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What is Commercial Photography Art and Graphics- Described in Brief

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In a world where business is constantly exploring new possibilities, commercial photography art and graphics are very popular. Food, clothing, fashion, commercial advertising, photos are needed everywhere.

If you want to get complete knowledge about commercial photography and aim to be a commercial photographer, artist and designer then stay with us.

What is Commercial Photography Art and Graphics Design?

Answers on What Commercial art photography and graphics

If you want to sell art for commercial (promotional) purposes, you’re only in the commercial industry and the graphic design industry, which only deals with that. The artwork may be made with a number of methods, which include hand painting, computer-aided layout software, and video cameras. Commercial artwork and picture layout might be used on posters, packages, films, and TV shows

The commercial industry is subject to many of the same rules as “high industry,” no matter what its ultimate use or purpose is. This means that a picture made for an advertisement isn’t going to be as important as the Sistine Chapel murals, but the difference between them isn’t just a kind of thing. Commercial artwork is much like different agencies in that it’s miles made to order, takes time, skill, judgment, taste, and heritage information from the artist to make, and is normally sold earlier than it’s miles made. There are certain criteria for evaluating the final product. Commercial success is based on what people like and what they think.

The commercial industry is different from other industries when it comes to value. There is a lot less money in the commercial industry, Forbes says. Limited edition sports prints by LeRoy Neiman sold for $ 2,000 to $ 20,000 when they were first made. Some of Neyman’s prints were sold for 5 to 20 cents each at an auction in 1992. Picasso and Van Gogh’s paintings have been widely praised over the years because they are worth a lot of money now.

What are the 3 Main Types of Art?

The following are the 3 main types of art:

  • Visual Design
  • Studio Art
  • Graphic Design

Visual Design

Sculpture, painting, drawing, printmaking, filmmaking, and photography are all examples of visual design. A lot of people have been coming up with new ways to add to the field of visual design through their different and unique expressions.

The textile and fashion industries are the most regulated and concrete industries that make a lot of money all over the world. Many people work in this field because there is always a need for people who know a lot about it.

Studio Art

Studio art is the making of art through painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, photography, printmaking, glass, fiber, or design in a studio. It’s similar to visual art that is made in a studio, or visual art that looks like art made in a studio. It can also be used to speak about digital art, so it’s a great phrase to understand.

Graphic Design

This combination of business and technology has become more popular with the rise of the digital age. Graphic design is a new type of art that is a new profession in today’s world.

It is a type of digital art that uses visual materials to make designs that look good. Graphic designers usually use a mix of images and typography to do their work and tell a story or send a message.

A lot of the time, the graphic design industries made ads. It’s because of this that you can see examples of graphic design on websites, posters, and digital ads. Graphic design takes ideas from a lot of different art movements, like Art Nouveau, Bauhaus, and Art Deco.

A lot of people like to make graphics because of the digital age. The 1990s saw the introduction of Photoshop. This meant that graphic design was no longer a thing. Today, graphic design is the most popular art form. Some well-known graphic designers are Chip Kid, Rob Janoff, and Caroline Davidson.

What is the Main Purpose of Commercial Art?

Commercial art is the art of providing creative services, which mostly refers to art that is used for commercial purposes, like advertising. Commercial art is used on a wide range of platforms (magazines, websites, apps, television, and so on) to get people interested in buying and using products, services, and ideas. It uses an iconic image (a picture that can be easily recognized by people in a certain culture) to help people remember and like a product or service more. According to statistics;

The fact that 90 percent of the information that comes to the brain is visual shows how powerful this sense is to the human psyche.


If you were to think of a product, it might be a magazine advertisement for a new soda with complementary colors and a catchy message. Another way to help prevent global warming could be to put up a poster that encourages people to walk or ride a bike instead of driving. It tells a group of people about a specific thing.

People can get training, certifications, and degrees that use commercial arts in a lot of different exercises, activities, and programs to become commercial artists.

Difference Between a Photographer and a Graphic Designer?

Photography: In simple terms, photography is the art of taking and processing light with a sensor or film. When you take a picture, you should value the moment and show it to the world. Simple, but the act itself can change people’s minds about what they think.

Graphic Design: It is the art of using images and words to show what you want to say. There are many situations where advertising and marketing agencies use it. As in fine art, the image comes from the artist’s imagination. In graphic design, artists work for clients who want to say something. Using art, clients can try to sell things or make people aware of a problem. Artists must come up with a design that meets their needs. Everyone who makes graphics has a goal and a message. None of them are just a decoration or an extra.

Can You Be a Both Photographer and a Graphic Designer?

Many graphic designers like to take photography as a hobby. As a visual communicator, photography is an important part of branding and communication, and it’s important to use it. In order to take the best pictures, you need to know what the camera is for and how to use it.

Employers sometimes look for people who are good at both graphic design and photography. A person who is good at both design and photography is often able to make superior and unique work with a strong vision and great skills.

Photography and design are two sides of a coin, and they often go hand in hand. There are some rules that apply to both. Composition, studio lighting, photo editing, layout, lines, balance, rhythm, and color are some of them. Most post-secondary graphic design programs make sure that students learn how to take better pictures as part of their classes.

Every graphic designer, whether they like it or not, needs to know what makes a good picture, how to take a picture, edit it, and use it in their work.

So, not only do graphic designers have the eyes and knowledge to get a good picture, but they also usually have the skills and experience to make sure the picture is resourceful and on point.

What is Commercial Design?

Commercial design is an artistic process. Architect or building designer who specializes in the infrastructure of buildings uses it for business. They follow the rules and regulations set by the Australian Building Code, the Australian Standards, and local authority requirements.

Due to the nature of commercial property design, the structural integrity of the building and how well it works is the centre of attention. Even though these aren’t the most important things to think about, they are important because they are visual and practical signals that tell people about a business’s brand:

  • Colors
  • Textures
  • Tones
  • Fittings
  • Tool, Furniture



Colors are an essential part of a commercial design. We like color variations in our everyday items. In terms of visual content, color plays a vital role. In terms of commercial design, architecture must have a good color sense. Good use of color helps potential customers to recognize the purpose of the product. So, having a good color sense is essential in commercial art.


Artists use texture for special motives relying on the goal they intend to attain with their work. Texture strategies provide extra intensity to an artwork making its appearance extra natural. The extra element an artist places into the work, the higher the illustration of reality.


Without tone, a portray can seem flat and lifeless. However, a mastery of tone lets the artist create impactful portions that evoke sturdy emotions. The concept changed into popularity withinside the nineteenth century while painters started to attention to nature and reproduce the various tones that may be discovered inside landscapes. Tones can be of two types;

  • Global Tone
  • Local Tone


Good use of fittings is an essential part of commercial art. Commercial artists these days use a wide variety of fittings in their art. We can see the use of fittings in many commercial arts. If you ask for examples then pet foods and supplies stores commercial arts can be the perfect example.

Tool, Furniture

Tools and furniture also represent the fine art of commercial art. We can see it everywhere. All tools and furniture out there in the market always tend to use commercial art in their advertisement. These arts can be a perfect example of commercial art.

What is Example of Commercial Art?

We can see commercial art photography and graphics almost in every aspect of our life. Examples will be not enough to describe it in a nutshell. Let’s see some examples of commercial arts;


Importance of Commercial Art Photography and Graphics

It needs no telling how important to apply commercial art photography and graphics to a business. You have a product but if you can’t illustrate your product to a customer, then it has no meaning. This is where a commercial photographer or designer comes in handy. In modern days, every business is moving to commercial photography art and graphics as statistics say;

A 27.1 percent increase is expected for designers; 25.7 percent for commercial artists; 23 percent for advertising and marketing sales; and only .2 percent for printing jobs. (referenceforbusiness.com)

So, by now, we all know the importance of commercial arts.


Final Assessment

In fine, We can say that Commercial art photography and graphics is the artwork of innovative services, regarding artwork created for industrial purposes, commonly advertising. Commercial artwork makes use of a whole lot of platforms (magazines, websites, apps, television, etc.) for visitors with the reason of selling sales and hobby of products, services, and ideas. So, it has an optimistic career in the future. So, if you are thinking of becoming a commercial art photographer or graphics designer, you have made a good choice.



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