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21 days itinerary plan for your vacation in the United States of America

by Blogs Story

With so much diversity throughout the 50 states, the USA is truly a country with everything. There is no place like the rest. This is what prepares this country to be so special when it comes to its architecture, food, and culture. For any first-time visitors, this is the best thing that makes this country an epic trip since it is the land of the free. So, here’s your 21 days itinerary plan for your vacation in the USA.

You shall always be on your toes throughout this trip from the bustling metropolitan area of Manhattan to the desert landscape of Arizona. From the beautiful pristine beaches of California to that of the mountainous region of the Yellowstone. And who can forget the county music city of Nashville that can take you floating through its glorious tunes! Options are endless here since at one moment you will be partying out in the dusty warehouse of Nashville. After that, you will be in Santa Monica taking the surfing lessons!



Since you will be packing in a lot in just three weeks, this itinerary undoubtedly would be pretty adventurous. It is simply a task that can be done by taking a bit more time on everything and not rushing from one place to the other. Then you can explore some of the ideal places that the USA is offering out to you.

If you plan on taking a flight from one place to the other, then it would become the change timeframe though. It can get a bit more expensive here though this is the itinerary based on merely driving all across this country. That’s because there are no other modes of transportation. This country is simply a massive one, and no one can fit everything in such a short period. And you are sure to come back once you have got the touch of this state.


Spend A Day to explore The Big Apple

In a city that is never asleep, there would not be any better place where you can commence with your day trip. You are sure to come across the vivid nightlife of the USA, beautiful park spaces, top-of-the-notch shopping lines, and all the different types of cuisines that are sure to lure you in. You can travel to the top of the Empire State Building for observing some iconic views. Experience the bright lights of Times Square. Or, you can also walk through Central Park, which is an urban oasis. You can even take a ferry ride over to the Statue of Liberty, the options are many.

If you wish to catch on to the Broadway shows as well as the haven for art lovers with both the Museum of Modern Art as well as Metropolitan Museum of Art, the big apple is the most-suited place to be. Because they indeed provide some great exhibits you have ever come across.


Head To The Capital City Of Washington, DC

You can simply land in the capital city of Washington DC through a 4-hour drive from New York. This city’s main ingredients are arts, history, and culture which has enriched USA’s heritage. You should never be missing out on your trip to the White House with the tours that are simply available for being explored through the stunning new architecture of the building bearing the contrasting history of the significant US leaders. Naming a few, this is the city that is primarily popular for its iconic national monuments such as the Vietnam Memorial, Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial. With simply tons of restaurants, bars, and breweries from which you can choose, this is the city that boasts some of the most energetic nightlife here.

In just a matter of 24 hours, this is the hotspot you can see by traveling down the metro line or the bile to make the best of your vacation trip here.


Visit The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame In Cleveland

You can hop into your car and start the 5-hour drive to Cleveland, Ohio, the very next day. To break up the journey towards Chicago, you can take a quick stopover here, explore this place, and spend a few hours here. The must-see here is the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, an iconic museum of music with its musical history that has been there for many generations and includes some well-famed artifacts, instruments, and many more.

The best-known and the most influential artists that have ever lived are well-recognized by the museum, and you are sure to come across some blissful faces here. You need to make sure that you have checked in advance for the ones performing since there are several live music and events held here.


Arrive In Chicago, Illinois

Now you would come across the windy city of Chicago. This city always appears to be quite busy, though a unique one with such a great atmosphere rocks this place. For those who are lovers of architecture and nature lovers, this city brings in a feast to their eyes along with the skyscrapers that complement them all in all ways.

You might have only a few hours left of the day which you can spend since it all depends on when you are arriving in this place. The nightlife here is quite sound and bustling, and the must-see here would be the comedy shows at the Second City for which the USA is famous since the ’80s. You can also explore the epic city views from one of the many rooftop bars in the city especially making your night a memorable one.


Explore The Windy City

5th day of 21 days itinerary plan for your vacation in the USA. You need to make the most of your time by deriving the ultimate benefit of the bike share program of Chicago, which is the funniest, most affordable way to get around the town here. All over the city here, there are pretty important bike stops present whenever you wish to stop somewhere, and whenever you want, you can easily set out.

The most epic green space at the heart of the city where you can relax for the part of the day before heading out to the Navy Pier would be the Millennium Park with the famous Bean Sculptures that are located. If you wish to experience some great views of the city here, then you can head out to the Navy Pier to ride on the Ferris wheel. You can also head out to the Magnificent Mile for the upscale shopping experience and the delicacies of the restaurants if you are interested in shopping here.


Drive through Mount Rushmore

Since you would be making your way out to Mount Rushmore, this would be involving a lot of driving here. One of the greatest places in the USA. It would most probably be worth it to break up this 13-hour journey here since there is not a lot where you can stop. Although this is not that exciting to make a stop, it would be a great place to stop and stretch back your legs once you pass through Wisconsin or Madison. For making it to the border of Wyoming where Mount Rushmore is thereby located, you shall be driving all the way across South Dakota.

For making a stop, all the way along for spending the night or to switch you’re driving with your passenger and taking up the entire journey here, you are sure to come across many places here.


Check out the highly famed Mount Rushmore National Park

You are most likely to be arriving at Mount Rushmore in the early morning or the early hours since it is definitely the most lightning at the end of the long drive that you take through the Midwest tunnel here. This is by far one of the most iconic landmarks that you will ever come across in the entire United States. You have to be absorbed in the fantastic artwork of all four presidents carved into the mountain as you need to take some time here. A museum is also featured here with some interactive exhibits that are quite worthy of being checked out and the rest.

You can start driving to the Yellowstone National Park, which is almost a 7-hour long journey that can be divided into some of the stops over the Custer State Park, Custer, and the Badlands once you are done visiting Mount Rushmore.


Arrive In Yellowstone National Park

You might even be finding the one that you wish to spend a couple of days here since Yellowstone is quite a great one to travel to in the USA. Moreover, you are sure to come across some spectacular stones of the most alluring colors, myriads of wild animals that graze in the fields there. You will be pretty lucky to come across the bears, bison, elks, and even wolves and several other species here in this area.

The park here is the home to the canyons, geysers, lush forests, hot springs, and even the alpine rivers being on top of the volcanic hotspot. You can never run out of the things you can view out here since most probably you can spend a complete 3-week itinerary here by exploring all the way across this park.


Visit The Super Volcano In Yellowstone

9th day of 21 days itinerary plan for your vacation in the USA. You are sure to have packed your bags for the most exciting explorations you can ever witness. This park is the world’s most famous geyser, habitat for some incredible geysers of hot springs that usually boils and sends over columns of water all up to the air and as the Grand Prismatic Spring.

Over the past 2.1 million years, this active supervolcano, specifically known as the Yellowstone Caldera, formed over 3 super-eruptions. If you are ready for an adventure along with the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone overlooking some fantastic color of the rock formations, there are a ton of hikes all within this park here.


Begin The Journey To Zion National Park

You can also start your 9-hour long journey to Zion National Park the very next day. You can stop by Salt Lake City, Provo, Idaho Falls, and many well-known national parks that are out there.

The other great place where you can stop would be the Lava Hot Spring where you can stop to take a dip into the water here or stop someplace to eat at Salt Lake City. You can search for a hotel for the night, and at either Dixie National Forest or the Fishlake National Forest, you can have a camp. Both the parks are splendid for bird watching, fishing, waterfalls, nature walks, and fantastic campsites. For a 9-hour long drive, this is not the wrong place to make a stop while enjoying your sweet trip to the USA.


Hike Your Way Through Zion

Zion National park is one of the ideal places here in the USA, especially for hiking, offering some alluring views of the valley that can simply go on for miles, located here in Utah. This park usually leads to various forest trails along the river, and you can enjoy some fantastic drives through the Zion Canyon scenic drive.

It is entirely alluring when it comes to this scenic drive here with several stops which you can make to catch a snap or take a picture of the wildlife that lures through the way. Emerald Pools, the Narrows Hike, the Weeping Rock, and the Angels Landing hike are some of the spots that are well-worth to be checked out. The view you are quite inviting at the top of the Angels Landing though the hike would be a steep one.


Get Your Party Shoes On In Sin City!

You can surely jump into the car and start with your 2 and a half hour drive to Sin City the very next morning. This city usually does not sleep, so you too will be lacking it as you have already imagined.

You are sure to come across some limitless amount of things that you can try out here in this Las Vegas Strip. You can catch on an entertainment show with the celebrities who are often the resident headliners here, explore one of the several art galleries that are there, or visit one of the several well-known pool parties here, or you can also check out the Eiffel Tower all here in Paris Vegas. To get your fix here, 24 hours in Vegas is enough time.


Hunt out the celebs In Los Angeles, California

It is well-worth to stop in for a city here to check out the main attraction here while most of the people would be finding this city a bit more overrated. Who knows what the best can happen here since LA is considered the City of Dreams to many. You can have the chance to check out some of your favorite movie stars here who have honor, or in many of the tours, you can even go out for celeb-hunting, especially when you are out for the Hollywood Walk of the Fame here.

You should also be prepared with your shopping shoes on. For some of the high-scale names that you have come across, be sure to head out to the Rodeo Drive too. You can also head out to Santa Monica for a walk along its pier with the ride over the famous Ferris Wheel and hang out by the water if you are interested in spending some time by the ocean on your own.


Stop By The Famous San Diego Zoo

14th day of 21 days itinerary plan for your vacation in the USA.San Diego is known explicitly for its park spaces, more chilled out vibe compared to the business of Los Angeles and its beautiful pristine beaches being located on the Pacific coast of California. From Los Angeles, it is simply a couple of hours distant. To several famous art galleries and the San Diego Zoo is the natural home in this city.

You can quickly head out to the Seaport village to shop and explore the walking trails along the coast to get its descent waterfront views here. The best spot where you can spend your day is one of the most well-known beach destinations in the area here. Pacific Beach is a great spot here. You are sure to come across plenty of water sports and surfing opportunities along with dining options all along its coast here.


Visit The Desert In Phoenix

15th day of 21 days itinerary plan for your vacation in the USA. This is the day that involves a five hour drive through the desert city of Phoenix, Arizona. The year round sun and the scorching and dry temperatures make this state well-known. You are sure to come across several golf courses in this area along with the spa-resorts and who can forget the nightlife out here. To derive the much-required rest and relaxation from the long journey that is included here, it might be a well-worth trip you can take. A great place to start your visit here would be the Desert Botanical Garden that homes several types of native and cacti plants.

You can also check out the nature walks present here in this area, including the Camelback mountain, which also involves an arduous climb, but it invites you with the best of the city views you can ever check from its top.


Check out the Mexican food In Santa Fe, New Mexico

When you search for some fantastic architecture, history, and traditional culture that flows through the blood of this city here, then Santa Fe, which is the capital of New Mexico, is the best place where you can head to. It is home to some of Mexico’s most authentic tastes in the world and some outstanding scenic beauty. You are sure to feel like you are strolling over to the heart of Mexico as soon as you come here since this place can offer some great characters to you. Place of the Governors, Loretto Chapel, and Georgia O’ Keeffe Museum are some of the historical spots that you can check out once here.

You can also check out a public square in the downtown center as Santa Fe Plaza hosts tons of events and markets each year.


Driving Day To Austin, Texas

With a long 11 hour of drive, the next journey from Santa Fe to Austin would be extended. You will be consuming an entire full day until you are driving all through the night here, but you need to understand that there is nothing to stop between the two cities so, it would be ideal for getting it all done pretty quickly and as efficiently as you like to.

Then you need to get some ample rest and visit one of the most fabulous restaurants for some dine on once you land here in Austin. You can also catch up with a live show before you hit the hay early for making the most of the next day to explore this city entirely if you are ready for it, with several shows that range from the country to the blues, to rock and rolls, since Austin is pretty well-known for its electric scenes of live music. So before you leave, be sure to check them out while you are on your USA trip.


Catch A Football Game In Austin, Texas

At the edge of the Lady Bird lake is where Austin is located, and it is surrounded by hiking trails, biking opportunities, lush green outdoor spaces, and boating excursions all along its trail. There is also an alluring natural swimming grotto that is mainly known as the Hamilton Pool. Which is the best for making your day trip a well-worth one just at the exterior of this city. With the locals, you can kick it off and visit the dusty dance hall for some sideline dancing as well. Also, experience the insanity and the sea of orange jerseys that are out there for the University of Texas home game of football.

You shall never be left hungry in this city since this city is complete with its breakfast burritos, anything that is deep fry, and its famous BBQ joints that are out there.


Explore The Modern Hub Of Dallas

19th day of 21 days itinerary plan for your vacation in the USA. Through this great state here, everything out here in Texas is simply more prominent, which is why this itinerary you stop between its two major cities. Dallas is pretty well-known for its free transportation options throughout this city for making the most of your time out here, and it is a very modern city compared to that of Austin.

You can quickly head up to the reunion tower for some great dinner, featuring some of the best light shows you have ever seen with a 360-degree view of the city. This city here is usually the home to the Meyerson Symphony Center, the Dallas Museum of Art, and the Winspear Opera House.  You can also come across the sculpture center that usually exhibits some ideal pieces of different cultures.


Get Your Party Pants On In New Orleans

Homing one of the most famous cities not only in the USA but also globally, New Orleans.  Now is the best time to head out to Louisiana to enjoy the round-the-clock nightlife. It’s a completely vibrant atmosphere at pretty much any time of the day here. With the abundance of live music and a lot more. The food here is completely an authentic one that can effectively reflect the unique tastes of Africa, France, as well as America.

You will be making an understatement by simply saying that this is an interesting place for you to make a stop mainly if you are quite lucky to catch up with the colorful and the most vibrant festival of Mardi Gras which is popularly known for its extravagant costumes as well as the parades. The best place where you can stay would be on Bourbon Street as it is where all the magical events happen in terms of live performance as well as the nightlife.


Check Out The Country Music Scene In Nashville

Last day of 21 days itinerary plan for your vacation in the USA. You can come to an end of this trip across America with Nashville. There is no better place other than this. You are sure to feel the passion, positive vibes present here. Feel the soulfulness, as soon as you step here in this city.

The legendary music venues are the ones for which this city is trendy. Where almost every country music star successfully gets their more significant breaks. The talent here in this city is completely insane, with the artists strolling all around the streets. You can check out the live performances at the Grand Ole Opry. Also, walk down the lane to the Country Music Hall of Fame. While here, you shouldn’t forget to take a trip down the most iconic club. It features up-and-coming songwriters performing every night at the Blue Bird Café. Ends of “21 days itinerary plan for your vacation in the USA”.

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