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10 must-travel UNESCO World Heritage Sites

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.There is always a tale to tell with every UNESCO world heritage place ranging from the supernatural stories to that of the cultural legends. When you plan this year to travel to such places, then the following are the 10 must-travel UNESCO World Heritage sites to check of your travel list:

1. Bagan, Myanmar

If you ever wish to witness the real-life “Fairy-tale”, visiting Bagan for sure should be on the top of your vacation list. You can never miss to see float across the temples that rise out of the greenery and the mist in a hot air balloon travel. The UNESCO status was received by this place in 2019.

Things to try out:
  • Balloon flight at Sunrise

Explore the magical effect of waking up, floating in between the temples as you slowly feel the comfort of the heat of the rising sun all across your face. While in Bagan, Myanmar, morning starting with a balloon ride is something you should not miss.

  • Visit the temples in Bagan, Myanmar

You are sure to come across several temples, and there are so many beautiful ones that it can hardly be covered in a single trip. So, you can easily check out the best and the most impressive temples as you come across several guides. You can explore the Africa-like landscape all on your e-bikes. 

  • An incredible sunset or sunrise on top of a temple

Sunrise and sunsets, marks the glory and the popularity of Bagan. But, these days, tourists are not allowed to climb up the temples anymore. You are sure to have an experience that is an unforgettable one when you wake up in the sunrise each morning being surrounded by nothing but the balloons and temples.

  • Visit Minnanthu Village

The local village of Minnanthu is a bit dislocated from the main part of the villages like the Old and the New Bagan. You can arrange for a small tour across the villages and go through the products that they make. The products that you are sure to find are that of the cigars, cotton clothing, peanuts, and others. When you plan on al little round trip on your e-bike, it is an awesome place to make a start.

  • Relax in the afternoon until the sunset!

It can get quite hot and humid when it comes to the afternoons there. From the early morning till 1 am you can explore the temples and afternoon time you can occupy with your relaxation. You can even go and chill across one of the restaurants that are there nearby and take a dip or nap at your pool. You can easily go out again and explore the area after 4pm.

2. Cultural Landscape of Sintra, Portugal

Here in the attractive Portuguese town of Sintra, the fairytales are given a breath of life. You can wonder about the magical castles and palaces abiding through the exotic gardens that are most suited for the kings. If you wish to check out everything, this UNESCO heritage site is mainly a natural park that requires minimum 2-3 days of explorations as you travel to this place with the help of cheapair.

Things to try out:

It is mainly where you arrive on train and it has accommodations, restaurants, as well as transportation availability to the castles and palaces, being a small Sintra town. You can easily plan for your visit after you have gone through the things that you can look for inside the park.

  • Pena Palace Sintra (Palacio da Pena)

Located at the topmost point that overlooks the entire region, Palacio de Pena in Sintra is a yellow and red castle similar to that of a fairy tale. The king who had released all of his creative imagination turning his castle into a park as a summer house, was designed in 1854.

  • Moorish Castle

It was earlier once a military fort when it comes to the castle of Moors. It is possible nowadays to visit “Lord of the Rings” castles. You can get an impressive view as you rise up the stairs, and stroll along the walls of this ancient castle.

  • Quinta da Regaleira

This was a garden specifically designed to hide a series of passageways, towers as well as a network of tunnels. There is a spiral stair that helps you to access to the inverted towers which is more like a well down to one of the tunnels there.

  • Sintra National Palace (Palacio Nacional de Sintra)

The royal SIntra National Palace lies in the heart of this town. The iconic view of this town comprises of the two massive chimneys.

Monserrate Palace (Palácio de Monserrate)

This castle bears the incredible designs of the gothic, Indian, and Arabic bearing an exotic garden and have rose to the fame by winning an awards from European Garden. This is considered as the most beautiful palace in Sintra and it is quite off the route if suggested.

3. Venice, Italy – A Unique UNESCO location

This is the ideal location for this unique floating city that is offered by this archipelago of islands. With the mist of rolling off the water, gondola rides, charming strolls in the streets, with movie-style romance, makes Venice an unique place to travel to and among the best places to visit this vacation season.

It is very easy to see how Venice was the inspiration for so many artists and the architects being established as one of the most mystical places from all around the globe.

Things to try out:
  • Visit Ponte di Rialto (Rialto Bridge)

Take a stroll down to Ponte di Rialto as you commence your morning at 6:30 am. This is an ancient building over the Grand Canal in Venice. Check out how the locals crosses the stunning bridge and how the unload their fresh fruits, veggies, and fish.

  • The view from Fondaco Dei Tedeschi

It is merely a small 2 minute walk to go to the rooftop of Fondaco Dei Tedeschi starting from the bridge. This is surely one of the ideal views that you can get of Venice. This rooftop is free for visiting and it also has one of the most luxurious shopping malls.

  • Visit Italy’s coolest bookstore

You are sure not to come across a tourist rush here as it is a bit off the beaten path in a serene and quiet area. They usually sell most of the secondhand books, maps, calendars, and postcards and the store is magnificently decorated. You are sure to find yourself in the middle surrounded by books and only books. You can also come across a huge gondola and bathtub within the bookstore which is among the fun places to go since the area can at any time be submerged in floods.

  • Get lost in the little streets

You are sure to find a quiet area for yourself very easily through the main tourist spots here can become very busy. Along the canals, cross bridges, locals who are enjoying their coffee moment can check out the real magnificence of this great city as you walk in the streets there.

  • Gondola ride in Venice

Cruising through the canals of Venice in a gondola is the most ideal and romantically-sound way to check out this city as well as you can make use of the luxury cars out there. You can easily arrange for the boat ride that will give you a tour all across the city.

4. The Colosseum, Italy

If you wish to check out world’s largest amphitheater, then Colosseum is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and this is a never miss out place for you when you are in search for cheap places to travel. You can derive a lot of understanding of the turbulent history that is behind this place as you tour across this oval masterpiece.

Things to try out:
  • Colosseum Tour

If you are looking for a large amphitheater then this is the one that is the largest. This oval masterpiece has survived well through the fires, wars, earthquakes and many other natural calamities.

  • Roman Forum & Palatine Hill

This is a short 10-min walk towards the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill after Colosseum. It was Palatine Hill who started the first settlement of the Rome. You can get a great understanding of the Roman forum. You are sure to come across the remains of the temples, monuments, and the buildings which were once the city center of Rome.

  • Altare Della Patria

There is a massive pure-white marble moment that has the best view of the whole city staging in front of Piazza Venezia. The Italians built the Altare Della Patria honoring the first king of Italy and this place was also known to be as the VittorrioEmanuele II Monument.

  • Castel Sant’Angelo

If you wish to visit an ideal round-shaped military unit then Castel Snat’ Angelo is one of such establishments. There are five floors in its interior connected well with a spiral stair heading all the way up to the terrace roof. If you are a photographer, then this is the perfect spot to capture some unique moments. Since the tours here starts at 9 am you need to be sure that you are well within time to avoid the rush.

  • Pantheon

One of the ideally-preserved buildings here in ancient city of Rome is the Pantheon. This church was once a temple which has now been converted bears a gigantic dome on its top with an opening that allows the natural light to flow in lighting up the whole building. You are sure to have a magical feel here with the help of the beam of sunlight. When it does rain, the internal drainage system makes sure that this area does not flood.

5.Cinque Terre, Italy

When you land on to the villages of Cinque Terre, opposites does attract a lot.  Against the dramatic, sheer, serene coastline across the deep blue ocean, you can check out the good-looking candy colored houses as you decide to explore places to go on holiday. People usually were able to settle here with the unique nature of the landscape in Italy which makes them the most impressive for people to build their houses into the cliffs who thereby have successfully cultivated the land.

Things to try out:
  • Vernazza, Cinque Terre

When you are in search for the most visited and the most picturesque village in Cinque Terre then Vernazza is a must-see place. You are sure to find relaxing areas, a small beach, an old castle tower whose top is accessible, along with a couple of terraces that are there in the harbor area. To get the most panoramic view, there is a hiking trail over the harbor of Vernazza.

  • Manarola

This is a smaller village, a lot like Vernazza, situated in Italy surrounded by vineyards. It has some great walking routes and it the least visited. NessunDorma terrace is a don’t –miss place especially for its view there. You can easily book for a tour there.

  • Riomaggiore

Riomaggiore is the perfect place to stay for several people who wishes to spend their nights inside Cinque Terra. There are several smaller hidden streets where you can easily get lost as it is one of the biggest villages there. This is a village that is built against some steep rocks so you need to wear some very good shoes as for reaching the top you need to do a little hiking. The view of the harbor is the ideal part of Riomaggiore.

  • Monterosso

Are you prepared to relax yourself on a beach? This is a village that has large sand basin with sunbeds and umbrellas in the higher seasons when it comes to Monterosso. If you wish to spend your night then this village would be your best option. It is not as beautiful as the other villages apart from this.

  • Corniglia

If you wish on visiting a more local and laid back village then Corniglia is the best place. It is the only village where the train avoid stopping in the center making it the least visited place. You can choose to hop on a shuttle bus or even take the stairs up to the Corniglia from the train station.

You can easily go for hiking from this spot making it a popular place among the hikers.

6. Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou, Morocco

When you visit this Moroccan earthen village, the time comes to a complete halt. This UNESCO site bears well with the ancient techniques of making buildings from mud and this tradition has been preserved and it also showcases the perfect example of Moroccan architecture. You are sure to witness some remarkable sights with the color of the red mud against the backdrop of the desert marking the unique sunset marks itself as one of the summer holiday destinations.

Things to try out:
  • Ride a quad bike

You can easily have immense amount of fun as Sahara Desert trip of Morocco is one of the most idyllic places to wind around and enjoy nature at its finest. You can easily book for a 1- or 2 hour trip with a guide for exploring the sandy dunes as you can easily rent your own quad bike. Visiting the local villages, discovering the palm groves, or as simple as enjoying the landscape zooming past you while you are exploring the desert on four wheels are the activities that are included here.

  • Desert Spa Day

The locals of the Merzouga are teaching the visitors of using their healing properties of the sand of the Sahara to their benefits. Berber men usually dig up holes in the dunes of the desert where the visitors can lie for 30 minutes when the sun rises. For the muscles, aching limbs, as well as for some other skin diseases, the sand bath is said to be quite good and it comes to its peak of its effects in the summer months. It is for sure the best way to experience the Sahara desert though this might not be anything like a conventional spa.

  • Stargazing

Stargazing is supposedly the most magical feel that you will get of all the things that you try doing here in the Sahara Desert. You will have a clear clutter-free view of the starry Sahara Desert sky that rises above you with no light pollution in the sight. The countless stars, the deep blue sky, and the deafening silence that circulates around you as the night falls, you will be left speechless with its magnificence. You should ensure that you download a free stargazing app that will allow you to find the planets, International space station and even the constellations for the wannabe astronomers as this is one of the best place in the world.

  • Sand surfing

You will be quite astonished to know that you can even surf on sand instead of an ocean. The sandy dunes have become the perfect waves where you can surf on your own sand/snow board or sand ski in the midst of Sahara desert. You can simply have a lot of fun when you choose one of the massive golden dunes around the steeper camp. It is completely on you to walk back up the dune every time since there are no ski lifts here.

  • Sit around the camp fire

You can actually in real find a lot of dead wood as well as the dry bushes to collect in the Sahara Desert though this might be sounding a lot more surprising to you. That is all that you will require starting a fire instantly. A camp fire is usually the ideal spot to grill your BBQ dinner over the glowing embers along with enjoying your tasty meal right under the stars in the rest of the year.

7. Historic Areas of Istanbul, Turkey

The gap that is present between Asia and Europe can be easily filled with the critical placement of the bridges of Istanbul. For some major artistic, religious developments over the year, and political ones, this city has been the main site. The designs present both on the interiors and the exteriors of the buildings including the Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sophia is sure to blow your minds off.

Things to try out:
  • Galata Tower

When the morning breaks out, be sure to head out for the Galata Tower that overlooks the whole city and this is mainly a stone tower that is built on a hill. The tickets to the top of the towers usually will cost you 4 USD as it opens up at 9 am. You can choose to have your breakfasts in one of the trendiest cafes located there that is sure to relax you.

  • Colorful Balat – Unique Thing to do in Istanbul

When you look for the ideal hidden gems of Istanbul along with one of the ancient districts, then look no further than Balat. You are sure to find some colorful, serene sloping streets with ancient wooden homes here. You are sure to come across the renovated buildings with the cute cafes along with the restaurants that are opening shortly, one of the favorite thing to do here in Istanbul is Balat.

  • Suleymaniye Mosque

You can easily take a 5 min bus ride from Fener to your next stop which is the ideal Suleymaniye Mosque. You will find this mosque built on top of one of the seven hills there as they can be looked at from anywhere. As the majority of the visitors only visits the Blue Mosque, the great architecture here somewhat tends to remain unnoticed.

  • Egyptian Spice Bazaar

You can easily get to the Egyptian Spice Bazaar through a short 10-minute walk to the river through the lively streets of Istanbul. You are sure to come across the shops that sell the nuts, oils, spices, jewelry, as well as dried fruits. The bazaar here remains closed during the religious as well as the public holidays.

  • Secret Rooftop in Istanbul

You can easily climb up the Kubbe Istanbul specifically before the sunset. The owner of the well-decorated rooftop is Harun who is quite friendly. You have an entry fee here which is 100 TL as this is the perfect zone to try out your photographic skills though at first it was the best place to witness the sunset from the top. Right next to the location there, you can also a great time in viewing the rooftop from there.

8. Visiting the Rock Sites of Cappadocia, Turkey – Must-travel UNESCO site

Cappadocia, Turkey

There is a place that has been simply plucked from your dreams and it is the rock sites of the Cappadocia as it becomes quite hard of not to wake up yourself while you are visiting this place. Your accommodation here can be the inside of a cave hotel, watching the starry skies at night, or floating in a hot air balloon in the morning as you can experience the joy of staying so close with the nature in itself. You are sure to derive some of the best unforgettable experiences here.

Things to try out:
  • Experience a Cappadocia hot air balloon flight

When you plan on looking at the sunrise then you cannot miss to try out the world famous Cappadocia for its balloon rides. You can witness the fairytale like canyons that are floating through the skies in several hot air balloons that traffics the entire sky as it is one of the best vacation spots to be in. You can arrange for being picked up from the hotel at around 5 am and start your flight at 5:45 am. There is always a price tag with which it comes along as you are sure to get the once in a lifetime experience here.

  • Sunset horse riding through Rose Valley, Cappadocia

It is one of a kind when it comes to the Rose Valley. With the range of 2 to 10 kilometers, valleys in Cappadocia are the best place to go for hikings as you as a hiker will not be bored with it.

  • Wake up at 5:30 AM for the balloon view

Experiencing the balloons from their take-off locations can be a lot more ideal experience you can ever get. This would be the main thing that you can do here. While the balloons are in the air make sure that you do not get hit by the baskets. this close is how you can observe the take-offs.

  • Pasabag or Open Air Museum Cappadocia

One of Turkey’s UNESCO World Heritages is the Cappadocia Open Air Museums. And when you are here, it is one of the most important things to see. The entrance to this museum will usually be costing you $2.50.

  • Get lost in the maze of rugs

You can also visit the town of Goreme which is the town of Cappadocia.  They are known to sell rugs as well as other kinds of handicrafts. You are sure to find this huge shop making room for 50.000 pieces of craftsmanship is divided into 17 rooms. The owner of the shop is the friendliest one you can ever meet. If you are able to fit something within your suitcase then you can sure take a piece home.

9. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

How these constructions that seem something out of the world were built is something that is quite difficult to imagine. You will thereby feel completely inspired through the capabilities of the human race as an outcome. Marking it as one of the best destinations in the world. These impressive tombs that are royal in nature age more than thousands of years and they can be easily seen from Cairo city from the greatest heights.

Things to try out:
  • The Pyramids and Great Sphinx of Giza

In the outskirts of Cairo, you will find the Giza pyramid complex. This Great Pyramid can be spotted easily from the city in itself and has a height of 139 meters. Egypt usually counts 138 of them as these pyramids are the royal tombs here. This area still witnesses the discoveries like the mummies which are ongoing.

  • Wander at the world’s oldest open-air market

At one of the world’s ancient open-air markets, you can witness the smells as well as the sounds. You will also be able to find the maze. It is filled with spices, clothing, leather bags, jewelry,best antiques in Khan El-Khalili souk.

  • Gulp at the authentic Egyptian meal on Gezira Island

When you are in Cairo, don’t forget to visit the Gezira Island. This area is usually occupied by the youngsters that are mainly creative Egyptians. The water from Nile River usually surrounds these authentic buildings . It is a serene escape from the life of the mainland and the busy streets. One of the best things that you can do in Cairo is by visiting Gezira.

  • IbnTulunMosque– the most intriguing thing to visitwhile in Cairo

You will also find one of the most magnificent mosques in Cairo. Which is the IbnTulun Mosque in the midst of a neighborhood that is free from tourists. It is usually surrounded by dusty roads. The older details are still present in these large mosques. You can reach to the nearby tower to get an aerial view of this place.

  • Back in time at the Egyptian Museum

You are sure to find the home of the world’s greatest collection of the ancient Egyptian artifacts in Egyptian Museum. In the mummy, you can easily see the real preserved mummies. This is the thing that is highly recommended here in Cairo. You can easily spend a lot of your time strolling across the museum.

10. Historic Centre of Arequipa, Peru

In its own magnificent ways, Arequipa is one of a kind. It was mainly built from the white volcanic stone that was taken from the neighborhood volcanoes as its main origins; you will also find the harmonious sync of the European and Indigenous influences that are at work. The environment there further compliments the outstanding nature of this place.

Things to try out:
  • Santa Catalina Monastery

The most attractive Santa Catalina Monastery is one of the favorite things for people to travel in   Arequipa.

This is the most picturesque site with blue and red colonial arches that are mixed with flowers.

  • Mundo Alpaca

In the core of Arequipa, you are sure to find different types of alpacas and lamas who dwells in there. You are sure to find MundaAlcapa in the alcapa textile museum. You will learn there how they are processed into handicrafts and how the alcapas are raised.

  • Basilica Cathedral of Arequipa

In the main square of Arequipa, Peru, Basilica Cathedral of Arequipa will mesmerize you. The most important part of this city is the Catholic church. It is considered as one of the most attractive things in Peru.

  • Plaza de Armas

Plaza de Armas lies in the front of the cathedral. Which is the centrifugal zone to the square of every Latin city. This city square is highly decorated with palm trees, flowers as well as the surrounding arches and the fountain.

  • Claustros de La Compañía

Claustros de La Compania is the ultimate great choice for shopping. You will surely find all types of restaurants, chic cafes, as well as shops at the top floor. In Arequipa, you need not expect your shopping to be a thing to do here today.

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