – Miami Children’s Museum

Kids can easily stroll through more than 14 interactive as well as bilingual galleries here at Miami Children’s Museum. Some of the most stimulating spots where the kids can have a great time while learning about the world circulating around them are the Ocean Odyssey, The Sea & Me, the Supermarket, as well as the Health & Wellness Center. A lot is added to the fun with the complete calendar exhibits as well as the special events.

1 p.m. – Lunch at Mary Brickell Village

With a massive variety of restaurants, Mary Brickell Village is the most delightful open-air shopping and entertainment center. You can easily make out some time for souvenir shopping at the stylish boutiques at Brickell Village after lunch.

4 p.m. – Sightseeing by Land or Sea Option #1 – Bayside Marketplace

You can easily depart on a boat on the hour from 10 am to 7pm as you buy your tickets at the Bayside Marketplace for an Island Queen Cruise. Port Miami, Fisher Island, and other highlights as you hop aboard for fun of 90-minute sightseeing cruises as you can also head to the waterfront mansions. You can also check out the most captivating views of the Miami skyline while you lick onto some of the light snacks as well as the beverages.

Option #2 – Big Bus Tours

Departing right from the Bayside Marketplace, you can enjoy the sightseeing with a lot of flexibility on the hop-on and hop-off bus tour. You can also check out the Little Havana, South Beach, Coral Gables, Coconut grove as well as some other most popular spots here around Miami. All that you need to do is to buy the tickets online.

6:30 p.m. – Dinner Miami-style Option #1 – Tuyo

You can easily get a bird’s eye view of Downtown Miami from Tuyo which is the modern American gem that is operated by the Miami-Dade College’s Miami Culinary Institute as you are dressing up a bit. Here reservations are highly recommended.

Option #2 – Versailles

You can also try out one of the several ethnic eateries in Downtown Miami as you are going casual. You can also sample onto one of Miami’s most famous Cuban restaurants. This is about a 20-minute taxi ride from that of the Bayside Marketplace as this is usually located on 8th street or Calle Ocho.

8 p.m. – Showtime

You can also check out the first-rated theater as well as other live performances at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the performing arts. You and your party can be sure to be impressed with the quality of the shows at the state of the art performance venue which usually serves as the home to the Miami City Ballet as well as the Florida Grand Opera as well as various touring Broadway productions and the Cleveland Orchestra since this is located at the center of the city and is very easily accessible. So, you can easily book your group tickets now after you check along with the online calendar.


9 a.m. – Breakfast on Your Own

10:30 a.m. – Visit Zoo Miami

The best place to check out the variety of animals hailing from Asia, Africa, and Australia is one of the nation’s top-notch zoos, is the Zoo Miami.  You can also immerse yourself in the South and Central American sounds and sights that can span over 27 acres along with the exciting attractions of Amazon and Beyond. You can also hop onto the monorail to get an aerial view of the animals and exhibits that are there.

Departing each hour from the Main Station, you can experience the zoo aboard their Asian or African Safari Tours. You can also rent out the safari cycles that feature their own built-in shade for the other cool way of getting around. You need to ensure that you bring along the bathing suits and towels or a change of clothes as the kids can have a lot of fun cooling off at one of the many Waterplay Areas that are there throughout the zoo.

1 p.m. – Lunch

There is a huge selection of dining among the vegetarian options at many places throughout the zoo is what is offered by zoo Miami. Ice cream, light snacks, and cold beverages are also sold by the many kiosks that are there. You also have to make time for some of the souvenirs shopping after you are done with your lunch.

5 p.m. – Shop and Dine in Coconut Grove

You might be left with the requirement of some relaxing all the way downtime after having a day that is filled with actions at the zoo. The best place where you can unwind would be Coconut Grove, which is a Village by the Bay of Miami. You can get ample covered parking options at CocoWalk. And you can check out the colorful kiosks as well as the boutiques that are there.

Moreover, You can easily check out LatAm Grill and Jaguar Ceviche Spoon Bar which is next door to CocoWalk as well as you can walk along with the Hotel of SonestaBayfront for a sample of some great Peruvian fare at the Panorama that is located on the 8th floor of the hotel that can showcase some of the most spectacular views of Biscayne Bay as well as Dinner Key Marina if you are in the mood of indulging into Latin food.

9 p.m. – Cocktails and Dancing with Latin Flair

In the little Havana, you can go headfirst through the live music, all the things that are Cuban at the eclectic as well as elegant Cuba Ocho gallery as well as the nightclub. You can also enjoy whatever live band is playing on the stage as there are antiques that fill up the large entertainment space along with the elegant sofas as well as the mix of intimate seating, in the front house you are sure to find a New Orleans-styled courtyard as well as a fountain with a lovely bar that is right there in front of the house. For spending an evening soaking up the Latin culture, Cuba Ocho is the Miami original and ideal place.


9 a.m. – Breakfast on Your Own

10 a.m. – Everglades Alligator Farm

Next to Everglade National Park right in between Miami and Key Largo, Everglade Alligator farm is located. It is one of the best places to visit is the oldest alligator farm in South Florida. Ranging from the baby alligators in the hatchery to the famous 14 foot Granda gator, more than 2,000 of these unique reptiles irrespective of bigger or small can be easily be seen within the premises. You can also take the airboat ride with the river of grass surrounding you. You can check out the caimans, wildlife, crocs, alligators, and a large display of the exotic and local snakes, along with the informational wildlife shows each hour as you take a walk down the trail.

12:30 p.m. – Lunch

You can also check out the tropical fruit smoothie including key lime and strawberry that is popular here if you wish to have a light snack from the fruit stand. though you can easily locate some of the most unusual fruits here. Also, you can try one of the several Mexican restaurants here in this area for a full-bellied lunch. Puerto Vallarta is the most famed choice for exclusive and authentic Mexican dishes as it is located at 248 S.Dixie Highway in Homestead.

2 p.m. travel to Schnebly Redland’s Winery & Brewery

Schnebly Redland’s Winery and Brewery usually specializes in a table as well as sparkling wines that are made from the exotic tropical fruit that include lychee, passion-fruit, carambola, avocado as well as guava as this is located in the Redland area. To this unique South Miami-Dade attraction, craft beers are more of a recent addition to this uniqueness. Among the others, Beer Buffs can also sample a Bog Rod Coconut Ale as well as Vice IPA.

Amidst a central waterfall on the weekends and private tours for 12 or more guests will usually need a reservation here since the tastings are mainly offered seven days a week, and tours are available on the weekends. You can drop down at the winery every Friday for barbecue night. You also have to check out their event calendar to check whether there is live music or one of their many other events that might be taking place.

4 p.m. – Florida Pioneer Museum

The Museum of Florida Pioneer mainly showcases many of the historic items as well as the structures that tells the tales of the life of a pioneer since it is located in the Historic Downtown Homestead off Krome Avenue. To demonstrate in South Florida’s rustic wilds at the turn of the century, there is an antique car on the display as well as the pioneer community meeting space or the memorabilia. This museum usually has the reproduction of the early 20th century East Coast house of the railway agent.

5 p.m. – Dinner at The Whistle Stop

This is a charming restaurant that is serving down-home cooking as it is located inside the circa 1914 Redland Hotel. There is a pleasure of stepping back in time to Homestead’s early pioneer days with their friendly service and the filling portions.


9 a.m. – Breakfast

The most attractive eatery right off Ocean Drive with its massive menu and quite generous portions is the Big Pink. You can get ready for your exploration of the Art Deco District as you are pumping up to get prepared for your exploration.

10:30 a.m. – Art Deco Welcome Center

By explaining what Art Deco District is all about, this center usually is offering a wealth of information here. You can also start your tour of the entire area from here. Take a free or self-guided tour here as you pick up the brochures as well as the maps here. You can easily hop on a sturdy Deco Bike rental and take your ride all the way along Ocean Drive, the historical Miami Beach Art Deco district as well as Lincoln road. To locate the stations easily, you can download the Deco Bike’s App.

1 p.m. – Lunch & Shopping on Lincoln Road

In the core of South Beach, you will surely find Lincoln Road as an outdoor pedestrian mall. To watch people, dine at an outdoor café, browse through the galleries of Britto Central and Oolite Arts as well as shop. All throughout the length of Lincoln Road, there are many cafes there. It all lies in your decision on the type of food you would wish to have.

3 p.m. – Green Spaces Option #1 – South Pointe Park

There is a delightful green space with the lovely rolling hills as well as the footpaths that are running straight down to the beach and the crystal blue Atlantic Ocean at the southern tip of Miami Beach in the South Pointe Park. You can easily admire the natural beauty of the Miami beach as you land here. Kids can easily cool off in the fun water features of the park and they can jump around. At the Smith &Wollensky’s outdoor patio bar which is adjacent to the park, you can watch the cruise ships as they head out to the sea as you stop by the sunset there.

Option #2 – Miami Beach Botanical Garden

This is the best place that showcases myriads of tropical blooms as this is the loveliest oasis in the heart of South Beach. At the Miami Beach Botanical Garden, throughout the year, you are sure to witness special events such as concerts, green markets, as well as the arts. You can also check out the collection of palms, bromeliads, a lovely Japanese Garden, flowering trees, as well as orchids.

6:30 p.m. – Dinner

South Beach dining is usually varied as well as plentiful as you might be expecting. You need to decide whether or not you prefer to dine in style at the most famous South Beach restaurant or you wish to have a casual night out. To be on the safe side, make sure to get the reservations done beforehand.

8 p.m. – Night on the Town Option #1 – New World Symphony

At the stunning New World Center performance hall that is mainly designed by Frank Gehry, you can experience Miami’s world-class New World Symphony. You can also check out a movie outside in the adjacent Soundscape Park or watch a wall cast concert and it all depends on the schedule of the symphony.

Option # 2 – Nightlife

The nightlife here in South Beach is quite a legendary one and you can simply immerse yourself into it. LIV, Story, and Mango’s tropical café, mansion, along with the celebrity patrons and hosts of the other nightclubs and DJs are all included here. You need to get ready for a night that is fun-filled as you need to dress to impress.

Option #3 – Bowling

You can also head out to Lucky Strikes Lanes for a night of billiards, camaraderie as well as bowling in a hip and upscale lounge environment as you complete it with the American style fare and a full bar for a more casual evening. You can also contact one of the party planners as you can arrange for a private party too.


Breakfast – On Your Own

11 a.m. – Fast Times in Miami and Beaches Option #1 –

Looking at Greater Miami as well as its beaches and some mesmerizing landscapes, fast cars, fast boats, and fast horses are all there to make it the best place to travel. You can easily check out the adventures of Thriller Miami Speedboats. Several times a day from Bayside Marketplace in downtown Miami, tours usually depart and they offer the guests some unique sightseeing experiences. Going up 50 miles per hour as the tour guide usually points out the sights that include the great views of the famous homes, our iconic city skyline as well as other vessels, you can aboard a vessel. To get some sun on your skin and sea spraying your hair, it is the most exciting as well as thoroughly enjoyable way.

Option #2 – Gulfstream Park

Miami also offers some of the hot spots of Hialeah Park Racing & Casino, Miccosukee Resort & Gaming, Gulfstream Park as well as Magic City Casino are some of the best places for thorough shopping, nightlife, and thoroughbred horse racing place altogether herein in this place especially when you are keen on enjoying some of the fast horse racing as well as the games. You can check out the pink flamingos, check out their state-of-art casino, catch a horse race, and more in the historic Hialeah Park Racing & Casino.

Located at the close range to the airport and the city of Coral Gables, live rock concerts are the main highlight at the Magic City Casino. You can also choose some poker, gaming machines, high stakes bingo, and many more when you travel west to the Everglades where you can find the Miccosukee Resort.

Option #3 – Homestead Miami Speedway

Your racing dream can also be fulfilled at the Homestead Miami Speedway. As you wind around the professional track, you can drive up to six exotic cars that include the Audi, Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini as well as Nissan. You can easily make your daredevil dream come true as there is nothing like a spin in a high-performance exotic supercar.

5 p.m. – Cocktails

You can also wind down at one of Miami’s coolest rooftop bars after spending the whole day at high-speed Miami Adventure. You can check out Club 50 atop the W Miami’s 50th floor over the South Beach in Downtown Miami as you are heading out to the Lounge at the Hotel or the Townhouse Hotel’s Rooftop Terrace as well as the Spire Bar.

7 p.m. – Dinner for Winners

When it comes to the steakhouses, Miami is no desert here. You can choose from the Capital Grille, Edge Steak, and Bar in the Four Seasons, or Morton’s are all found in Downtown Miami. You will also find the Fogo de Chao, Prime 112, Meat Market, and Smith &Wollensky on the South Beach. The Epic Hotel which is located in Downtown Miami is the best place where seafood lovers can head on to.


The Maldives raises to the top of the dream destinations for many people. Also definite to be a paradise for the beach bummers with the eye-catchy turquoise waters that surround the specks of the emerald green islands. With the crystalline white sand, some of the most amazing marine life, as well as pristine coral reefs, these incredible destinations usually boast postcard-perfect beaches.  It is an archipelago of more than 1000 islands and over another thousand reefs as it is located southwest of India and Sri Lanka amidst the great expanse of the Indian Ocean. Among the 1000 islands, only 200 are inhabited. One of the most vital sources of income here is tourism and about 80 islands have some luxurious tourist resorts that are dedicated only to attracting the tourism that is there.

For luxury travelers as well as honeymooners, Maldives is one of the most sought-after destinations mainly known for the serenity and beauty that it offers. The Maldives had been always said to be the most expensive paradise for travelers. This place is a lot more affordable for budget travelers likewise with the changes in the law that allows its locals to open guesthouses on the private islands. It is not required for you to spend a fortune on the trip if you plan on visiting the Maldives. You can enjoy this stunning archipelago without having to burn a hole in your pocket as you are following this 7-day itinerary plan that we are sharing with you today.

Day 1: Hulhumale

You should be spending the first day at the Hulhumale Island after you are arriving in the Maldives. You can visit this island by road. To hop onto this island, you need to take a public or a private ferry or seaplane mainly. At Hulhumale Island, there are a number of budget as well as luxury hotels. You can easily rent one for exploring the Hulhumale since the two-wheelers are quite common here. You can explore the entire island at your own leisure as the island usually homes to a beautiful serene beach.

Day 2: Hulhumale – Male – Maafushi

For boarding a local boat for the Male City, you need to go to the Hulhumale port. At every 30 minutes, there are the local boats are the Hulhumale that departs. You can arrive at Male by taking a boat ride from there. Also, you can visit the largest mosque in Male and then visit the Villingili Ferry Terminal for some onward journey that you can make towards Maafushi, as you roam about in Male. You need to keep some time in hand as you arrive at Vilingili. From the port in itself, this violin Gili beach is within a walking distance. The boat that leaves towards Maafushi usually departs at around 3 pm. For reaching toMaafushi, it usually takes 2 hours and you can enjoy some glorious views while you are on your way.

One of the largest islands that is located 27km from Male is Maafushi. You are sure to get several accommodations here from which you can make your best choice.

Day 3: Exploring Maafushi

You are sure to find some mesmerizing beaches, water-related activities, and some great gorgeous food here since Maafushi is an idyllic place. At Maafushi, there are several different things that you will be able to do.

Explore the beaches

Public Beach, Water Sports Beach, Coral Beach, and Bikini Beach are the four main beaches that you can find here. Bikini beach is the only beach where you can easily roam about in your skimpy swimwear or the bikinis for ladies while the men can stroll topless, so this place is exactly what you can derive from its name. On the other parts of the island, exposing your skin in public is considered to be quite illegal. They are usually quieter and less crowded since there are two Public Beaches here.

Water activities – Snorkeling and Diving

Mainly the underwater marine life is what makes the Maldives quite famous. For exploring the aquatic life here, you can easily book diving tours and snorkeling at the local diving centers. The main snorkeling points here at the Banana Reef, Maafushi Corner, Maavelaathy, and Vilivary Corner. The most unforgettable experience that you might undergo is Scuba Diving in the Maldives. It usually costs $35 for each dive as there are 3 diving centers on Maafushi. You can also enjoy parasailing, embark on a fascinating kayak trip, as well as the jet ski which is the best among the other water sports.


In the midst of the crystalline turquoise water, you can easily visit the sandbank. While you enjoy the gorgeous views of the sea, you can enjoy sitting in the pristine white sand.

Dolphin Safari

This is a no-miss opportunity here. You can check out the schools of dolphins that are gracefully playing in the waters and this is a great sight to check out. If you spot the dolphins, it is going to be the most surreal experience while spotting dolphins is always a matter of chance here.

Day 4: Maafushi – Fihalhohi

You need to take a speedboat if you wish to reach Fihalhohi. This is the last island of South Male and is the main place for the overwater bungalows that make the Maldives so famous, which is what this Fihalhohi is. You can get the most spectacular view of the Indian Ocean which truly is a paradise here due to its captivating view. With the private terrace that overlooks the terrain of the island and the palm-thatched roofs, the beach resorts are equally charming. You need to forget everything and relax here since this is a place perfect for vacationers. You can also indulge yourself in an exotic spa treatment that will be glorifying you to the fullest.

Day 5: Back to Maafushi

You need to take out some time this day for visiting the souvenir shops as you are returning to Maafushi from Fihalhohi. Since the souvenirs are cheaper compared to the other islands, it is recommended for you to buy from them.

Day 6: Maafushi – Fulidhoo

Fulidhoo is a small island that is just 675 meters by 200 meters which is the other paradise island of Maldives. You can board the speedboat or public ferry to get down here. From the Male to Fulidhoostopping at the Maafushi in between, is where the public ferry runs from. The main beach can mesmerize you greatly. Here, you can also indulge yourself in diving, kayaking, and snorkeling in the lagoon. For the accommodations, there are several guesthouses that are present here.

Day 7: Fulidhoo – Male

The capital of Maldives is Male. When you explore the capital city here, the culture of the country can be well understood. You need to keep the day for exploring this crowded capital after you are arriving at Male from Maafushi. In Male, there are no compulsory attractions. The Mulage, National Museum, the Sultan’s Park are some of the best places where you can visit. You need to visit the mosque now if you failed to visit it on your day 2 trip.

At Male, you will surely find many cosmopolitan dining that has both Indian and International fare. You can easily stay at Male. Some of the options that you can look into are the Somerset Hotel, Hotel Octave, and Hotel Jen Male.

Day 8: Depart from Male

We will also be sharing some important tips that you can keep in mind for your Maldives Trip.

You have to dress in the best way when you are in mainland Male. There you need to make certain that there are no dresses that are not allowed unless you are in an exclusive resort since this is an Islamic country. You have to respect the culture and the tradition that the country carries.

If you are not staying at an exclusive resort, the costs can be reduced greatly. Instead of having a day excursion to an exclusive resort, you can easily stay in Maafushi instead. You can also save a lot in this manner.

Since you will be exchanging your USD to MVR, you should not be losing the receipt. In case you want the leftover local currency to be changed back to USD, you will require this receipt.

You can also experience the signature overwater bungalow for accommodation if possible. This is completely well worth your trip though it is a bit pricey.

In the local islands, alcohol is not usually available.

For every nationality, visa-on-arrival is available.

Use proper sun protection as you are exploring the Maldives in the most comfortable dress and shoes.

Where to Stay in the Maldives?

It usually starts at $400+/night when it comes to most of the villas and the resorts that are there. They can be a little expensive for the budgets of most people although they are wonderful places.

You can save both time and money when you are here at Town & Tourist and today we have brought for you 10 of the most budgets hotels as well as resorts so that in the most cost-effective way, you can easily experience the wonders of Maldives.

Top 10 Budget Resorts/Hotels in the Maldives:

1. Biyadhoo Island Resort

It is approximately 30 mins from the airport with the help of a speedboat is Biyahoo Island resort on this island which is located in South Make Atoll.

This is a heavenly paradise that is surrounded by fine white sands and crystal-clear lagoons. This island is also famous for the divers and the snorkels alike with its massive tropical house reef.

2. Fun Island Resort

This is appropriately named the Fun Island resort which is a great place to be in being located on the beautiful Bodufinolhu Island in the south Male Atoll.

Ranging from canoeing to jet skiing, here you can go through various water sports activities. The islands are simply amazing and the price is well-worth here.

3. Tropical Biosphere Hotel

Nearby to the above resort, you would need something that comes in really cheap. You can also check out the hotel at Kamadhoo part of Southern Maalhosmadulu Atoll as you can check out the Biosphere hotel which is a 3-star hotel here. in the heart of the Maldives at a bargain price, the double room here is quite traditional.

4. Thunder Guest House

This is a 3-star guesthouse as this is the other budget-friendly option for travelers. AC, Wifi, and beachfront balconies that showcase some glorious views can be found in the rooms here. The location on this majestic island of Fulidhoo is the ideal thing about this guesthouse.

From the Reef Tip FaruKolu and Fulidhoo Cave, the guest house is simply 250 yards.

Thunder Guest House usually offers the simplest of all accommodation on the island of Fulidhoo as it is located on a sandy beach with crystal clear seawater. From the Fulidhoo Cane and the Reef Tip FaruKolu, this property is 250 yards.

5. AcquaBluRasdhoo

You are pretty well welcomed in probably the best value guesthouse in this entire Maldives. The rooms have a comfy bed, Aircon, effective and are quite clean what else would you need?

After a busy day snorkeling, enjoying water-related sports and even fishing excursions, this is the ideal place where you can rest your head.

6. Araam Stay

This is a brand new 7-storeyed boutique hotel that is manufactured through eco-friendly materials when it comes to Araam Stay. In the Maldivian Language, the word Araam means comfort.

This hotel usually accommodates mostly for the short term or in transit travelers mainly for its location here. For crashing in for a night in Hulhumale, this is the simplest place.

7. Kuredu Island Resort & Spa

At the most affordable rates, Kuredu Island Resort is one that offers a lot more. In Lhavinayani Atoll, this is the only resort on the island of Kuredu.

This resort is truly a magical one. You can expect the white sandy beaches as well as the gorgeous crystal lagoons. There are 9 private pool villas, a family suite villa, and there are approximately 387 rooms. They also house about 100 Jacuzzi beach villas and 50 Water Bungalows.

8. Reethi Beach Resort

This is a 4-star Reethi Beach resort in the Baa Atoll of the Maldives located on Fonimagoodhoo Island. At the Fonimagoodhoo village, the staff of Reeth Beach Resort and their families will usually live.

You can also find a great selection of bars, restaurants, spas, and even the villa at the resort here.

Water Sports & Diving:

If you wish to indulge in some diving and some exciting water sports, then this is the perfect place to indulge into.

It is quite true for the Maldives culture when it comes to the beach villas. You have to be aware that they are usually selling out quite fast since there aren’t any here.

9. Paradise Island Resort

This resort is well-known for its crystal waters, coconut palms, and heavenly white sands. It is sure to live by its name since this is a relaxed island resort which is surely an unreal destination at surprisingly affordable prices being located in the North Male Atoll.

You are sure to find the crab races or the Karaoke here as here it is filled with funny daily activities. In the evening, you can also try out shark or stingray feeding for free.

10. Bandos Maldives

Located just 15minutes (8km) from Male in the North Male Atoll is this exquisite yet affordable gem!

This is an exquisite resort and yet it is an affordable gem located just 15 minutes or 8km from Male in the North Male Atoll. This resort is now looking quite amazing after having undergone some recent refurbishments. From the beach bungalows and other water villas to garden hotel rooms, the choices are many.



Some of the best things include cheese, chocolate, watches, and skiing, just for naming a few, Switzerland is quite famous for these. This country has been one of the most memorable places for travelers since visiting Switzerland. With the glittering turquoise lakes, powerful waterfalls, as well as alpine villages, Switzerland is completely covered with its natural beauty. It is quite difficult to choose the must-travel to places that can be covered in just a matter of 7 days when you are planning for this one-week trip.

Arrival: Zurich

This itinerary today usually depends on your arrival or landing at Zurich and leaving from either Geneva or Zurich. If you are starting from Geneva then you can do it in reverse. You simply have to make a start from the down and work all the way up instead as you need not skip it if you are arriving here.

Getting From the Airport

It is an approximately 10 minutes train ride from downtown Zurich when it comes to the Zurich Airport. It’s preferred that you make use of public transport at all times unless you are having a reason to hire a car or board a taxi though public transport is the most preferred option here. It is very clean as well as safe and is quite reliable too.

You can simply jump on a train and you are good to go if you have a Swiss Travel Pass. It is however a smart option for you to save one day on your pass or simply buy a local train ticket.

On the ground floor of the airport, there is a ticket counter here. Including the trams for 2 hours from the time of purchase, you wish to have a ticket to Zurich HB. You can still make use of the same ticket till the time period runs out if your hotel is further from the main station.

Day 1: Zurich

Zurich, along with being a historic city, it is also a city that is surrounded by mountains, a river that is running through its center, and a stunning lake.

Compared to the amount of time you have for one day, it means that there are various things to see here. Today we will be covering the walking itinerary in even the limited time that you have.

All that you have to do is to start from the main station of Zurich HB. Through the main Bahnhofbruckebridge and even cross overall the tram tracks aiming for the Starbucks on the far side as you cross over the Limmat river. As you are heading up at 45 degrees on your first cog railway, you can easily stop for a coffee. You can also whisk up to the ETH University to get a bird’s eye view of the entire city from their stunning terrace as you jump on the Polybahn which is a means of public transport and you will require a ticket here. You can easily contemplate the fact that Einstein used to teach there as you take in the amazing buildings.

In order to avoid getting lost, you can jump up onto the Polybahn again since it will be taking you back where you will require heading to as you can walk back down. The next stop would be Niederdorfstrasse which is the core of an old town. This is a city where you can get lost easily so you will have to push through them all. You can simply stop in for a drink on one of the terraces as you explore the back streets as well as the alleyway shops.

Iconic Zurich

You can also easily reach out to the iconic Zurich salt and pepper shakers with the Grossmunster Church eventually. Even if you do not like the churches much as the view from the top of the tower is an epic one, this is a building that is worth checking out.

Until you are arriving at Bellevue which is a tram hub and this is where the lake starts, you can continue walking towards it. You can also take in some street performers that are very rare in Zurich due to the permit laws as well as grab some views of the distant mountains as it is recommended that you take a walk down the left-hand side.

Your return walk would be at Bahnhofstrasse where you can check out some high-end fashion brands, expensive watches galore, as well as the banks when it comes to your return walk down Zurich’s renowned shopping street. It is suggested that you pop back into the old town once you hit Rennweg and shop at Lindenhof park for the best Zurich view of the Limmat and might be some people would be playing chess there and this is mainly considered as the hidden oasis in Zurich as you are making your way down.

You can also indulge at some of the Swiss chocolate shops of Sprungli as well as Laderach along Bahnhofstrasse. For those who wish to sample some true Swiss watch history, there is also a hidden watch museum there.

Day 2: Lucerne

Today you will be setting off to Lucerne taking an hour of the train ride here and this is the great thing here in Switzerland as nothing is far off.

One of the most picturesque cities in Switzerland is the Lucerne. It is no wonder that there is a crowd of tourists who are flocking here each year with a well-maintained old town which is right on the Lake Lucerne with its true alpine scenic beauty on the shore.

By enjoying this compact city on your foot, it is recommended that you will have to spend your entire day exploring the cities.

It is suggested that you stay closer to the downtown with the train station which is yet again right in the center of the city. Like elsewhere, public transport here in Switzerland would be like getting things around quite fast and simply and this is something that should be kept in mind. Therefore, it is not a huge deal when it comes to staying outside of the city center.

You can easily start off your day with a mind-blowing walk all the way across the landmark of Lucerne Chapel Bridge where hundreds of hand-painted images are adorning the ceiling when you start on the Reuss river. It is still in great shape although the bridge was initially damaged in a fire some years back.

More Details

It is simply a 2-minute walk into the historic old town where you can easily spend a few hours exploring the cobbled streets and taking in the likes of the Altes Rathaus or the Town Hall, Kornkarkt, the Weinmarkt, Hirschenplatz, and some other attractive squares from there. You will also find some other beautiful old buildings as well as churches like the Jesuit Church which is mainly on the other side of the river along with St Peters. All that you need here is to stroll over the content of your heart.

From here, there are many ways you can go. You can easily climb up the completely intact city walls, The Musegg Wall for the best view of the Lucerne and visit the interior workings of the clock tower or you can stroll down the Reussriver to the less-known Spreuer Bridge which also bears the best example of a historic covered bridge. It is inside the Zyt tower and one of the oldest of Lucerne. Compared to all other clocks in the town this one here strikes one minute earlier.

You can also head over to the lake shores to get breathe in the fresh air and get the epic views of Lake Lucerne once you have gone all through the history of this old town here. Along the shore, you need to first head down the left side. With the lion monument and the nearby Gletschergarten, you can take a small stroll at the most popular parks of Lucerne.

You can also come back across the river to check out the modern cultural center and rest in Inseli Park after that. From here the boats and the trains all head out so at some point, you are surely getting back here.

Day 3: Lucerne & Surrounds

For some of the most stunning trips, we would be highlighting three places that are ideal for your day out at Lucerne. It might indulge you to walk some more, you can easily select one of the three and if you really want to grab some of the highlights, you can squeeze in two.

1. Mount Pilatus

This is one of the most iconic mountains where Pilatus is the massive one and most alpine of the others. This would be the best choice you would be making if you are going to choose a single-day trip.

They all start on the lake which is the beauty of such day trips here. This usually involves taking a historical boat ride on a steamer all across the way to the bottom of the mountain at Lake Lucerne and you will surely come across an insanely steep railway train cog at the top of the ridge spiraling downwards through the gondola. This is usually known as the Golden Round Trip. In terms of training, you can hike up the Pilatus. This is a cog railway slanted at an angle of 45 degrees and is usually the second steepest of all.

You can easily get 50% off the Pilatus train as well as the gondola if you have the Swiss Travel Pass along with the other mountain passes.

You can easily squeeze two of the day trips in as the Silver Route makes use of the train that is a bit faster here.

It is simply breathtaking when it comes to the views of Lucerne, the mountains, and the surrounding lakes which is simply breathtaking. There are many restaurants and bars out there where you can have lunch or even at the terrace. You can also carry your own lunch there.


While you are there, you must head for a small hike. It will be worth getting to the top for the glorious view and the bragging right since nothing is too strenuous there especially if you take the dragon trail or you are with your kids.

You can also take the gondola down and then further public transport to get to the town when you are prepared to head back to Lucerne. This would be your complete Golden Round Trip.

2. Mount Rigi

The other classic here would be the day trip there along with a boat trip and cog railway trip up to the summit of Mount Rigi which is 1798m/5899ft is the next favorite destination.

The boat ride in the old-timer steamboats is one of the best parts of these trips. The cog railway from there would be by taking the boat from Lucerne to Vitznau. This is completely scenic and nostalgic nonetheless since it is not as steep as Pilatus. If you can believe then this railway dates back to 1817.

You can also walk the rest of the way for a great 360-degree view of the Alps and all the way back to Zurich once you are up at the top of Rigi Kulm.

Since it is not as steep as Pilatus, there are several more hiking options for you, you can also board the train at various stops and walk up or down to the next stop or further if you are up for it if you are in the mood for a walk or a day out.

There is an alternative way to the down starting at the RigiKaltbad is the gondola to Weggis. It is the only trick here. You will have to change from the cogwheel train and head all across to the gondola if you wish to take that instead and then the boat back from there. There is something that you need to be aware of since it is not a big deal here.

3. Glass elevator at Bürgenstock&Hammetschwand

Burgenstock is the lesser-known alternative to the big two mountains around. Opposite to that of Lucerne and Rigi, which usually looks like a lion who is sleeping on the shores of Lake Lucerne, if it is viewed from far off after a few glasses of red, it is a smaller mountain.

The following are some of the best things that you should know about this trip here:

It includes some insane 5-star resorts and spas since the accommodation is completely extended or overhauled to the top. This is the ideal spot if you are in search of indulging in something while there.

Down to the side of the mountain that is highest in Europe and which also featured in a James Bond movie back in the day, there is a cool glass elevator. This is the best ride that you will make.

You will require a boat ride to Kehrsiten-Bürgenstock and then head on to the top on the cog railway. From there to the lift, it involves a relatively shorter walk. You can also take a whole loop walk which is usually termed as Felsenweg and then get to the liftback at the top.

It must make a stop at the resort. Especially when they are offered that amount of money in Qatari to be spent on the creation of this masterpiece.

Day 4: Interlaken or Grindelwald

You can also pay in for a stunning train ride while getting from Lucerne to Interlake as this is something that you need to do.

It usually runs all the way to Montreux on Lake Geneva from Lucerne. This pass is usually known to be the GoldenPass Line.  You will be taking it to Interlaken.

Including an often missed valley that leads from Pilatus up to Brunig Pass where you will be getting a view back down over the Lungern and Saner lakes since this route pass through some of Switzerland’s best scenery. The train then comes down to Brienzersee or Lake Brienz that offers some of the great views of the alps on the way down. Mainly with the BreinzerRothorn in the background, this is the trip that is taken along the sparkling blue Lake Brienze which is a well-worth trip on its own.

You can easily drop off your luggage at your hotel and head to Grindelwald if that is where you are staying once you have arrived at Interlaken. Grindelwald is more of a picturesque location though both are some of the best locations that is out there and the other option would be up the Lauterbrunnen Valley of Murren.

The following are some of the best ideas for things that you should be seeing and locating at either of the locations.

In & Around Interlaken

For most people, Interlaken is usually the obvious choice due to its location since there are several things that you can try out here. This is the town located deep within the alps. It is quite similar to Lucerne or Zurich which is the old town, it is not busy at all. You should prefer staying in Grindelwald instead if you wish to get a more of the alpine feeling.

You will find more action-packed sports to perform here almost anywhere else in the country here since Interlaken is also the adrenaline center of Switzerland. Anything that you would be planning on doing although you should be finding spots if you simply turn up for anything that you should be doing.

There are some other great things that you can see here in this town since it is not at all about getting an adrenaline rush here.

Interlaken Highlights:

  • Unterseen old town (including Stauwehr)
  • Interlaken Monastery
  • Kunsthaus Interlaken
  • Höhematt Park
  • Alpenwildpark am Harder (Wildlife park with local animals)
  • View from Harderkulm
  • St. Beatus Caves
  • Lake Brienz

In & Around Grindelwald

The starting point for the epic trip for tomorrow would be the Grindelwald which is up to the Jungfraujoch while you are taking a shorter train ride from Interlaken. This is a great place to submerge yourself in the Alps for the first time since this is a real mountain town here. There are some of Switzerland’s highest mountains including Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau. It is one of the hardest climbs in the Alps and has even killed many people making the north face of Eiger a lot infamous. From the Grindelwald town, you can check them out directly.

There are a lot more outdoorsy things that you should be doing here if you base yourself on Grindelwald. There are some more relaxed hiking and walking tours that would be taking in some of the spectacular sites out there since some of them are similar to the adrenaline sports in Interlaken. Those who wish to have some more nature and escape through the hustle and the bustle of the cities that you have been to so far since this is a great location.

You can read about all the best options here since there are several things that would be keeping you busy here in this area.

The following are some of the highlights of this place here:

Grindelwald Highlights

  • Marmot Trail, hikes to Bachalpsee as well as the First ski resort are some of the attractions here along with the scooter rides are available.
  • You can also check out the Eiger Trail Hike
  • Männlichen is the best location to check out.
  • Schnynige Platte-something great to try out
  • Gletscherschlucht
  • Grindelwald Museum
  • Lauterbrunnen, Murren&Schlithorn

Day 5: Jungfraujoch

If you wish to enjoy trips that will be in your memory, would be the trip to Jungfraujoch. When you are in Switzerland, this would be your ultimate highlight here.

One of the best tips that you should be keeping in your mind is that you might be holding off booking or planning till you are a few days out since the weather here plays the most crucial role. You can plan this trip either the day you are arriving or on this day and you should make sure that you are checking the weather predictions here. Depending on the weather, you can always swap things around. Be sure, your things will get wet if you don’t carry a waterproof bag.

With your final stop being the highlight here through the train ride from within the heart of the Eiger mountain usually will be stopping for the views of a Glacier if you wish to since either way this would be the ideal journey. You can also check out the timings of the train here.

The following are some of the most spectacular things that you can check out and do on your journey to Jungfrau:

  • Jungfraujoch Highlights
  • Eismeer (Sea of Ice) – Stop on the way up
  • Sphinx Observation Deck
  • Ice Palace
  • Jungfrau Panorama
  • 45 min hike to Mönchsjochhütte
  • Snow Park (year-round)
  • Longer hikes on the Aletsch Glacier (insane experience)

In the Interlaken as well as the Grindelwald, you can easily select to spend some longer time or board a train to Zermatt in the noontime of your day 5 trip. You are sure to derive some of the best mountain experiences here.

Day 6: Zermatt

It is a little over 2 hours as you would be allowed an extra 35-40 minutes from Grindelwald with the train that if taken to Zermatt from Interlaken. Depending on your activities here, you would wish to make out some time since this is an easy trip here.

Zermatt is yet another highlight on the Switzerland tour so you can gear up for some spectacular scenery here. The train here includes the second-longest train tunnel in Switzerland when it comes to the train trip here. All the way up to the stunningly located town which is right under Switzerland’s iconic Matterhorn mountain, the last leg is a slow and steady trip here.

In their own right, Zermatt is the most authentic and quaint town. It has some great Wallis Architecture for keeping your head turning as you are walking since it is a car-free zone. You need to take short or long walks to the amazing viewpoints along with the highlight that is here up in the mountains as you can also take the rains or gondola train rides.

Here are the highlights of a visit to Zermatt:

  • Zermatt Highlights
  • Gornergrat (train ride to the top with views of the Matterhorn)
  • Kleine Matterhorn Cablecar (Highest in Europe with year-round skiing)
  • 5 Lakes Hike (2.5 hours with lake reflections of the Matterhorn)
  • Hike at the Schwarzsee
  • Rothorn or Sunegga for more views & hikes
  • Gorner Gorge hike would be the best
  • With Air Zermatt, you can also try out the helicopter rides
  • You can also hike To the Monte Rosa Hut with the right set of correct equipment you can try out this Glacier crossing

Day 7: Return to Zurich

It is approximately 3.5 hours of a train ride to Zurich and to Geneva it is more than 20 minutes right. You are not to blame for it since you would wish to spend some more quality time here in Zermatt.

You can also explore a bit more of this glorious alpine region once you leave in the morning. There are several options here in Zermatt for every level of fitness if you have not gone for a walk yet. You can head on to Schwarzer, Rothorn, Gornergrat, as well as Sunnegga for some great attractions. People can also hike up the Hornlihut. It is at the base of the Matterhorn.  Watch the climbers the way they handle this rigorous summit. Only physically fit and quite adventurous people come here.

With the Air Zermatt, if you are not able to afford it, in that case, you may leave it. You can also call them and book them up for the panorama tour if the wind is still and the skies are clear. You will not be regretting it.

Heading To Zurich

You can also try out some of the trips further afield like a day trip to Rapperswil or head up to the local mountain, which is Ueltiberg through which you can get some amazing views of the lake, mountains, as well as the city there.

You also have to follow it for about 15 minutes from the main station down the stream if you wish to relax head down to the parks on the lake or along the Limmat river. It is usually for free if you get ahead for a swim and grab on to a beer later on.

Heading To Geneva

Geneva has plenty to offer in terms of the views, places where you can munch on to your favorites, attractions, and a lot more similar to that of Zurich. Being here is an experience in itself similar to the other Swiss city that is located on a stunning lake with mountainous views.

There are several highlights here.  You can try them while squeezing in prior to when you leave. Some of them are listed below with the whole lot of things that are going on as if you have sufficient time then you can walk them in more or less this fashion here:   

Geneva Highlights

  • Jet d-Eau fountain on Lake Geneva
  • St. Pierre Cathedral
  • Museum of History & Art
  • Reformation Wall
  • The Old Town
  • Place du Molard
  • Rousseau Island
  • Bains des Pâquis (Public Baths)
  • United Nations / Palace of Nations (and Broken Chair)

You are sure to find plenty of others things too for checking out here in Geneva. But, it will be a complete short day trip. If you wish to get your daily pass over the local public transport for making it a bit easier, you can cover it on foot. Most of the entries to the museum and the local transport are completely free if you have the Swiss Pass.


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