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8 ideal Destinations to Travel post COVID-19

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You might be now planning to head to your traveling spree. At the moments for every individual like us, COVID-19 or the corona war is going on placing the travel on a hold. However, we can easily find the inspiration in terms of future getaways and we can still look ahead to it. Mouth-watering food, animated local life, ancient lost ruins, attractive natural parks as well as the paradise vibes are what makes our chosen destination for your vacation making it a complete stand out.

Today, dive into some spots that are crowd favorites and spots that are completely unknown. Here today, we are sharing the list of the best places to visit where you can pack your bags and head to in 2020!

1. Uzbekistan

The ideal place to travel and the most underestimated travel destinations of all times especially 2020 is Uzbekistan. There are landscapes that range from the luscious green mountains to the driest of the deserts. Especially what the Silk Road has to offer us. The endless turquoise domes of the religious buildings as well as the dazzling gold tiling. It will surely make you blow away by the magic of Uzbekistan.  As you add them to your list as you travel through cheap air.

The hospitality and the friendliness of the people of Uzbekistan make them the real heart-stealer.In order to extend the hand of friendship at every possible opportunity where the country is home to some of the deepest souls in the world. The travelers will also feel completely at home in this most unforgettable country due to this.

Things to know: There are some great transport links here within Uzbekistan. The goods and services here are extremely reasonably priced which will surely mesmerize your mind.

Travel Guide to Uzbekistan
Places to visit:
  • Tashkent

One of the largest cities here in Central Asia is Tashkent. With its starting point of your travel itinerary to Uzbekistan, it is mainly the main capital city due to the properly connects the road to the international airport.

When it comes to Central Asia, the largest city is that of Tashkent is one of the fun places to go. The starting point of your travel itinerary to Uzbekistan is the modern capital due to its well-connected international airport.

  • Samarkand – Uzbekistan Travel Favorite

You need to step into the great city of minarets, traditional markets, colorful mosques, mausoleums, as Samarkand makes up the most favored destination city of Uzbekistan. You can visit all the sites in three days’ time and you can also chat away with the friendly locals.

  • Bukhara

The most attractive city of Uzbekistan is the walkable city of Bukhara. It is the most pleasant of all places where you can relax for couple of days with the labyrinth of narrow quiet streets along with the greenery of the parks. You can visit the two famous architectural masterpieces of the Ark and Po-I Kalyan complex.

  • Khiva

Khiva is located in the desert. This was the initial place in Uzbekistan to get the tag of being a UNESCO heritage . Which is an open-air museum in the midst of the desert. This region is well-known for its delicious food. One of the cheap places to travel and you can easily wander around this old, village with mud-brick walls and one that feels that you are walking through a real movie scene.

  • Food in Uzbekistan

The tasty meals of the food in Uzbekistan represents by the large markets embed with fresh fruits and veggies along with the loaves of bread. You can explore some delicate cuisines including bread, soup, salads, dumplings, and many more. It is not that difficult to get hold of some great meatless meals involving the pumpkin dumplings as for the vegetarians.

Getting around Uzbekistan

You would have to see Uzbekistan with the help of a tour company – this is a completely wrong notion. To get around the country, Uzbekistan’s rail network is completely super convenient, affordable, and overall a great way. The fast trains out here are of the same quality here which are similar as that of Italy or any other European country.

Best time to travel

Spring and autumn are the best time when you are travel to Uzbekistan as the weather is too comfortable being dry and warm. It is recommended to skip the summer months June to August however late August is also fine to travel here till you stay safe from the sun overhead.

What to wear?

Not too much of attention is given to women’s clothing here as it is a modern country that does not follow any strict rules. You are not required to wear the headscarves although Muslims covers the majority here and you are sure to find women wearing the ones that they are comfortable in even that of skirts and ripped jeans.

2. Philippines

Philippines top the list of the best place to travel for many people as it is the land of paradise and a global front runner. If you love island hopping then Philippines is the king here bearing a habitat of more than 8,000 islands. Each of the islands has their own distinct beauty and features those appeals to most of the travelers. So, making a choice can be a bit confusing to many.

When you move between these mystical places, relax on the white sand covered beaches, and swim in the clearest of the waters, you can easily spend your time here. The following are the three unique places where you can head to this year in Philippines:

  • El Nido

When it comes to one of the most beautiful beaches from around the world, it is very easy to why El Nido is named so. El Nido is usually made an excellent location as this is one of the places to go on holiday for snorkeling activity with the vertical limestone karsts, as well as the coral reefs.

  • Siquijor

Siquijor is the smallest island in its most off-beaten routes with some remarkable roads that have blended between some attractive jungle waterfalls across some great stretches of white sandy soils.

  • Siargao

It is mainly known as the island of palm trees when it comes to Siargo as it is named as the most attractive island here in Asia. You are sure to find some mesmerizing sceneries of thick forests of palm trees that are blended between the greater lengths of the coastal roads and beaches with utopian touches that would all wrap up to their own scenic beauty. You can swing from the trees, chat with the welcoming locals and swim around in the lazy rivers. To make it the most hard to beat, Siargo has the most special energy here.

3. Petra, Jordan

One of the best travel experiences that you can endure in 2020 is by exploring the lost city of Petra. It is a lot more impressive in the flesh that can ever be placed in its own words making it the top UNESCO world heritage site. You need to discover the incredible ancient building that is carved into its unique rose-colored stone as you follow the trails over to the rocky desert.

85% of the city is yet to be discovered as the city in itself is completely lost. It is highly named as one of the Seven Wonders of the World, mainly due to its movie-like setting and story and this is what the reality of Petra is. Being such a glorious place, it should easily top your travel list this year.

What to expect in Petra, Jordan

One of the clearest walking routes is mainly leading from the Siq all the way to the monastery as you explore the valley that is completely straight forwards. It can be seen and some can even visit its interiors as it houses several detailed, attractively preserved structures that are carved out of the rose-colored stone. Check out the following highlights of Petra. And for sure you need not have a guide to help you explore Petra.

  • The Treasury in Petra, Jordan

You will surely find the most unreal 40-meter high structure that would appear from behind the rocks at the end of the 30 minute walk through the Siq. When you are in Petra, the treasury is supposedly the most beautiful and the most well-known sight. You can also hike up to the viewpoint if you wish to have a more distinct perspective. The treasury forms the minor part of what Petra has to offer you as you plan your summer holiday destinations.

  • Monastery

The Monastery is one of the massive and the most distinctive structures that has been ever discovered. It usually takes 1.5 hours including 40 minutes of some strong hiking up the stairs when it comes to traveling from the treasury towards the monastery. You are sure to get some great panoramic views over to the desert when you walk for a couple of distances.

There are many donkeys that will be passing you carrying tourists on their way all along. The walking trail is completely suitable as there are many spots where you can hide in shade and purchase drinks as you walk by yourself instead of making use of an animal.

How many days in Petra, Jordan

The best amount of time you can spend here is two days. There is quite a distance to cover and plenty of things to see else if you wish to cover it in two days then it will include short hikes and walks. You can visit most of the sites here in a matter of one day commencing from 6am till 6 pm.

Best time to visit Petra

Morning and late afternoon is the ideal time for you to visit Petra. Every morning at 6 am you will find that the entrance opens here and there will be no rush till 8am. In the summers, Petra closes at 6 pm and in winter it closes in 4pm.

Hotels in Petra

You are sure to find the hotel in WadiMus in Petra, this makes up the ideal location just at entering this place.

4. Tbilisi, Georgia

For the travelers, Tbilisi is one of the huge surprises here and while going way ahead of the expectations. It is somewhat great for its European way of life as it is completely modern. You can find the ornate balconies and the cobbled streets which are next to some weird and some great leaning clock tower as you come across the quaint houses. It is the best place in the world where you can travel in 2020 as a result as it has been gaining a lot of popularity here.

The charm of the old buildings, when they are complemented by the young and edgy art galleries while enjoying within the converted factories following this. The reason behind why Tbilisi ranks the highest on the list of some of the best places where one can travel to is something that is quite itching which you need to explore furthermore.

Things you can do here:
  • Sulfur Baths of Old Tbilisi

Inside the dome-shaped sulfur baths of the Old Tbilisi, warm water enriched with minerals from the deep underneath the ground is usually used. You can make your own way to the domes and the Orbeliani bathhouse which is a mosque-shaped for some great attractive shots.

  • Meidan Bazar

You are sure to come across some great wine, Georgian handicraft, wine and a lot more souvenirs in the tunnel bazaar that lies underground. Underneath the road, the shop goes all the way down which is merely a walk of 5 minutes from the Sulphur baths.

  • Gallery 27

The most attractive house that you can get with impressive carvings and having a photogenic staircase entrance that is well-decorated with the windows that are colored with the stained-glass when it comes to Gallery 27. It is usually a 5 minute walk from the Meidan Bazar and it opens at 11 am.

  • Holy Trinity Cathedral

The Holy Trinity Cathedral is one of the largest Orthodox Cathedral of Georgia and its famous golden dome can be easily spotted through all across Tbilisi with an unique height of 87 meters.

  • Georgian Cuisine

This is the fusion of flavors which is one of the most underrated cuisines in world with Georgia that spans all over between Europe and Asia. You must have heard them all right when it comes to the food that is here which is completely incredible.

  • Fabrika

You can easily spend your evening at one of the coolest place that is in town you can easily transform it into a multi-functional space as Fabrika is the largest old Soviet sewing factory here. The biggest hostel in the region along with the cafes and bars, along with a co-working space with a creative industrial open courtyard where you can easily gather around with everyone and drink.

  • Leaning clock tower

The leaning clock tower of Tbilisi is something that is out from the fairytale and here you will be making your first stop of the day. This clock is usually designed specifically as a part of the puppet theater attractive several eyes being tucked away in the side street of this old town. It has both the smallest and the biggest clock in the city here and this is the fun fact here.

  • Flea Market

If you are in love of the old and unique items then “Dry Bridge” flea market is the perfect one for you. You are sure to find some unique assortment of vinyl records, old cameras, clothing, maps, jewelry and many more and in the ground of the park, they are carefully laid out to its best. Everyday it opens from 10 am to 5 pm and from the leaning clock tower it is a simple 10 minutes’ walk.

  • Tbilisi Peace Bridge and Rike Park

You are sure to pass by the mushroom-like building. Which is the public service hall towards the Tbilisi Peace Bridge. As you follow the path all the way down along the riverside. The old to the new Tbilisi is connected with the help of this pedestrian bridge with Green Park bearing the fountains, arts, and flowers all on one side. This is the best place where you can enjoy the whole city and the best place where you can relax.

  • Sachino – Queen Darejan Palace

The former summer residence of Queen Darejan which is overlooking Rike Park is the charming turquoise balcony that hangs over the edge of the cliff. You get to have a free visit inside as it is a short walk uphill from the Rikepark.

5. Peru

When you are looking for a country that is quite amazing and is packed with the goodness of history, creative landscapes along with the cities, some flavorsome and fresh food, then visit to Peru is a must here. Being one of the Seven Wonders of the World it bears home to several UNESCO world heritage sights. The following are some of the best places where you can travel:

  • Machu Picchu

Macho Pichu is most likely to be on the list of your dream travel destinations and places. This is the most incredible historical site. That is a great hype to most travelers.  It is also noted to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World. As you are hiking to the summit of Machu Pichu the first thing that you do in the morning when the age-old city comes out through the mist, nothing can ever top that feeling. These are the best things that usually make up your dreams!

The journey in itself too makes Machu Pichu the most unique place where one can plan on traveling to. You would pass through the quaint villages of Peru and wave at the beaming welcoming locals as you plan on traveling through trains. This is an experience that you are going to remember in your lifetime.

  • Arequipa

The beautiful Arequipa is one of the lesser-known cities of Peru. This is the place that should be well be there in the travel route to all. The European-styled buildings that are formed of white volcanic stones. Which are usually taken off from the nearby volcanoes and this city is pretty well-known.

Wandering through the attractive squares looking at the churches and the grandeur of the white cathedral, you can spend a day or two here. You can also head to the Santa Catalina Monastery to check out the flower-filled arches. They are usually painted in bright reds and blues in order to check out the colorful glamor of this city here.

6. KohLipe, Thailand

One of the best places where you can head to in Thailand is the KohLipe and it is well-known for its great beauty. This is a small island that is situated between Malaysia and Thailand and is nicknamed as the ‘Maldives of Thailand’. With no noise, small amount of people, and an endless number of white sandy beaches along with the palm trees and coconuts, you can easily get stranded with a feeling of the desert island. It is usually heaven when it comes to KohLipe.

Things to do
  • WatKaewKorawaram

WatKaewKorawaran usually sits within that of the center of the Krabi town. It is the must-see attraction here as it is one of the biggest temples here in Krabi. There is a beautiful staircase featuring the white temple having an ornate carvings and gold dragons. The temple usually turns golden during the sunset hours due to the decorations and this makes them look even better.

  • Hong islands

One of the best things that you can do in Krabi is the Hong Island Tour.  There are several daily island tours here. Visit these stunning lagoons, limestone cliffs as well as glorious beaches. As you are taking a traditional long-tail boat to this most beautiful group of islands here.

  • Tiger cave temple (WatThamSua)

You can easily visit the imposing golden Buddha. That usually sits at the peak as you challenge yourself to climb the 1237 steps to the limestone rock. You will have an incredible 360-degrees view all over the valley of Krabi. There is the challenging climb of the Tiger Cave Temple that would be rewarded by this.

The limestone caves are well-located at the bottom of the rock formation. Those are lived through by a tiger giving them the temple its unique name. Now you are sure to find plenty of cheeky monkeys. So you need to ensure that you have your belongings stored close to you all the time. Sunrise or sunset is the best time when you can visit this place. you will have the experience of magical colors of the sky. that are set all against the golden color of Buddha.

  • Railay Beach

You will be astonished to find some of the most stunning strips all across the coastline in Thailand. Rising out of the emerald green water, it is usually famed for its incredible limestone karsts. It is usually one of the most popular areas that one can travel. This is possible only through the boats that would usually give you some great feel here as an outcome.

  • Krabi Night Market

The night market in Krabi Town is one of the best in the country! If you visit this place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 5 PM, the doors to the market opens, and it sells some unique Thai street foods and goods in their own customized stalls. Get a delicious dinner at one, or multiple, stalls and enjoy it in the center court with live music.

One of the ideal places to visit here in this city is the night market in Krabi town. The doors to the market open at 5 PM and it sells some traditional Thai street foods. Also, goods that are featured in the stalls. At one or at several stalls, you get to enjoy a delicious dinner. You can enjoy your food with some live music at the center court.

  • KohLanta

KohLanta is almost the least visited and is generally a far more peaceful area here of all the Thai Islands that you visit. With some mind-blowing snorkeling vacation spots and the popular animal welfare center usually draws it animal lovers to it. Each day from 8am to 5pm, the center opens and it effectively homes to several stray cats and dogs. Who are well-looked after by the volunteers by themselves.

  • Rock climbing

Rock climbing is the most popular thing one can do in Krabi. Because of its endless supply of cliff faces and caves. The Railay Bay is one of the great places. Where you can start with the caves. That makes it the ideal playground for both the novices as well as the experienced climbers.  You can cool off in the ocean waters and can also spend your morning here by climbing on and off.

  • KohLipe

The best-kept secrets here in Thailand are KohLipe. From Krabi it is a 7 hour journey and it is recommended to be visited for few days and the white sandy beaches are perfectly formed. You can easily stretch along the island and also enjoy the island vibes as you spend your days walking along the beaches here. If you are planning for a perfect trip then KohLipe is one of the well-worth ones.

7. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is popularly known to be one of the huge cities here in Europe. From the moment you step off the plane, Lisbon is going to steal your heart away. Due to its closer comparison in the hilly landscapes and the gorgeous bridges, Lisbon is too small and yet it is quite impressive being named after European San Francisco.

Things to do:
  • Santa Justa Lift

By connecting the two neighborhoods, Santa Justa Lift is the 45 meters high quite famous elevator of Lisbon. The residents of Lisbon were usually saved from climbing the tough uphill when it opened itself in 1902.

  • Strolling through Main Square of Lisbon

This main square is usually used for unloading the goods all through the river in itself. Arco da Rua Augusta which is a massive arch leading to the shopping boulevard and the great center of Lisbon, it is opposite to the river.

  • Pink Street

It is pretty well-known as one of the nightlife areas of the city here. As you make your way to the former Red Light District of Lisbon. So, it usually offers a new life to this area head becoming one of the most famed things in Lisbon.  You should give this place an early visit. It is packed full of bars, cafes, and many more.

  • Alfama one of the ideal places of Lisbon

If you wish to witness the best architecture of this city here. Then it bears colorful houses and a small maze of cobblestone streets. This is the most attractive part of the city. Where the older trams usually roll through the narrow streets to most of the people. So, people assume it is one of the best destinations in the world.

  • Sunset at a viewpoint

You are sure to come across several viewpoints here in Lisbon. Miradouro de Santa Luzia and Miradouro das Poras do Sol are the two unique locations. Those are pretty close to one another. You should be noting the beautiful blue tiles that are there on the walls at the garden of Santa Luzia.

  • Cascais Beach

All over Lisbon you are sure to come across the soft sandy beaches as Cascais beach has a great advantage in itself. You can relax in one of the beaches and chill in the sea. The water you would be found on this Atlantic Coast is completely at the freezing point.

  • Belem Tower

You need to get out at the Balem station in order to visit the Balem tower. When you are way back from the charming place of Cascais. This is now a prison. It is usually surrounded by water at all sides.

  • Mosteiro dos Jerónimos

This was once a refuge for the sailors to pray before commencing out to the seas. It also marks an architectural masterpiece here. You must visit Pasteis de Balem shop  . Because here you can have a taste of the custard tarts with the recipe only few people know about.

8. Budapest, Hungary

You are sure to love this charismatic Budapest. It is rising fast up to the list of the most famed city trips in Europe. The city is set at the banks of the Danube river. It is split into the hilly Buda and the flat one is the Pest. Travelers around the globe know it well.

People from all around the globe usually select to live there on a permanent basis. Because this is the place that everyone loves internationally. 

Things to do:
  • Fisherman’s Bastion

This is mainly a castle that overlooks the entire city. It bears its delicate detailed arches as well as seven fairy-tale-like white towers. It is one of the best things that you can do in Budapest as it is incredibly attractive.

  • Matthias Church

Matthias Church is utmost at the right behind the Fisherman’s Bastion. It is usually the most unique church here in Europe well-known for its colorful roof tiles, architecture, and its decorations. You are sure to get some explicit view from both the bastion as well as the church here.

  • Széchenyi Chain Bridge

You can cross the highly famed Széchenyi Chain Bridge. The bridge connects Buda to Pest. It is the first bridge make of stones. As you go all the way downhill towards the Waterline. You can also follow the riverside which imposes some great part of history when you are at the other side.

  • Parliament Building

This is one of the highly famed government buildings that are located at the opposite side of the Danube river. It bears to it a gothic style and is the largest building present in this country.

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