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Korean Street Style & Fashion For Men

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Korean street style fashion trends are becoming increasingly prominent. People from all around the world are enthralled by Korean fashion trends, which are a fashionable combination of Western influence and Asian culture. They have completely adopted these on-point fashion trends.

Whether you like K-pop or K-dramas or not, knowing about the intriguing in-things from the streets of Korea is a must Here are some of the hottest trends in Seoul to inspire your next Korean street style outfit.

What Is Korean Street Fashion Style?

To summarize Korean street style attire, it is reasonable to state that it is young, casual, and modish. The word Ulzzang style is frequently used to describe traditional Korean fashion, despite the fact that Ulzzang actually means “best face” or “excellent looking.”

The majority of Korean wardrobe necessities are unisex. Whether it’s the trendy ankle length pants or the oversized sweaters. Except for a few deviations for women, such as dresses and feminine type shirts, the trends are comparable for all genders. Hip hop, punk, and rock genres are frequently incorporated into the typically easygoing Korean street style appearances.

Korean Men’s Fashion Style Trends

The most well-known Korean fashion trends are essentially unisex. However, as time passed, many of the patterns began to deviate somewhat to suit men or women. In general, a Korean guy with a Korean style wears basic, cropped clothes in subdued colors. To begin, here are a few fundamentals.

Bucket Hats

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats have earned their spot in the fashion market during the last several years. K-pop stars, famous actors, and fashion icons have all been seen sporting various bucket hat types.

Because it gives an edge or flair to your ensemble, a bucket hat combines well with casual and street appearances. It’s a wonderful go-to item for a sunny day at the park or hanging out with friends.

Wear a tie-dye bucket hat with a monotone white or black suit to make the headpiece pop. Alternatively, you may match the hat’s color to the resting attire.

If you enjoy experimenting and taking chances, choose a bucket with complicated designs and bright colors. Select a design that best represents you, such as geometric forms, animal prints, floral patterns, or logos.

Athlete Wear

Korean Athlete Wear

High-end apparel is nicely combined with casual sweatshirts, baseball hats, and sweatpants in Korea, where the athleisure trend is exceptionally well-executed.

The trick is to strike a mix between casual staples and opulent items. That being said, anyone can give it a shot. To make it incredibly trendy, pair a bold bomber jacket with cozy joggers and gold jewelry.


korean Oversized Style

It should come as no surprise that oversized apparel continues to be fashionable in the K-fashion market. Korean guys are experts at combining skin-tight attire with big sweaters, jeans, or outerwear.

The key to the large trend is finding the right balance. As a result, knowing how to appropriately style it in your proportions is critical. Avoid complicated patterns and bright colors in favor of clear lines and neutral tones.


Pastels Street Style

Colors, while not often explicit, are frequently gendered. Pink, for example, may be avoided by many men since it is perceived as a feminine color. Korean fashion trends for men, on the other hand, not only do not ban ‘girly’ colors, but often encourage males to wear colors that are out of the norm. Part of this may have been influenced by K-Pop, where male stars frequently wear colors that are typically seen as girlie, such as the full range of pastel colors.

Idols like BTS’s Jin and WayV’s Hendery are well-known for their love of the color pink, and can frequently be seen wearing it proudly. Jin even wears all-pink attire in BTS’s Dynamite music video, while the other members are dressed in different pastel colors. If you don’t yet have the courage to wear an altogether pastel-colored ensemble, you can always start small, such as swapping out your favorite pair of black shoes for a pastel-colored pair.


korean Neon style

The neon style has been making its way across Korean streets for some time now, and it is a favorite choice among K-pop singers. This one will undoubtedly inspire you, especially if you enjoy following new trends.

Simply by adding a dash of neon to an otherwise casual style of jeans and a tee, you can transform it into something spectacular and worth noticing. Make a statement item out of a neon-colored t-shirt, blazer, or pair of shoes.

Layer a light green top or a neon orange sweatshirt with a zipper under a plain jacket to add interest to your overall look.


korean Stripes style

Stripes are at the top of the list of traditional Korean menswear patterns. However, styling this design might be difficult. Maintain a balance in the colors of the clothing components.

Varied hues of blue, for example, look wonderful together, as do various earth tones. To get a simple appearance, pair a striped knit with beige chino slacks and white shoes.

Alternatively, go for a classic stripe style with a black and white polo shirt tucked into a pair of denim trousers. Add a baseball cap or a denim jacket to make it appropriate for a morning stroll across the city.


Korean style is simple, beautiful, and provides the wearer a very lovely appearance. Because of their particular traits, K-Pop stars and K-drama celebrities who wore these fashions became popular. Later, when fashion became more prominent in Korea, styles from the streets began to find traction in mainstream fashion.

If the Korean Man’s Street Style inspire you, the recommendations stated above will help you perfect the appearance.

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