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5 Most Romantic Honeymoon Getaways For Travel Lovers

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There are several couples who are looking forward in celebrating their newly wed status on their honeymoon once they are over with their wedding. Today we have reviewed some professional opinions along with thousands of traveler’s votes for determining the best honeymoon destinations for assisting the couples in finding their ultimate post-nuptial getaway. This ranking usually provides a range of places that are most suited for several couples. They range from culture-focused cities to that relaxing tropical beach.

Check them out and plan your honeymoon in the best way ever!

1. St Lucia

There is a rapidly growing fan base at the lush at St. Lucia. There are the music lovers who simply let loose at the springtime St.Lucia Jazz and Arts Festivals or the junkies who test their limits in terms of climbing the Pitons or zip-lining all through the rainforest of the Chassin region who has their own rush of adrenaline. The other code remains to the honeymooners who are unwinding on one of the most chalky beaches of this island and are holing up in one of the resorts that are completely isolated.

But, are you wondering that you do not fall under any such categories? You need not worry at all as St.Lucia is pretty well-known as the vacation place for the Caribbean types. Also, you need not have to spend huge lump sum where. You need to visit this place yourself in order to explore some of the most indescribable charms of this island. In the evening you can head on to a dance party. As jump-up all along Gros Islet after you starts your mornings basking in the orange-tint sunrise of Soufriere.

Best Things To Do in St. Lucia

Specifically, in the Soufriere area, most of the activity of St.Lucia takes place all over the west coast. Here you are sure to come across the most iconic Pitons that the visitors love climbing or the pungent volcano that is well-known for emitting sulfurous steam or Mount Soufriere. The honeymooners can also try out snorkeling in the transparent waters of the Anse Chastanet which is there nearby. Around the northern end of the Rodney Bay area, there are also many things to do. Here you are going to find the Pigeon Island National Landmark as well as the lively Reduit Beach.

  • Pigeon Island


To an eclectic mix of travelers, Pigeon Island can be a lot more appealing to the masses. About the previous occupants of this island including the pirate with a wooden leg or to learn more about the formation of the man-made causeway that currently connects the island to the mainland, you can get a thorough history lesson here. You can also explore the military ruins dating back to the 18th century and also attend a concert since this is the main site of the St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival that is held annually. Within this 44-acre national landmark, you will surely come across a few restaurants as well as beaches.

Recent travelers highly recommend a trip to Pigeon Island. The history of the area including the informational symbols that are posted all through the area fascinated several people. Fort Rodney is also a place that is raved by many. You can also come across the beaches that are not crowded at all since the lack of visitors out there makes it feel that the travelers have the entire island to themselves when they head there in the morning.

Near the Gros Islet and Rodney Bay, you are sure to find the landmark on the northwest tip of this island here. There are several other spaces where you can also park your rental all along the access road which is adjacent to the nearby Sandals resort since there are several past the visitor’s walkways near the hotels. There are some locals out there who pretend to be the parking attendees. So visitors who had visited the place earlier had warned the travelers not to fall under such scams. Every day from 9am to 5pm, You can visit Pigeon Island National Landmark.

  • Reduit Beach

The Reduit is the beach as the loveliest of all by the locals as well as the traveler compare to St. Lucia beaches which are worth a dozen of dine. You can get some easygoing beach experience with those expansive shoreline, the glorious sunsets with the close proximity of the bars, restaurants as well as the shops of Rodney Bay. Reduit is also a great place to try on some of the water sports that includes waterskiing as well as windsurfing. Honeymooners who love some adventures will simply cherish this area.  The place is simply not for some romantic rendezvous lovers.

The cleanliness, white sands, and clear water is something that the recent visitors simply craves for. You can visit this place in the morning or in the evening for avoiding the rush of the afternoon as this is the most common gripe among of travelers. Adding that a respectful decline can head in a great length, there are some travelers who also complain about pushy vendors who usually strolls across the shore there.From the shores of the Reduit, the Pigeon Island National Landmark is completely visible.

You can access over to the beach round the clock but it is recommends that you avoid visiting the beach at the night time. It is best to reach this beach through a car or taxi if your resort or hotel is not offering any shuttle transportation to the beach.

  • Anse Chastanet

Anse Chastanet is a more peaceful alternative to the sands of the Reduit Beach though this is the best beach on St. Lucia in terms of its picturesque, snorkeling, and diving. You should also be considering the nearby resort of the same name if you are indecisive about lodging out there. The attentive staff and the unspoiled views of the water is also charming point of this place. You can easily use its onsite restaurant and dive shops or even visit the onsite bar even if you are not staying at the nearby resort.

The visitors who ventured out to AnseCHastanet were simply delighted by the abundance of the sea life. That is so near to the shore and the crystal clear water impressed them.  With the inflated food and drink prices along with the conditions of the access road, which some usually describe as something that is pretty hard to navigate through several who has arrive by boat through their snorkeling excursion since they were a bit disappointed there.

On St. Lucia’s southwest coast, you are sure to find this beach here. Accessing the beach here is completely free.

If you are not going with the tour operator,  You can reach the beach through the land taxi or the water taxi.

  • The Pitons

These are mainly the volcanic plugs or land that are made out of volcanic materials are covered in vegetation that is emerald-color and rises tall from the sea. Here in St. Lucia, this is the most iconic sight one can come across. You can easily spot the island from several points in the southwest located in between the towns of Choiseul and Soufriere and Petit Piton which is its smaller sibling.

You can easily gaze as well as hike through here since the travelers every time gush about how ideal the fraternal twin peaks are. The views that are there at the top were simply breathtaking for those who the hike specifically loved the beauty of the trails here. Locals caution against hiking Petit Piton unless you are a professional climber since the trail is extremely steep despite there being two peaks that are simply available for climbing.


There are several visitors who choose to hike Gros Piton though it is still a strenuous venture. The sense of accomplishment in completing the hike was well-worth its journey for the travelers who considered themselves to be in the best shape reported struggling mainly due to the uneven rocks that are out there. You need to keep in mind that this place is humid, hot Caribbean so you need to carry plenty of drinking water whichever time of the day you are venturing out. Guides also advise to carry no less than 1-1.5 liters of water on the hike to stay dehydrated. The total time that you need to set apart for this hike would be five hours approx.

There are some travelers who have recommended taking a boat out onto the water for some great views of the Pitons for those who are not interested in breaking a severe sweat. Since there is plenty of colorful marine life that populates the water near the peaks, travelers can also go ahead with snorkeling.

It is recommended that you hire a guide in order to hike there. You can also book a day trip excursion including a licensed guide, and entry fee, as well as transportation which is the most convenient option here if you are not staying in Soufriere.

  • Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens

The surefire way to relax and to make an eye-catchy compromise would be in whiling away a few hours at the Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens if you are tired of lounging on the beach and not up for a hike through the Pitons. Including hibiscus, Ixora, and heliconia to name a few, this is a 6-acre attraction that is filled to the brim with some vibrant foliage. The mixture of volcanic materials that flows down the falls, and rainwater tends to change its color all throughout the year since Diamond Falls waterfall is simply a feast to the eye. Here you can dine at the Old Mill & Waterwheel Restaurant or explore the Soufriere Estate, and also take a dip in the onsite mineral baths.

There are some recent visitors out there who mentioned that the flowers and the plants on the display were simply mind-blowing providing a refreshing view for a walk. The entrance fee here is quite low and you get to see the information about the plants on the display there. Despite the offers from the guides at the entrance who offers paid tours, exploring the site on your own would be the best option here.

This place is open from 10am to 5pm from Monday through Saturday and on Sundays, the timings are 10am to 3pm. This attraction is less than 3 miles east of Anse Chastanet and is located in Soufriere. $7 is the usual cost of the entrance while it will cost an additional $6-$7 for the onsite baths. You are sure to come across more information on the prices and the activities there when you check out their website.

2. Bora Bora

Bora Bora is simply overflown by its beauty is a small island just 6 miles long and a little more than 2 miles in its width. Fans out into the luscious jungle prior to spilling onto an aquamarine lagoon with its dormant volcano that rises up at its center. “Pearl of the Pacific” This is the term that was coined by the British explorer of the 18th century James Cook. The majestic Bora Bora is covered with some luxurious resorts, warm waters, sunny skies, friendly locals, and even the warm waters since it is the definition of a tropical getaway.

Tourism here is the primary industry of this petite island in French Polynesia and its swam of tiny motu or islands and this is something that you might have already guessed right! You can explore Vaitape which is the main port of Bora Bora, snorkel, as well as hike Mount Otemanu and more here. Considerably, Bora Bora is usually considered to be pretty expensive. If you are looking for some relaxation and you have enough money to spend then this would be your ultimate getaway.

Best Things To Do in Bora Bora

Relaxation is the main objective of the vacation here in Bora Bora and here on this small island, there are several ways in which you can achieve this. In this luminous lagoon that is surrounded by Bora Bora or biking around the island at the most leisurely pace, you can respond on the deck of your overwater bungalow. We would suggest that you check out the underwater life at the Bora Bora Lagoonarium as well as the Coral Gardens there when you have some bit of energy left for you to burn. You can also take a jaunt into Vaitape for a taste of the local culture here. Mount Otemanu is the must-see here whether you have pictured it at a distance or have climbed to its rocky source.

  • Matira Beach

The largest beach that is accessible by the public in Bora Bora makes it quite popular with visitors when it comes to Matira Beach. The sand is soft and downy as the water is crystal-clear. It is a pretty much more convenient place to spend most of the day. That’s because Matira Beach has everything including resorts, shops, as well as eateries.

In regards to this beach here, travelers and the locals alike have nothing but positive things to say. The incredible blue water and the shore that is rarely overcrowded make it the ideal place for some relaxation is how it is more commented. Since the shallow waters are not the best for spotting sea life, you can save your snorkeling for some other beach. Many say that the sunsets are not that much of a highlight here if you do not have time to spend your entire day here.

From the 6 miles south of Vaitape, you can easily locate this beach here as you can easily get to it with the help of the taxi or bicycle. You will also be able to find many parking spots near the InterContinental Bora Bora Le Moana Resort as you can easily drive through there.

  • 4×4 Excursions

You can also consider exploring the island on four wheels if you have too much of sand between your toes and saltwater in your eyes. A customizable 4×4 island tours are offered by several tour companies including the Natura Discovery, Tupuna Safari, Vavau 4×4 Adventures, and many others. You are sure to learn a lot about its cultural and historical aspects all along with the legends of this island and you will also discover the nooks and the crannies of this island here.

There are several tours that appeal to almost all kinds of travelers, whether you are looking for a relaxing ride or a bumpy adventure of Indiana Jones. From romantic sunset and Champagne tours to wild deep safari jungle treks, packages include everything even half-day cultural island expeditions to that of the romantic sunset. Most of the tour guides will be more willing to share their favorite island secrets since they are locals.

There were tourists who spoke highly of the tour guides who offered a bunch of some cultural facts as well as some interesting history of this island here. Many even spoke highly of their guide.  For those who are of faint heart, do take some caution as the roads here are hilly, muddy, and bumpy at times. So that you know what you are indulging yourself in, be sure to read thoroughly the descriptions of these tours here.

  • Coral Gardens

You will also be finding a gorgeous coral reef on the smaller islet which is at the east of the mainland and directly all the way across the Beach Resort of Sofitel Bora Bora Marara. Through the process of snorkeling among the corals, along with the sea life including the moral eels, blacktip reef sharks, as well as stingrays, as well as swimming, it is better that you hire a tour operator for it to guide you through.

Coral Gardens is a “must-do” as described by most of the past travelers. Instead of swimming off on your own, one of the visitors mentioned of staying with a group while snorkeling. The sharks and the stingrays can at times become quite aggressive especially in terms of the isolated snorkeler though most of the time they are not aggressive at all.

Tahiti Tourism usually suggests a handful of tour operators in order to reach out to the Coral Gardens. Located close to the Bora Bora Lagoonarium on a tiniermotu island at the east of the primary one, you are sure to come across the operators here. Even though the Sofitel, you can easily sign up for your excursion here.

  • Bora Bora Boat Tours

Whether it is the sailboats, speedboats, kayaks, jet skis, or more, since this island has them all, Bora Bora is the dream for almost all boaters. From all those swimming and snorkeling, it is better that you give your body a break here instead use a boat to explore the waters of Bora Bora. To each traveler and including everything from half-to-full day and private or shared excursions, tour packages can be customized pretty easily. To most of the itineraries here, the adventure-seekers, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, and many can also be added. Full meals aboard the vessel are also offered by some of the boat tours here.

Few of the tour companies that are highly recommended by past travelers are the Moana Adventure Tours, Bora Bora Photo Lagoon, as well as the Lagoon Service, here the tour guides, are very friendly and the island can simply blow your mind off as you are exploring by the sea. Along with gaining knowledge about the history of this island here, there are many who even enjoyed visiting the hidden lagoons and the coves of this island here. Some even recommended making sure that a meal is included here since once you are leaving the shore, you are simply stuck at the sea if you can plan on doing a longer tour.

For some additional information on specific boating adventures as you can visit the tour companies’ websites. Hotel pickup and drop-off in the package price is also included by the tour companies here. There are even centrally located meeting spots here too.

  • Shark/Stingray Feeding

It is very easy to spot the wildlife that usually inhabits the region here thanks to the crystal clear water that is surrounding Bora Bora. You can also sign up for a tour here for an up-close encounter. Shark and stingray feedings and encounters, snorkeling are all offered by the outfitters of Pure Snorkeling by Reef Discovery as well as Moana Adventure Tours. You can also discover the stingrays in their natural habitats as well as interact with the native blacktip reef sharks. You will enjoy snorkeling the reefs and check out the myriads of rainbow-colored fish if you are not comfortable with feeding the sharks and the stingrays.

The adventure of the shark and stingray was the main highlight of their Bora Bora vacation for those that did this in the past here. For the entire family, the majority of the travelers find it as a fun-filled activity and the best way to explore the complete ocean floor. Many may say that it is not since the sharks are small, the stingrays are completely harmless and the water is simply knee-deep and yet getting closer to the stingrays and the sharks might seem scary to you. The tour guides also made everyone feel a lot comfortable as noted by the travelers there.

You can also check out the websites of the tour companies for more specific information on the tour packages. The package includes Hotel pick-up and drop-off by most of the companies there. You can also check out the weather before you book a tour since there are few activities that usually get halted in the rain and this is something that you should make sure of.

3. Fiji

Fiji is somewhat similar to several other tropical getaways with its turquoise waters, luxe resorts, as well as glittering sands. It caters to lovebirds of myriads of kinds set all across 333 islands. Adventure-seekers including the divers and the surfers superbly appreciate the coral reefs and the archipelago quality waves. On the basis of its otherworldliness, Fiji differs from the other island destinations that are out there.

Fiji can afford you the delectable feeling of seclusion since it is more than 1,300 miles from New Zealand’s North Island. When you are sipping on to the Fiji Bitter beer and watching the sun dip below to the horizon, you will be far off from the reality in itself. You will simply feel a million miles away in terms of the Fijian customs. You also might have tasted the magical kava drink even or have walked across the scalding stones without having to burn your feet or men who are defying fire.

Best Things To Do in Fiji

Right at the exterior of the doors of your resort, Fiji brings in its visitors with its aquamarine waters and the sand that is warm and soft. You can also snorkel with the manta rays here in Yasawas, party in the Mamanuca Islands, as well as scuba dive near Taveuni. Also, you can visit a history museum or stop to smell the orchids at the Garden of the Sleeping Giant even if you prefer something a bit tamer. You need not forget to lay back and relax since it is not every day that you are here in Fiji with so much to do here.

  • The Yasawas

For its lush landscapes, sparkling blue lagoons, ever-present sunshine, as well as striking volcanic peaks, this is a chain of 20 islands that garners to its attention here. In both its magnitude and breadth, Yasawa islands are known as the great-granddaddy of the Mamnucas.

Here, the number of things to do is infinite. You can easily go in for a sweat hiking all the way to the Waya island, or, for things that are not exhausting at all as you try lying down on the Beach of Oarsman’s Bay on Nacula, or also encounter a manta ray on Drawaqa or NanuyaBalavu. To get around, you can hire a ferry from Denarau Port or a seaplane from Nadi. Trips to the Yasawas take about half an hour by seaplane and a few hours with the help of a boat and it all depends on the island you are visiting. Many of the companies offer transit services from Port Denarau directly to resorts, which make it easy to stay in the Yasawas for a few days.

Things you can try

There are infinite numbers of things that you can try out here. you can try laying out on the Oarsman’s Bay Beach on nacula, or meet a mantra ray on NanuyaBalavu or Drawaqa, or also sweat hike all along Waya Island. You can also hire a seaplane from Nadi or a ferry from Denarau Port in order to get around. It usually takes about 30 minutes with the help of a seaplane and several hours by boat since it depends on the island that you are visiting in order to get around.

From the Port Denarau directly to the resort that makes it an easy stay in the Yasawas for a few days is usually offered by several companies. It usually depends on the transit company where the prices usually vary. You should be expecting to spend all-around $186 each person one way for a seaplane if you choose to take a ferry ride. You can also buy a Bula Pass from the most popular Awesome Adventurerelaxed travelers can soak up the sun on one of Fiji to island if you are not able to decide which island you will be deciding.

  • Mamanuca Islands

You can zip over to the island of Mamanuca as you are boarding a ferry from Port Denarau. This set provides its travelers everything from a secluded resort on Naviniisland to the Beachcomber islands as well as the bumping bars on Mana as there are roughly 20 islands here.

The island here is sure to take your breath away. TV shows such as Survivor as well as Tom Hanks film of Cast Away was also made here. Travelers here also appreciate all the water-related sports activities that are available in the waters that surround the Mamanuca islands as you can do everything from diving to surfing to that snorkeling. From about different companies, ferries are also available and the prices here vary since it depends on which specific island you will have to visit here. In order to get to a Mamanuca Island, you can expect to spend almost two hours and pay at least $78 for a day’s cruise that is going to return to Port Denarau on the same day for a day’s cruise.

  • Taveuni

You should be having a clear picture of scuba diving and snorkeling when you think about the third-largest island of Fiji which is Taveuni. There are coral reefs out there that are extremely diverse, and simply gorgeous. It usually plays a host to some colorful array of corals and the stunning Great White Wall when it comes to this world-famous Rainbow Reef island. You will be awed and greatly shocked n the dry-land there

It will also be affording you some great vistas when it comes to several hikes like that of the Lavena Coastal Walk that ends at the waterfall pool and the Rainforest Trail of the Vidawa. You are sure to find these hikes all near to the Bouma National Heritage Park. Visitors here say that this is a well-worth place to visit since it includes entrance fees. With the help of a plane or boat from the Viti Levy or VanauLevu, you can hitch up a ride to Taveuni. You should make sure that you book a few extra days on either end of your stay as the planes are at times canceled or delayed for the weather if you are choosing to fly. It will be taking about two hours when it comes to getting to Taveuni from Vanua Levu. You can also check out the tourism website here.

  • Firewalking Ceremony

You can also check the firewalking ceremony out there which Vilavilairevo, Fijan or jumping into the oven is. It is simply amazing and not just a walk across the fire, without getting burnt, you will actually experience a walk over the fire. From a man from the Beqa Island named Tunaiviqalita usually started this practice here. He believed that a spirit god actually allowed him to walk calmly over those scalding pieces of stones. It is through the bloodline of this man that the ability to walk on the stones has been passed. At the resorts throughout your stay in Fiji, you are sure to watch this firewalking ceremony. But, this is something that the men here grew up with. As part of the tradition of the Signature Experience, there are several resorts like Outrigger on the Lagoon offer this regular walking show to its guests.

  • Fiji Museum

The history of the archipelago is often told at this Fiji Museum and it spans over 3,700 years when it comes to its artifacts here. The items here showcase age-long and diverse history ranging from shell jewelry to cannibal forks to that of the Indian artwork.

Recent visitors states that the museum here is mesmerizing. It offers a great overview of the culture and history of Fijan. Several even boasted about the gift stores that are present on the site. You can also access the Museum easily on foot.

On Viti Levu, in the town of Suva, you are sure to come across this museum here. The entrance fee here is about $5 for the adults. From Mondays to Saturdays you can visit from 9am to 4:30 pm excluding Fridays where it closes at 4pm. You can also check out the website of this Fiji Museum for more information.

4. Amalfi Coast

You surely have found heaven on earth with a single glare at the Amalfi Coast. This stretch of the Italian coastline usually has 5 million annual visitors who would be crossing this glamorous path, it is one of a kind that has a spellbinding effect on many. This is a UNESCO World Heritage site that covers over 34 miles of the majestic terrain, sky-high coastal cliffs that display its multicolored towns that lives side by side along the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean and the display of its vibrant vegetation creates a unique scene that has the power to pause even the most seasoned of the travelers who are completely numb in their tracks.

It is considered as one of the most scenic drives in the world with a coastline and 13 seaside towns that are all connected through the SS163 highway which many calls it their home. Each of the town has its own standout aspects as well as the signature Amalfi topography. For it luxurious Cliffside resorts and fine Italian cuisines, this pastel-colored Positano draws in the richness and once serving as a huge commercial and technical hub in the midst of the Mediterranean, the town of Amalfu is one of the oldest maritime republic of Italy.

Best Things To Do Here

It usually has the most stunning oceanic views that will be etched down in your memory lane for the years that are yet to come, along with being an alpine town of Ravello that might not be for the faint hearts as well as the ancient villas. The beach lovers are simply going to be appeased by the secluded shorelines of the Praiano and the Minori which homes one of the oldest pasta from around the world and is the hub for food lovers. You can also stop at the ancient tower of Norman which according to its legend, Hercules itself found it, if you plan on going through Cetara. The glory has guaranteed to leave you mesmerized for long years to come if you have decided to explore the Amalfi coast even further.

You can check out Amalfi Coast and derive an experience in several manners. It can also travel across the many hiking trails that are pretty well-known for this snaking through this region here where the adventure travelers who wish to work up their sweat here. Including the extremely secluded Fiordo di Furore, those who are looking out for the best relaxation can ultimately find their solace there.  Checking out Amalfi by boat is usually an unforgettable experience as it usually bears witness to the littoral views from within the sky-high Villa Cimbrone if you have enough of your sea legs. However, you should not be missing Amalfi if you are tight on your budget since Positano is worthy to a postcard with its luxurious amenities as well as its colorful architecture.

  • Positano

It should be Positano if you only have time to visit only one town. With lush cascading cliffs that are stacked with some colorful Mediterranean architecture, speed boats dock on turquoise waters, ornate stairways lines with trattorias and boutiques along with the luxury yachts, Positano is all that you have ever dreamed of. Positano also caters to its visitors the most as they offer up the most hotels of every destination present here in this region of all the towns on the coast here. Sita buses and ferries also stop directly in Positano and from here many of the boat tours also depart, so what else do you need here?

You are sure to come across most of the beloved beaches too when you are here at the Amalfi Coast. The most central, and most famous is the Marina Grande Brach that sits at the base of the colorful seaside town here. Located less than a half-mile east of Marina Grande Beach, you will also come across Fornillo Beach. From the Marina Grande through the Cliffside SenteirodegliInnamorati pathway, which is an attraction of its own, Fornillo beach can be accessed directly from the Marina Grande. You can also check out Arienzo Beach. Which is between the two cliffs that are there. Which is accessible through the 300-step stairway for a much-secluded shoreline here.

Some Details 

Beyond the beaches, visitors will find several other things for them to do. You can also go about exploring the Roman ruins that are located near the stunning Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Assunta or you can also travel farther upward over to the villages of Montepertuso or Nocelle. These are the tiniest of the areas over the mountains offering an unmatched view of the bird’s eye of this region here. This is also one of Positano’sparadise for the shoppers along with its pristine beaches and vistas. Here, travelers can find one-of-a-kind pieces including antiques big and small, Vietri ceramics, and handmade, made-to-measure fashions for which the Amalfi Coast is famous.

You can also head out into Safari I Sandaliand get yourself a pair of bespoke leather sandals or Maria Lampoin in order to get hold of the traditional PositanoModa clothing. The travelers here can walk around easily to check out the glorious scenic beauty that Positano is offering to them. You can reach Positano by car via the Amalfi Highway or by the Sita bus. For more information about Positano, visit the Positano Tourism Board’s website.

For the bespoke sandals or the Maria Lampo for the traditional PositanoModa clothing, you can venture into Safari I Sandalli too. The best activity that Positano offers here is the stunning beauty of this city. Through the Amalfi Highway or Sita bus, you can reach out to Positano with the help of a car. You can also check out the tourism website for more information.

  • Amalfi Coast Beaches

Without a trip to its beaches, a trip to any of the coastal destinations will be incomplete. Your vacation will remain incomplete if you fail to visit any of its beaches once here on Amalfi Coast. There are 100 beaches to be exact making this region too idea.  The sandy beaches are nonexistent mainly due to the topography of the Amalfi Coast here. Travelers here will be greater with just a rocky platform that is there over the water or beaches that consists of the pebbles.

Being located smack dab in the middle of the town, with Positano’s famous Cliffside buildings that are too colorful towering over both of its sides of the shore, the Marina Grande Beach here is a great place where you can start. Measuring almost 985 feet in length, this beach is one of the biggest here in Amalfi. Arienzo Beach which is also located in Positano is the other most popular spot here. It is more secluded here and is much smaller than the Marina Grande beach.

If you wish to reach out to the beach then you have to travel 300-step down the stairway. There are many travelers who fell in love with this beach since it was quite opposite to that of Marina Grande and is more peaceful. Many of the travelers fell in love with this beach since it is a bit opposite to that of Marina Grande since it is a lot more peaceful. The Formula beach would be your best option if you are looking for something a bit bigger.


Between Amalfi and Positano, you can also find Praiano which is the other most hot zone. It homes to both Marina di Praia as well as Fiordo di Furore. The travelers here will come across many coastal pathways which makes it perfect for the hikers along with its great dining options. You can also find one of the largest and the most popular beaches, the Marina Grande in the town of Amalfi.

You can plan on arriving in the morning since you are likely will not be able to secure a spot in the afternoon during the summer months. later, You can also hit up Atrani Beach that is located less than half a mile east of Marina Grande for something that is less crazy. It is the beach which is pretty huge and houses some lengths of umbrellas and lounge chairs during its peak season since Atrani is the smallest town here in Italy.

  • Fiordo di Furore

It is somewhat quite impossible to focus on where exactly each of them is since the Amalfi coast is fills with several number of secluded beaches, and to explore each of them, you need to have an immense amount of time on hand. You should never miss out of Fiordo di Furore since it is considered one of the most interesting geological features over on to the Amalfi Coast if you are choosing one out of the rest. Both the sides of the Fjord through a bridge that acts as both the main point of focus and the point of access, the Amalfi Highway connects them both.

Travelers can easily descend down the stairs that are cascading down to the gorge’s stony cliffs and take a dip there admiring the surrounding scenic beauty or even explore the other trails that are located on the beach from there. It leads to the direct point of viewing of the ocean while the other which is opposite to the beach usually leads its explorers into an old fishing village along with a series of paper mills that are there is one of the trails that takes its visitors farther all along its cliff. Just above the gorge is where the town of Furore is located and through the trail here it is also accessible.

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This is the attraction that is nothing short of the scenic beauty and for those who did visit during the warmer months and have enjoy thoroughly swimming in the turquoise waters is how this place is commented by many of its visitors. Most of the tourists mentioned that it was completely worth it with some of the travelers who are mentioning this as the highlight of the Amalfi trip and though some found it pretty difficult to get there as the citing here is devoid of parking and the main difficulty lies in the steep stairs.

The location of this place is usually 4 miles southwest of Amalfi when it comes to Fiordo di Furore. The only place where you can park all along the highway is the best way in which you can get there by your car. To get there, the travelers can also take the Sitabys from the Positano to that of the Amalfi line. It is open all hours of the day, as well as the night and this, is a place that is completely free to visit. You can also check out the website for Positano Tourism Board for gathering more information about this place.

5. Maui

This island is not as small as the Lanai nor is it as bustling as Oahu or quiet as Kauai or large as the Big Island when it comes to Maui. Maui is simply the right one that offers a taste of just about everything in the state of Aloha and its offerings from its intriguing history and culture to its impressive wildlife. You can also shimmy alongside professional hula dancers, snorkel alongside the five different types of sea turtles, golf along the coastal fairways, and simply lounge on some of the most attractive beaches of Hawaii.

Maui can be found blended between the Big Island and the smaller Molokai that can be explored by signing up for one of the best tours here in Maui and it is one of the most popular tourist spots of the archipelago. There are five distinct regions here. Alongside the coasts of South Maui which is the home to some famous Wailea Beach, there are travelers who have based themselves there.

The music from the Old Lahaina Luau is located here, with the sands of the Kaanapali Beach. You can also explore the coastline of East Maui as well as explore the world’s largest dormant volcano the Haleakala which is located in the upcountry and you can also discover Central Maui’s Iao Valley State Park which is the former battlegrounds of the tribes that are out there while you are travelling along the Road to Hana. You can also reserve a spot on one of the best helicopter tours of Maui in order to get a bird’s eye view.

Best Things To Do in Maui

For just about every interest, the various attractions and the activities here in Maui caters to all. More relaxed travelers can easily take the sunbath along the many shorelines or even test the fairways at one of the 14 golf courses present here on this island while the adventurers are hiking up the dormant Haleakala volcano or are flying above it. This is the island that offers up its own history as well as the culture at sites like Banyan Tree Park, the Old Lahaina Luau, or the Iao Valley State Park since Maui is a lot more than just the active types or the beach bums. For families or those traveling with the kids can get an education about the Maui Ocean Center’s underwater residents. By signing up for one of the best Maui tours, snorkeling adventures, pineapple farm tours, and others are all available here.

  • Road to Hana

The thing that is require for you here is to drive in order to find some greater views of the beautiful coastline of Maui. Twisting through the lush rainforest and past the cascading waterfalls that lines up at the eastern shore of this island, the Road to Hana is a scenic highway which is the Highway 360. Home to the main airport of Maui, most people usually commence their trip in Kahului and here you need to motor to about 52 miles to Hana.

This is not an easy trip since the road is fill with surprises to the drivers who are not familiar with the turns that are like hairpins. But, for those who crave to drive, they will not be sorry to make this trip here. Travelers are greatly surprise by the beauty of this drive here despite all the mental preparation and the hype that is include here.

Travelling through this road to Hana may take  your whole day given the number of scenic beauties to check out along with the other places where you should be stopping. It is highly recommend that you take your time to stop as often as possible those who have driven through this way. You also need to make sure that you start this drive early in the morning since this road eventually becomes congest with the progression of the day is what is recommend here.

Plan for Hana

There are many tour companies  who are offering tours to Valley Isle Excursions and the Temptation Tours, and even tours in their luxury vans if you would allow someone else to do the driving here. By taking a tour it would be allowing you to concentrate on the mind blowing scenic beauty as someone else is concentration on navigating through the winding curves though it is quite pricier than driving it by your own self.

Including the Twin Falls around the 2 mile market driving from the Kahului to Hana, and Wailea Overlook or the Falls around 21 mile marker are some of the best destination where you can click some amazing pictures along your way. The other most popular spots are the Hookipa Beach as well as Waianapanapa State Park. You can pack your snacks, a cooler for your drinks, since this trip will be consuming some time. You need to ensure to take it slow and allow several time outside of your car as some of the travelers note that the winding route usually can make you weak havoc on those people who are prone to motion sickness.

  • Helicopter Tours

You need consider that you get the perspective of a bird while you take the helicopter tour after you have derived the experience of the Maui. The experience here is like a splurge as described by the travelers themselves and depending on the operator if the tour along with the duration of your flight, the tours here can cost you between @150 and @350 each person. They also speak about the incredible sight they have ever come across while checking out Maui. What else do you need? With the help of the helicopter you can naturally check out the inaccessible places of the island which cannot be cover on foot, on car, or by boat.

Though there are some who also takes their passengers on the scenic and hourlong flights of the entire island since most of the operators usually offers tours of the Molokai as well as the West Maui. Stunning vistas of the Maui crates, cliffs, valleys, waterfall and more irrespective will soothe your eyes. Air Maui, Maverick Helicopters, as well as Blue Hawaiian Helicopters are some of the popular operators here. Since the packages here are excluding the cost of transportation to and from the helicopter, most of the tours here depart from the west Maui Kahului Heliport. You can also consult the list of Maui helicopter tours that you will find there for more information on the same.

  • Kaanapali Beach

Kaanapali beach usually stretches across 3 miles of the northwest coast of the island. Here offering bountiful of space for surfing and sunbathing. Since this is one of the most popular strips of the coastline that is there. Here the currents in the water are quite strong . So, you need to be very careful when you swim out there. One of the main highlights here is the coveted sand.  It features many well-known hotels as well as restaurants, lively Whaler Village. Which is an open-air shopping center since Kaanapali was the primary first planned resort area of Hawaii.

The man-made comforts of the Kaanapali beach are nothing match to the winning natural.  The further traditional aspect that makes the area overcrowded by the visitors. For catching the sight of the several diverse creatures that call the Pacific home. This is also a great place to be in. Making them perfect for snorkeling, the waters here is quite shallow, and travelers have also reported in seeing whales. The sunset of the cliff is the diving attraction at PuuKekaa. That usually paying tribute to their King who was  Kahekili,. He is the other highlight when you are visiting Kaanapali Beach. This king was the last one to rule over the 18th century.

Head to North

You can reach the north of the town of Lahaina through car route 30 by Honoapiilani Highway. It is where the beach of Kaanapali is located. It has limits when it comes to the public parking around this beach and to the past travelers. This was a bit of annoyance to them. You can also check out the other spots in Whalers Village. Whereupon validation you can get complimentary parking for six hours. It has public transport limitations. But worry not, bus services are available between Lahaina and Kaanapali. There are buses too running between Kapalua and Kaanapali. You can also check out the tourism website for more information.

  • Snorkeling Tours

There is also the world that dwells beneath the surrounding Pacific Ocean floor. Since it can be quite easy to become attracted to the multicolored beaches of Maui, the breathtaking sunsets, and the verdant hiking trails. Setting aside a morning or afternoon for exploring the underwater creatures of Maui is an unforgettable experience here.  You can also check out a bevy of colorful fish, intricate coral formations. Moreover, there are around the reef of the island as well as the sea turtles with the help of a snorkel or the scuba mask.

Moreover,You will get  an offer the complimentary use of the snorkeling equipment.  You will also get an offer to several of the island’s top hotels . Some of them will also be arranging a boat ride for you. You can easily consider exploring the most popular spots such as the Ulua Beach, Honolua Bay and Kaanapali Beach . Then, you can check out the most popular and well-known scuba diving.  Chance to snorkeling destination at the crescent shape Molokini which is in the southwestern coast of Maui. It usually homes to about 250 different species of fishes . It is only accessible with the help of a boat ride. According to the Maui visitors, it is a must-do activity here. Since this tour to Molokini will not be coming in cheap.

Some details

From the Lahaina Harbor on Maui’s western shores and Maalaea Habir in Kihei, the tours usually departs from here. Some of the many operators that are out there are the Sail Trilogy, Redline Rafting Company and pride of Maui. You can also save some coin by booking online in advance. So, You can expect to pay at around $100 each adult is how the tour prices here range from. There are also tours that take a lot of time can provide meals to their customers. As well as the snorkeling gear along with the rental options for the underwater camera equipment gears. You can also gather a lot more information through the tourism website.

  • Wailea Beach

You can also head to the Kaihalulu or Waianapanapa for some multicolored sands.  Because you are visiting Hookipa for checking out the daredevils hang 10. So which beach would you head onto? Wailea is the answer here. To the guests at the nearby resorts, this is the beach that offers guests the touch of sun. Compared to some of Maui’s other beaches, Wailea are somewhat the more rugged one. There is a paved walkway that connects to the shoreline to the hotels, restaurants, and shops of the area. Also  tawny-color sand  with the palm trees. The visitors here will also get an access to the equipment rental in terms of the water-related sports. Wailea Beach is great for  checking out to swim or snorkel since the water here are relatively calm.

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