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Top 5 Billionaires Lifestyle & How They Live

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We all dream to be a billionaire someday. We think about how they live their lives and how the billionaires lifestyle seems to be. I’m here to quench your thirst. Today I will elaborate on 5 billionaires lifestyles and how they live their life.

So today we are going to talk about the billionaires whom we already know. I will point out their lifestyle and their other things which will keen your interest.

5 Billionaires Lifestyle

Here are our handpicked top 5 lists of Billionaires lifestyle

5. Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of META aka Facebook):

Mark Zuckerberg

By now we all know who Zuckerberg is. The founder of Facebook which we all now know as META. Let’s keep these aside. Now Let’s look through his lifestyle.


Being a CEO of a company worth $121 billion at the age of 37, he could lead a billionaire’s lifestyle but he likes to live a simple and easy life.

He never misses out on his works. After waking up at 8, he checks his Facebook and starts his daily life. He was never picky about his food.

Then he goes for a walk with his precious Hungarian sheepdog. Mark Zuckerberg is always attentive to his health. He never misses his workout. He even said that he workout 3 times a day to keep fit.

Dressing Sense:

Now it comes to his dressing sense. As I said before, He likes to keep it simple. He never likes to show off like other rich people out there. He always seems to wear the same cloth almost every day which are jeans, a snicker, and his signature grey t-shirt.


As for his work life, he puts 50-60 hours a week on Facebook. He also thinks about how to connect people through social media. He has a team of 12 people who manages his social presence online like comments, messages, complains, etc.


He likes to travel a lot. Spend time with his family and has 2 cars which are Honda Jazz and Pagani Huayra. His residence is named Palo Alto which is situated in California.

4. Larry Page (CEO of Alphabet aka Google):

Larry Page

We all know google. The founder and CEO of Google Larry Page have his own way of living his life.


Larry’s company net worth says how much luxury he earns. He has everything he needs cars, property, fortune vacations, etc. He doesn’t show off his wealth but he leads a rich life. His personal life is simply guarded by the whole world.


He is always containing a curious mind within him. ‘Invention makes world modern’, he lives by this motto. He is currently working on various mega projects like flying cars, AI based sunglasses, and many more.


Though he isn’t flashy on his fortunes, he owns “Eco Mansion” which is worth over $7 million. He even has a 190 feet long yacht which is called “Senses” which also worth about $47 million. He also has some private jets in his possession.

3. Bernard Arnault

Bernard Arnault


Perhaps no one is more successful in the world of luxury goods than Bernard Arnault. You can get a glimpse of a billionaire’s lifestyle from none other than him.

Arnault, the 72-year-old CEO of the French luxury corporation LVMH Mot Hennessy – Louis Vuitton, has built a luxury-goods empire that encompasses some of the most well-known names in fashion, jewelry, and alcohol, including Louis Vuitton, and Dom Perignon.


The buyout of the luxury goods firm LVMH by Bernard Arnault was a bold move and now it has become a symbol of billionaires lifestyle. In the methodical and deliberate takeover of the firm, he demonstrated his customary tenacity and ruthlessness, and his successful integration of numerous prominent aspirational brands into the group has urged a number of other fashion firms throughout the world to follow suit.


This happened when LVMH’s luxury goods sales surged in China and other Asian regions. Forbes estimates his net worth to be $181 billion.

Arnault was the owner of the Amadeus, a 70-meter-long (230-foot-long) modified research vessel that he sold in late 2015. Symphony, his current 101.5 m (333 ft) yacht, was built by Feadship in the Netherlands.

2. Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos


Former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is the world’s wealthiest person, and as such, he has more than enough money to buy one of the world’s most sumptuous and fastest private jets. Overall he has all the things he needs to lead a billionaires lifestyle.

Poplar Glen, Bezos’ holding company, owns a Gulfstream G-650ER. He is alleged to have paid $65 million for the jet.

Thanks to two Rolls-Royce BR725 engines, the Gulfstream G650ER has a peak speed of almost 1,110 km/h and a range of 13,890 km. Like the Gulfstream G650, the Gulfstream G650ER boasts over 110 world speed records and is technologically advanced.

Work Ethics:

Have you ever considered what it might be like to see Amazon from the inside? While many Americans are familiar with Amazon as a customer, there may be more to this company if you look behind the green curtain. Amazonians are employees who are encouraged to leave their prior organizations’ terrible practices behind and embrace the distinctive aspirational workplace values outlined by Jeff Bezos himself.


As on November 2021, Jeff Bezos’ net worth is projected to be approximately $ 207 billion, making him not just one of the wealthiest individuals, but also the wealthiest person on the planet. In February 2020, Bezos paid $165 million to David Geffen for the Warner Estate, a record purchase for a Los Angeles-area mansion. Lachlan Murdoch paid $150 million for the Chartwell Mansion, the previous record high price. During the COVID-19 breakout, it was stated that Bezos’ fortune had risen by $24 billion as a result of increased demand from lockdown households shopping on Amazon.

1. Elon Musk

Elon Musk


Elon Musk is currently the most billionaire male. The main reason for his success is his routine work.

“He doesn’t appear willing to devote mental energy on the engineering specifics… yet the devil is in the details,” Musk remarked.

Musk revealed that he works every day, putting in 80 to 90 hours each week on initiatives for his two firms, Tesla and SpaceX. Your statements made it plain that, while you admire your competitor’s intellect, you don’t share their work ethic.


When it comes to the daily routines we’ve discussed so far, I’ve discovered two extremes: Jason Fried’s 40-hour workweeks (32 hours in the summer) and Elon Musk’s apparently infinite hours, often exceeding 100 hours per week. Both are tremendously successful founder-CEOs with distinct approaches to work-life balance.


Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla, SpaceX, and Neuralink, is the world’s richest person. The serial entrepreneur is estimated to be worth $278.4 billion. With that kind of money, one can imagine Musk’s real-estate purchasing power.


These five people of the current world economy are the king. The right life management, timeliness, skilled leadership made them the richest person in the world. And this is how they live their billionaires lifestyle

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