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The Positive Impact of Technology on Environment

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The way we live our lives has changed because of technology. Today, you can communicate and use many different things with just one mouse click or a simple chat message. Technology has changed so much and requires new resources to support this change. Our lives were changed in so many different ways by technological progress that it is hard to determine which parts of our lives were the most impacted. This article will talk about the positive impact of technology on environment.

How does Technology Reduce Environmental Impact

Technology can both benefit and damage our environmental impact. It all comes down to how we use it. This is because all the monitors and other electronic devices you need to run your business, as well as cell phones, SMART boards, and all the other technology you need to do your job, can make your energy bills sky-high and waste energy. We can also use this same technology to cut down on waste in other ways to make a big difference for the environment.

Here are five ways to use technology to help the environment and start cutting down on the amount of waste your office, store, or agency makes.

1. Switch to Renewable Energy

Positive Impact of Technology on Environmen- Switch to Renewable Energy

Green energy used to be out of reach for many businesses because of the costs and availability. That’s no longer the case. People in some places only have to pay a few extra dollars a month to use 100% solar power instead of electricity from the grid. When you want to know more, ask your local energy company.

If you want to put up your solar panels, many cities give money back to people who invest in renewable energy solutions. The federal government also gives you tax breaks if you put solar panels on your home or business. Not sure if you want to get help from the government.

Fortunately, grassroots programs like Community Choice Energy offer low-cost renewable energy options for your whole neighborhood.

2. Encourage People to Work from Home.

Positive Impact of Technology on Environmen - Encourage People to Work from Home

Drive to a client’s office or fly out to a conference instead. When possible, hold virtual meetings instead. They all have conference call options, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time on the road and still connect with your clients, employees, and colleagues from all over the world.

It’s possible to work from home once a week or more for many businesses thanks to VPN technology, making it safe for workers to connect to their office network from anywhere, even if they don’t live near the office. It might be a good idea to try a work-from-home Wednesday.

It will save money on gas, help your employees be more environmentally friendly, and they might even be more productive.

3. Go Paperless

Positive Impact of Technology on Environmen- Go Paperless

Technology is very good at cutting down on paper waste. We had to print out and store documents in filing cabinets in the past. Now, we can keep them online in secure, searchable cloud-based data storage systems that are easy to find. Taking credit card payments can be easy and cheap for small businesses thanks to online platforms like PayPal and Venmo, making it easy and affordable for them to accept credit cards.

Because they do this, they also cut down on the number of checks and envelopes that need to be sent. We could save more then 150 million pounds of paper and cut our carbon dioxide emissions by 2 million tons if only 1 in 5 households switched to electronic bills and payments.

4. Buy ENERGY STAR Office Equipment

Positive Impact of Technology on Environmen- ENERGY STAR Office Equipment

We now can make electronics that use up to 75% less electricity than normal equipment. ENERGY STAR says that if every home office product bought in the United States was ENERGY STAR certified, we could keep 1.5 billion pounds of greenhouse gases out of the air and save more than $117 million a year in energy costs. If all businesses used ENERGY STAR products, they could save a lot of money on their electricity bills. This is only for home office products.

5. Buy a Smart Thermostat

Positive Impact of Technology on Environmen- Smart Thermostat

Everything doesn’t need to connect to the internet, but it just makes sense to do so for some things that you use every day. Thermostats are one of the things we use every day that can make our lives better if we connect them to the internet. A smart thermostat, like the Nest, can learn your schedule and turn it on when you get to work and turn it off when you get home. It also lets you track how much energy you use and gives you the advice to save the most money.

What are the Positive and Negative Effects of Technology

A lot of things have changed because of technology. People have improved their productivity and the way people can get services. Tech advancements have helped the most where they are used the most.

The Positive Impact of Technology on Society

Healthcare & Wellness Advancements

Positive Impact of Technology on Environmen- Healthcare & Wellness Advancements

Technology has a lot of power to improve health and healthcare systems as we know them. From AI-powered clinical drug trials to wearables that help people stay healthy, there are many ways that AI can help people.

Some of us have seen technology help fill in the gaps in healthcare during the pandemic; Telemedicine apps are the first step to making healthcare more equal and accessible for everyone, no matter their income level.

There are many potentials for public health organizations to be more efficient if more people use technology. Preventative health technology, like wearables, can help cut down overall healthcare costs and help doctors and nurses watch patients’ health and react faster when something goes wrong.

Complex healthcare systems that use AI analytics are better at distributing care and treatment than simple systems that don’t. Virtual Reality Therapy is being tried out on people who have had a lot of bad things happen to them. Going back and facing your fears and surviving proved to be the most significant step in therapy for many people.

Education (EdTech)

Positive Impact of Technology on Environmen- Education (EdTech)

We already have a lot of different learning platforms that bring together courses for different ages, fields, and businesses, so we don’t need to start from scratch. Videos, interactive boards, or practice games are usually found in them. There has never been a time when education has been more accessible or scalable than it is now because of this.

Technology has a significant impact on education even when you’re not in the classroom. Virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence, neuroscience, and learning sciences technology makes learning more immersive and holistic in class.

This is because these technologies are used in class. Students can use VR headsets like Immerse to communicate and practice their English skills on various topics and themes. This way, they can learn how to speak English better.

Students with disabilities can use artificial intelligence to figure out the best way to learn quickly and make real progress. Two things can help teachers all over the world: automation and systemization. These two things can help teachers do administrative work that takes up a lot of time.

Environment Protection & Smart Cities

Positive Impact of Technology on Environmen-Environment Protection & Smart Cities

The answer to this question is likely to be “very bad.” Even though it was confirmed in the past, people have become more aware of how important it is to protect the environment over the last decade, and tech has been one of the first industries to join in.

Environmental startups, also known as “green startups,” are coming up with ways to reuse materials that can’t be recycled, reduce waste, purify water, and track changes in the environment to make the world a better place.

Bricky is a Nigerian start-up that turns plastic waste into bricks resistant to water, fire, and heat. They can be used for both road construction and low-cost homes.

German company GOT BAG has made a backpack out of plastic from the ocean. It was the first company to do this. These people work with 1,500 fishers in Asia to remove plastic from the sea.

Equal Opportunities

Positive Impact of Technology on Environmen-Equal Opportunities

The universal value behind the technology is bringing equality to products and services and minimizing socioeconomic gaps among societies and people. Using technology makes it easier for people from all walks of life to learn and get help, no matter how old they are or where they come from, as shown above.

There are many ways that technology can help make the workplace less biased. For example, it can show pay gaps and make payment systems more uniform. Tech can be used to find all kinds of discrimination, such as a gender gap, the exclusion of minorities, etc. AI models can detect all types of hate speech, and they’re getting better at spotting it over time, too. When technology is used to make physical spaces more accessible for disabled people, they can use them more easily.

The Negative Impact of Technology on Society

It’s common to blame social media for the bad things that happen because of technology. On the one hand, a lot of research has been done about how social media spreads misinformation, hate speech, and harassment. On the other, it is a place that makes people lonely and depressed.

Fake News & Misinformation

Positive Impact of Technology on Environmen - Fake News & Misinformation

Fake news and misinformation have been around for a long time, but with new technology, it can be hard to keep up with what’s true and what isn’t.

Edelman Barometer 2020 found that 61% of people think tech changes too quickly. 57 percent of them believe that the digital media platforms they use are filled with untrustworthy information.

And after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, 76 percent of people worry that fake news is being used as a weapon to polarize and radicalize. The pandemic has bolstered, which led to a rise in fake news, making the world more confused and afraid.

Social Media’s Impact on Mental Health

Positive Impact of Technology on Environmen-Social Media’s Impact on Mental Health

Social media is based on getting what you want right away. All apps’ notifications lure a person back into the app and scroll. Neuroscientists at Freie Universität in Berlin say that notifications from social media, especially likes, follows, and so on, make our brains feel good.

Many studies have shown that people who spend a lot of time on social media might feel lonely and isolated for a long time. FOMO (fear of missing out) is a phrase used a lot, and it’s linked to a lot of social media use. What does this word mean?

It means that you see many exciting and fun things for your friends and coworkers, but your own life or activities seem boring and a little less exciting. Even though people know that the content they see is just a small part of someone else’s life, it makes them feel lonely and lacking on a subconscious level.

What are the Positive Impacts of Technology on Environment?

The positive impact of technology on environment is given below.

1. Tides Waves Technology

Positive Impact of Technology on Environmen-Tides Waves Technology

It is made with waves and tides to keep our environment clean and safe. It is also used to produce electricity.

To make electricity, waves of water move water in a certain way. This is called “tidal power.”

Technology that makes electricity from waves of water is called tides wave turbine technology. It uses the pressure of the waves to produce electricity.

This technology is good because it doesn’t make any harmful gases, which means that it doesn’t pollute.

2. Electricity Produce by Solar Panels

Positive Impact of Technology on Environmen - Electricity Produce by Solar Panels

Solar panels are also used to clean the air of harmful gases from other technology.

In order to make electricity, people used a variety of generators. These generators also made dangerous gases in the air, which are very bad for all the living things in the world.

During the day, solar panels take in heat and light from the sun and use these things to make electricity.

It takes in light and heat energy from the sun and turns it into electricity, which we can use then.

No harmful gases were released into the air when solar panels were used to make electricity. This is a lot safer than other methods of producing electricity, like coal or gas.

3. Technology that Cleans the Environment

Positive Impact of Technology on Environmen-Technology that Cleans the Environment

There are lots of modern technology machines and devices that can clean the air in the world.

You can see it in different parts of the world, where the wind is taken from the environment and cleaned of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases.

You can find it by the name of DAC direct air capture.

Also, new types of technology and machines are being used to clean the water. It takes the water and filters it out of bacteria and other bad things.

These technological machines and devices are meant to keep an eye on the environmental problems caused by technology and cut down on technology’s negative effects on the environment.

4. Wind Turbine Technology

Positive Impact of Technology on Environmen-Wind Turbine Technology

In modern technology, things are getting better and better all the time. In the future, scientists want to develop new technologies that can help us live in a better way.

To make electricity we use the wind. Wind technology has been very useful. When making electricity, people don’t use fuel, gas, or any other natural resource.

This means that with wind turbine technology, we can use it to make electricity when the wind blows.

Wind turbine technology didn’t make any gases that were bad for the environment. It is safe for us to use.

Wind technology was made to keep our environment safe and clean from the harmful gases that other electricity-producing technology makes. This technology is called “other.”

5. Solar Vehicles Technology

Positive Impact of Technology on Environmen-Solar Vehicles Technology

Modern technology comes up with solar cars. There are solar panels on the top of the car, and batteries can be recharged inside the car.

They convert the sun’s energy into electricity and charge the car’s batteries so they can be used when it is dark outside so that they can run at night.

Electricity can also be used to charge the batteries inside the cars so that they can last longer.

In order to keep the environment clean, solar cars were invented. They don’t emit any harmful gases into the air.

Is Recycling the Solution?

Recycling is the only way to get rid of our electronic devices. Even though there are costs to the process because you have to separate the different materials used in the manufacturing process, the costs are worth it. In some countries, people who buy new things have to pay taxes. This money is meant to help pay for some of the costs of recycling electronic devices later on.

Even though it costs money to recycle, it doesn’t mean it isn’t a good one. Toxic materials aren’t the only things in electronics. There are also rare materials like gold and other valuable ones that can be sold and recycled into new things. Not to mention aluminum and petroleum-based materials, which will keep their value and can be recycled repeatedly. Several businesses have made their business out of this.

“Recycling aluminum, for example, can save up to 95% of the energy it takes to make new aluminum.” Most of the savings come from plastics: about 70 percent. Steel: 60%. Steel: 40 percent paper: 40 percent glass: 30 percent Recycling also reduces the number of pollutants that can make smog, acid rain, and pollute waterways.

Positive Impact of Technology on Environmen - Is Recycling the Solution

Source: eurostat


Everything in the world has its ups and downs. There are negative as well as positive impact of technology on environment.

It all comes down to how we use technology, which is the most important thing.

It’s up to us. We can protect our environment from the harmful effects of too much technology, or we can damage it.

It’s our job to keep our environment safe from the negative effects of too much technology.

When we use modern technology, we should consider how it might harm our environment.

We need to limit our use of technology in order to protect the environment from the bad or negative effects that technology can have.

It’s also important to do things that can help protect our environment from the bad effects of technology.

So, these are the good and bad things that technology does for the environment.

I hope you’ve been through it.


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