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15 Job Opportunities that Business Degree Offers

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15 job opportunities that business degree offers

Have you done your major on any specific business degree and looking for a job? Well, you are at the right place. That’s because a business degree has a lot to offer in terms of not only business but also in the field of job opportunities. You can virtually look in any direction and see a product or service sold by a business. That’s where your business degree comes in handy. So, if you have done your degree in business or looking to do so then go through this article and make a decision on what you want to do.

Should I go for Business Degree?


Many people seem that a business degree is only done for business-related purposes. Actually, that’s not entirely true. You can check the statistics online. You will have a great idea. Business degrees are offering some on-demand jobs in the market. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that employment is going to get a boost of about 10%.  From 2016 to 2026, people who are doing major in Business will have more than 700,000 jobs. So, if you are doing a major in business but are directionless about what to do next, then read this article carefully as we describe the 14 most in-demand jobs available for business majors according to the latest reports and researches.


14 On-Demand Jobs on Business Degree

business degree jobs

Here is the list of 14 jobs you better take a look at before or if you are going to major in business.


1.     Business Critic

business analytics

Business critics’ sole purpose is to observe and take necessary actions to make planning for the respective business they serve. In other words, you will research the market, gather information, and offer recommendations to your business. You will have to find out all the problems whether big or small and find a way to solve them out. You will be required some skills like analytical thinking, business sense, communication skills, etc.

Estimated Annual Salary: $77.218 (May Vary)


2.     Financial Critic

Financial analytic

The role of a financial critic is to help his company in taking major decisions like financing, investing, etc. This job needs skills like analyzing financial statements, researching market trends, case studying, making case study reports, etc. After all, your main purpose will be determining wise decisions in the company’s investment and financial policies.

Estimated Annual Salary: $129.480 (May Vary)

3.     Account Director

account director

To describe it in a nutshell, all you have to do is build and maintain a mutual partnership with your business and clients. Though, it may vary from employer to employer. But all you have to do is communicate with your clients, understand their needs, try to make a beneficial relationship with your company and your client. It is a mixture of sales and communication-based work.

Estimated Annual Salary: $54,324 (May Vary)


4.     Marketing Manager

marketing manager

Marketing managers analyze the latest trends of markets and policies to brainstorm the best marketing strategies for their company.  Also, a marketing manager runs a broad team with him. Hence, This job requires creativity, analytical thinking with research abilities to execute the best marketing plan for his company.

Estimated Annual Salary: $141,490 (May vary)


5.     Accountant


An accountant’s job is to keep records of all the financial reports, audits, etc. Hence, your main role is to keep these reports up to date according to the company’s regulations. Other works are examining reports for accuracy, preparing or verifying tax returns, ensuring maximum efficiency, making financial recommendations, etc.

Estimated Annual Salary: $73,560 (May Vary)


6.     Project Director

project director

A project director’s work is to ensure higher success on the projects they are assigned to. A company can run various projects for its benefit. So, a project manager ensures that the project runs smoothly and meets the deadline goals. They do this by meeting with project owners, tracking, assigning tasks, gathering workers, building communication strategies, etc.

 Estimated Annual Salary: $73,812 (May Vary)


7.     Sales Director

sales director

The Sales Director is the person who oversees the sales representative. So, this work requires setting sales goals, conducting training on salespersons, budget preparation, expansion planning, etc.

Estimated Annual Salary: $68,587 (May Vary)


8.     Sales Representative

sales representative

Generally, sales representatives are the front liners who are directly engaged with selling products and services of a company. Hence, this job requires excellent communication skills and tactical quality to understand market needs and brainstorm plans to sell the product accordingly. So, you have to have good knowledge of your desired product or service to sell your product or service to the targeted customers.

Estimated Annual Salary: $64418 (May Vary)


9.     Medical and Health Services Director

Medical and health services director

This job requires hospitals, doctors’ offices,s and other care facilities to run smoothly. In other words, you have to manage many operational duties of a healthcare facility. This job needs to train and recruit hospital staff, keep hospital records, schedule for healthcare providers and build relationships with healthcare insurance providers.

Estimated Annual Salary: $104,280 (May Vary)


10.  Information Security Critic

Information security critic

The key role of this position is to maintain the security of all the computer networks and systems. This job needs to find weaknesses in a network system, implement security protocols, prevent cyber-attacks, etc. Though it needs a computer-related degree. Even though, companies hire people with a bachelor’s degree in marketing also.

Estimated Annual Salary: $103,590 (May vary)


11.  Operation Research Critic

operation research critic

This job requires brainstorming critical strategies to help companies operate efficiently and effectively. Hence, you need to do is data mining, statistical analysis, creating mathematical models, and validating models to ensure accuracy.

Estimated Annual Salary: $82,000 (May Vary)


12.  Market Research Analyst

market research analyst

The sole purpose of a market analyst is to study and research the market according to your company versus your company’s competitors. So, this job requires monitoring and predicting market trends, researching products and competitors’, gathering consumer data, etc.

Estimated Annual Salary: $61,430 (May vary)


13.  Fundraiser


This work requires simple tasks as it says. But you have to do more than that. As in, analyzing what’s important to fund donors, brainstorming strong messages, organizing campaigns and events, maintaining donor information, etc.

Estimated Annual Salary: $55,700 (May Vary)


14.  HR (Human Resource) Manager

hr management

An HR Manager’s sole purpose is to maintain quality talents in a company. So, this task requires recruiting and hiring talented workers, conducting interviews and screening, conducting training of the newly hired workers.

Estimated Annual Salary: $63,240 (May Vary)

15.  Insurance Backers

insurance backers

Insurance backers mainly work on analyzing the risks involved in insuring people and assets. They establish pricing according to the risks. Hence, this job requires evaluating risk and pricing, Planning IPO (initial public offering), etc.

Estimated Annual Salary: $71,790 (May Vary)


I hope these points will help you find the desired job you are looking for. So, now we can say that doing a major in business can give us a good amount of variable and good-paying jobs. Hence, you should certainly focus on your degree and make preparations for the job that it comes with. That doesn’t mean you will get it immediately after applying. Remember, the more skilled you are, the more likely you will get your job earlier.


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