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The 1950s were a time of great changes. Women were entering the workforce in record numbers, and they were beginning to demand more from their clothing. The typical 50s fashion trend was a reaction against the austerity of the war years.

Clothing became more colourful and feminine, with a focus on curves and details.

What was Fashion Like in the 50s?

If you’re looking for new outfit ideas, you can always look back to the past for ideas. After all, there are so many new and old styles that are just waiting to be worn again.

Because the 1950s are such a great time to look back on, we’ll say that. It’s a great time to give your modern style a retro makeover because many 1950s pieces are back in fashion.

So, if you want to give your wardrobe a cool rockabilly touch or a sexy pin-up look, keep reading. Women, here’s our guide to 1950s fashion and style!

50s Fashion

50s fashion

In the 1950s, fashion was exciting and different. There were new colours, new silhouettes, and different styles for different types of people. Today, the fashion world still pays a lot of attention to the famous decade.

People love it because it has a chic retro style and fun looks, like a pin-up and rockabilly subcultures. With cinched waists, pencil skirts, Poodle skirts and Polka Dot clothes, short sweaters and cardigans, as well as many other styles.

A feminine, oversized hourglass shape was the shape of the decade’s clothes. As this decade marked the start of teen culture, there was also a difference between youth fashion and more mature styles.

What Were Some Trends in the 1950s?

In the same way that every decade is marked by crazy trends or timeless fashion statements, the fifties were no different. Many people call the 1950s the “fabulous 50s.” The decade set the stage for a new era of fashion and entertainment, and many people call it that. Here are 10 things that were really cool in the 50s.

Soda Fountains

In the 1950s, soda fountains were the new way to get a cold drink or ice cream. People who are older than teenagers will have a party when they have all of these things together.

Poodle Skirts

50s fashion - What Were Some Trends in the 1950s?

The poodle skirt was a bright, colourful, long, swingy skirt that fell just below the knees in the 1950s. Appliquéd onto the fabric was a picture of a small dog, which was felt (hence the name “poodle skirt”). These skirts were both feminine and fashionable, and they were a big hit with the crowd.

Sock Hops

50s high school dances were usually casual, with the help of the school, and not very fancy. The teenagers would take off their shoes and dance in socks for safety.

With rock and roll, the freedom of taking off your shoes while dancing made teens want to shake, jitterbug, rattle and roll, which led to a whole new way of dancing. The popular TV show “American Bandstand” was all about teenagers who were quick to show off their moves.

The Conical Bra

50s fashion - What Were Some Trends in the 1950s?

Nobody in history didn’t like anything about sex. The conical bra was a big hit in the 50s, but it was a little weird. The cone-shaped bra, also known as the “bullet bra” or “torpedo,” must have caught the attention of many people.


Many people, including Elvis Presley and James Dean, had the hottest sideburns that reached around one and a half inches below their ears. Some gnarly burns would have made the whole sleek look with the leather jackets even cooler!

Drive-In Theaters

As long as the first drive-in movie theatre opened in 1933, the new idea didn’t become popular until 1950. The innovative concept appealed to both young and old people and lovers and families.

Coonskin Caps

50s fashion - What Were Some Trends in the 1950s?

Another thing that was popular in the 1950s was the coonskin cap. Fess Parker, who played David Crocket in the 1954 Disney miniseries, wore one when he played the part of the cowboy. The Disney show led to about $100,000,000 worth of sales of the coonskin cap, which was a big hit.

Hula Hoop

Were there any people who haven’t done this? They have been around since the 50s. Hula hoops were a big thing in that decade. They gracefully stood the test of time.

Letter Sweaters

50s fashion - What Were Some Trends in the 1950s?

If you’re dating a jock, what better way to show off than to wear his letterman jacket and sweater. Girls in the 50s used this trend to show off their favourite jock.

3D Movies

When “Bwana Devil,” by Arch Oboler, came out in 1950, it sparked a 3D craze in people. It came out in 1952, and people were given glasses that let them see the movie in 3D. It’s been six decades since 3D movies were first made, but they still get good reviews from people.

50s Rockabilly Fashion

50s fashion - What Were Some Trends in the 1950s?

What is Rockabilly? According to Wikipedia, Rockabilly is a type of rock and roll music that first came out in the early 1950s.

The term “rockabilly” is a mix of “rock,” which comes from rock and roll, and “hillbilly,” which refers to the country music (often called “hillbilly music” in the 1940s and 1950s) that played a big role in the style’s development.

Rockabilly is also influenced by Western Swing, blues music, boogie-woogie, and Jump blues, as well as a lot of other things. Although there are some exceptions, its roots are mostly in the South of the United States.

Rockabilly was immensely popular from the early 1950s until the early 1960s. Once it spread to the mainstream, though, it never truly went away. A lot of rockabilly revivals have taken place in the music industry over the years. The Stray Cats were a big hit in the ’80s.

Rockabilly is important to fashion, but why is it important to know? The “look” of rockabilly is what people notice about it.

That’s a question that both people who sell and buy vintage clothes think about. The answer is a little more difficult than the one given above.

Rockabilly had a big impact on fashions in the 1950s and early 1960s, just like any other type of music has done over the years. Today, rockabilly has a more complicated definition in the fashion world because it used to be a simple term.

50s Pin Up Fashion


50s fashion - 50s Pin Up FashionAs time went on, pin-ups became more and more popular. They were images or illustrations of girls posing sensuously and flirtatiously, which were particularly popular in the 1930s and 1950s. Above all, the Second World War made people use it in postcards, magazines, and on planes’ noses.

They became known as pin-up girls over time because they looked flirty but not sexual. There were a lot of pin-ups in the 1930s and 1940s, and their looks, attitudes and styling were what made them unique. That we can sum up in a few words:


Pin-up girls used to wear period dresses that were always tight around the waist and had polka dots, stripes, or checks on them, but now they don’t. They can be long or short. As if they are long, they will be three quarters with flounces if they are

Hot pants are the shorts that the pin-up girls wear when they’re wearing pants. They’re very short and reach the waist. A lot of people also used to wear “ballerinas” with their pirate pants (one of the very few flat shoes accepted).

The t-shirts usually have a neckline (especially the heart’s one), which makes the breasts stand out. Also, you don’t want to wear too many things in the pin-up style. In that case, wide-brimmed hats.

Without a doubt, peep toes or any kind of high heel shoes are the must-have footwear.


People who wear pin-up hairstyles look good with their hair in a clean and attractive way, and they always have a 50s vibe to them. It’s very common to see waves and curls with a short and straight fringe, but not very often.

As a final option, you can adorn it with a scarf or a floral brooch.


It’s their make-up that makes them look like dolls. With red lips and black eyeliner, the cat eyes look like a person.

The eyebrow is always well-groomed and blended, with brown eye shadow tracing the folds of the eyes and eyeliner on the lid. The cheeks were very carefully drawn to make them look higher and with a better profile.

50s Greaser Fashion

50s fashion - 50s Greaser Fashion

In the 1950s and 1960s, greasers were often seen as rebels. A lot of young men and boys who were called “greasers” liked rock ‘n’ roll and leather jackets, as well as muscle cars.

When people had their hair slicked back and waxed, the word “greaser” came into use. Some greasers were part of gangs, but most greasers were just part of a club or group.

Greaser Clothing

During the 1950s and 1960s, young men who were called “greasers” often wore t-shirts with rolled-up sleeves. The tee-shirts were often paired with blue jeans.

Greasers also liked to wear leather jackets, which were often worn over tee shirts. Leather belts and sometimes chain wallets were among the accessories. Greasers also sometimes wore white tennis shoes like Converse All-Stars or black boots like cowboy boots. Other things that greasers wore were denim jackets and flannel shirts.

Greaser Hair Styles

Hairstyles may have been what made greasers stand out the most. Many young men had their hair slicked back and held in place with wax or petroleum-based styling agents.

Greasers’ hairstyles included pompadour, ducktail, and waterfall. A pompadour is when the hair is combed high off the brow and groomed with pomade, as shown in this photo.

Hair is combed back on each side of the back of the head and held in place with a greasy substance known as a ducktail. The waterfall in the back is the same as the ducktail. The hair is spiralled in the front into a lock that is placed in the centre of the forehead. The ducktail is the same as this.

Hollywood Greasers

In the 1950s and 1960s, Greasers were influenced by a lot of movies from that time. Many young men attempted to impersonate Marlon Brando in “The Wild One,” James Dean in “Rebel Without a Cause,” and Elvis Presley in “Love Me Tender,” among others.

Because of how popular the style was, even after the 1950s and 1960s, the greaser look was used in movie wardrobes even then.

In the 1970s, movies like “Grease,” “The Wanderers,” and “American Graffiti” came out. There are also greaser movies from the 1980s like “The Outsiders” and “The Lost Boys,” which show how the look looks.

50s Fashion Icons

This was a pretty big change from 1940s style to 1950s style. Fashion has always been about change, but this was a big change.

After World War II, 1950s fashion moved style from the salons to the streets, thanks to new easy-to-clean fabrics and faster manufacturing methods.

This meant that new silhouettes could be made for everyone. Having the newest trends was no longer just for the rich. Even though people hadn’t reached the 1960s fashion heyday yet, the style was more accessible than ever before.

Newcomers like Marilyn Monroe, Brigitte Bardot, and Audrey Hepburn were also the first to show off new ideas like the bikini, the IT bag, and Christian Dior’s New Look.

This was a great time to see who would become the next big fashion and beauty stars. Fifty years ago was one of the best years in the fashion business.

Christian Dior’s 1950s fashion

50s fashion - 50s Fashion Icons

Dior’s New Look was first shown off in 1947, but it was still the silhouette of the 1950s. It changed women’s wardrobes.

Nipped-in hourglass shapes were a new way for women to show off their bodies. Women were back and looking better than ever after years of fashion oppression and fabric shortages during WWII.

Marilyn Monroe’s 1950s fashion

50s fashion - 50s Fashion Icons

In 1953, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes started Miss Marilyn’s career, and she became an international sex symbol and fashion icon.

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes: Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend was sung by a fashion and beauty icon of all time who was one of the most famous and well-known of all time. They don’t make them like this anymore.

Queen Elizabeth II’s 1950s fashion

50s fashion - 50s Fashion Icons

Over 20 million fashion fans tuned in to watch the Queen’s Coronation in 1953 and, perhaps more important, to see the dress made by Norman Hartnell.

The wedding of Queen Elizabeth’s mother in the 1920s was a big fashion event. The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth in the Fifties was even bigger

. Elizabeth didn’t skimp on the bling either. She wore a gold tassel cape, rich embroidery, and “more is more” jewellery on her big day. All hail our new queen of style.

Grace Kelly’s 1950s fashion

Grace Kelly’s clothes were some of the most talked-about (and copied) of the 1950s.Her wedding to Prince Rainer III of Monaco in 1956 required a larger and more elaborate gown than she had ever worn.

Kate Middleton even drew inspiration from her Helen Rose gown when she married Prince William in 2011. You know, that’s what I call timeless beauty.

Alfred Hitchcock and Edith Head’s 1950s fashion

50s fashion - 50s Fashion Icons

The iconic director and his go-to Hollywood costume designer were an unbeatable duo. They gave us some of the best on-screen fashion moments ever – sometimes by accident, too.

A Hitchcock heroine couldn’t be whole without her accoutrements, as Grace Kelly demonstrated again in To Catch A Thief.

She even gave us the first IT bag! Hitchcock and Head increased the costume budget so that Grace’s character, Francie, could carry a Hermès bag. A few years later, the style has renamed the Kelly in honour of Grace, who played Francie in the movie.

Brigitte Bardot’s 1950s fashion

In 1953, it was at the Cannes Film Festival, and this scene is from that event. Newcomer Bardot is the star of the show, wearing a hot floral bandeau in a way that only she can.

The bikini was invented in 1946, and by the middle of the 1950s, every movie star worth their salt was making waves by wearing the new risqué style on the beach.

That’s not what happened. Brigitte did it first and made the bikini a must-have fashion item. She also made her own career in the process.

Cristobal Balenciaga’s 1950s fashion

50s fashion - 50s Fashion Icons

Like Dior, Balenciaga’s influence on the shape of the 1950s is now well-known. When he made clothes between 1953 and 1957, he made things like the balloon jacket and the tunic dress and baby dolls and empire lines. All of these things gave us a fluid but feminine look.

Like Dior, Balenciaga’s influence on the shape of the 1950s is now well-known. When he made clothes between 1953 and 1957, he made things like the balloon jacket and the tunic dress and baby dolls and empire lines. All of these things gave us a fluid but feminine look.

Cristobal Balenciaga 1950s fashion moments

Like Dior, Balenciaga’s influence on the shape of the 1950s is now well-known. When he made clothes between 1953 and 1957, he made things like the balloon jacket and the tunic dress and baby dolls and empire lines. All of these things gave us a fluid but feminine look.

Elvis Presley’s 1950s fashion

50s fashion - 50s Fashion Icons

Swoon. In the 1950s, he was the face of 1950s fashion, and he came up with his own style of “preppy Rockabilly.” He came up with biker chic, guyliner, and high-waisted pants before Simon Cowell even thought about them.

As soon as his first album came out in 1956, Elvis made a mark on both men’s and women’s wardrobes in the late 1950s, making sure that he would be on the world’s pop culture radar forever.

Chanel 1950s fashion

Coco Chanel was already making waves in the fashion industry in the 1920s and 1930s before the war. When the 1950s came around, she had another big trick up her (stylish) sleeve.

The “Chanel suit,” as we still know it today, is a slim tweed number with bound edges that was meant to be more elegant than the nipped waists of New Look. Chanel suits are now a fashion icon in their own right. Coco Chanel’s successor, Karl Lagerfeld, kept the suits fresh each season.

Sophia Loren’s 1950s fashion

50s fashion - 50s Fashion Icons

Who else is a big fashion and beauty star who rose to fame in the 1950s? Do you believe it? Pin-up girls from Italy are very popular. It was in 1953 when Sophia Loren played her first role in Aida.

She was known for her quick wit as much for her looks (that eyeliner, though). Spaghetti is to blame for everything you see, she once said to a reporter who complimented her figure. It’s now possible to follow a diet for IT girls that we can all agree on.

Audrey Hepburn and Givenchy 1950s fashion

She started her movie career in 1953 when she played the lead in Roman Holiday. As more roles came her way, the world’s new favourite on-screen beauty realized that she needed a better wardrobe.

It’s time for Hubert de Givenchy, a Parisian designer who was unknown at the time. He’s ready to make his mark on the big screen.

When Audrey played Sabrina in 1954, Givenchy made the gold embroidered gown below for her. Afterwards, they became close friends, and Givenchy went on to make many more of the star’s costumes, including that little black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

There’s no doubt about it: Audrey Hepburn and Pierre Givenchy were both geniuses when they worked together, and their friendship helped shape 1950s fashion.

Fiona Campbell-Walte’s 1950s fashion

50s fashion - 50s Fashion Icons

Do you know all those vintage 1950s fashion photos that you can’t help but pin? Fiona Campbell-Walter, a model for 1950s fashion, is still the woman we want to look like.

She was the model of the moment in 1956. In her prime, Fiona could charge up to £2000 for each shoot.

That’s a lot of money for the time, but it’s worth it if the pictures are still being shown 60 years later. If Cara Delevingne has the same effect in 2076, we wonder if she will have the same effect then.

50s Poodle Skirts

A poodle skirt is a wide, swinging felt skirt in a single colour with a design that has been glued on or sewn on. Many times, the design looked like a coiffed dog.

It wasn’t long before flamingos, flowers, and hot rod cars were used to replace the poodle patch. The hemlines were to the knee or just below it, and they were made of cotton.

It quickly became a big hit with teenage girls, who wore them to school dances and every day.


Movie stars often wore this skirt, and it was often seen in magazines and ads. Many people wanted to keep up with Hollywood’s fashions, which made it even more popular.

There were poodle skirt mail-order catalogues in 1952. The skirt was most popular with teenage girls, making mail-order catalogues.

These skirts were known as the “first teenage fashion trend.” They were great for dancing. It could also be said that the skirt’s ability to be customized led to its popularity with teenagers because it showed off their unique traits.

Modern poodle skirts

People often wear poodle skirts as a novelty retro item, part of a retro outfit. The poodle skirt is one of the most well-known symbols of the 1950s in the United States. In 2009–2010, a lot of people wore skirts like this one.

The skirts had been cut down, but the newer designs kept the original waistband. In the modern world, poodle skirts are made of modern felt and are just copies of the originals.


50s fashion was all about classy, feminine pieces that showed off a woman’s curves. Clothing was often colourful and adorned with floral prints. Accessories were also popular, and women often wore hats, gloves, and purses.

The 50s were a time when women really started to express themselves through their clothing, and the trend has continued into the present day. If you’re looking to add a touch of retro glamour to your wardrobe, then 50s fashion is the way to go!

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