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30 Life Changing Tips to Increase Your Self- Confidence

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Fear, afraid of failure, and low confidence; are the things that bind our souls to achieve the great things we deserve. With a lack of self-confidence, we can’t achieve the goal which we were destined to. Self-confidence is like butter to your bread. So, you should work on your self-confidence as soon as possible.

Did you know? People who are more self-confident in themselves look 10 times more attractive to people. This is because self-confidence brings out the best version of yourself through your activities. So, let’s get started.

30 Tips to Boost Self-Confidence

Here are the 30 tips that will increase your self-esteem and change your life forever.

1.     Change Mentality

change mentality

Your mentality or psychology plays an important part in your self-confidence. Your psychology shows what you are. So, before you start the process of boosting your self-confidence, work on your mentality first.


2. Your Hands Reflect your Confidence

You Hands Reflect your Confidence

Believe it or not, your hands can show a person how confident you are on the basis of a handshake. Psychologists say that people who keep their hands warm in the middle of a conversation and handshake, they tend to be seen as more confident to the persons they talk to. So, you should keep your hands clean, nail proper and polished and try to keep warm your hand when handshaking with others. This will give you a boost to your self-confidence.


3.     Never Pay Heed to People

Never Pay Heed to People

Have you ever heard the story of a father, son, and donkey? If you had, then by now you already know that no matter what you do, you can’t satisfy people’s needs. In fact, we are not even born to do so. So, don’t play by what people say. Stay true to yourself and do what you think is right.

4.     Love Yourself

love yourself

Yet another main part of boosting your self-confidence. Always stay true to yourself and be sure to love yourself at first. If you can’t take care of yourself, how would you take care of others? That doesn’t mean to get self-centered. But you should also think about yourself at first. This will give a perfect increase in your self-confidence build up.


5.     Maintain Your Social Media Life

social media

In this 21st century, social media platforms are our second identity card. It needs no saying how important to maintain our social media platforms are. Always keep your social media platforms optimized. People make a statement out of themselves by evaluating your social media profiles. So, make your social media accounts more attractive and eye-catchy.

6.     Live Your Life Without Any Regrets

live your life without any regret

Regrets bring nothing but sorrow. Regrets always pace down your self-confidence in every sphere of your life. So, forget your past. What is done is done. Now it’s time to move forward with your head held high. Live your life full of joy and confidence.


7.     Work on small effects

work on small effect

Don’t overdo anything. It may seem overwhelming to work on a big thing. But you should also remember that overdoing anything will only spoil the work. So, stay calm, do little works at a time. In this way, you can do your works more efficiently and steadily. In the end, the result will be better and that will boost your self-confidence more in a way.


8.     Be Active & Energetic

be active and energetic

Your activities define your self-confidence. So, be active and energetic in your all day to day works. This will create an impression on the people around you and it will boost your confidence a lot.


9.     Maintain your Checklist

maintain your checklist

Make a to-do list of your day-to-day activities. Always maintain that checklist. Maintaining a scheduled checklist will ensure your everyday tasks are more perfect. It will boost your self-confidence.


10.  Empower Yourself with knowledge

empower yourself with knowledge

In the medieval age, people who had more knowledge had more influence on others. It still works now. People tend to like those who keep proper knowledge of anything. So, gain more knowledge and implement them. This will make you stand out to others and also will build your self-confidence.


11.  Workout


A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. We all know this. Keeping good physic will build your confidence more and more. So, take your time and join a gym. Do regular workouts to maintain good health and fitness. The more fit you are, the more you will be confident in yourself.


12.  Be Respectful


Always respect others. You can’t expect respect if you don’t respect others. Respecting others won’t make you low to others. Rather, it will make you humbler. It will also have a great influence on your confidence.


13.  Be Part of Something Great Each Day

do good deed everyday

Good virtue makes you a good person. It also boosts your self-confidence. Always try to do something for others and good for society. This will make you feel much better.

14.  Smile Like a Preacher


A smile is a great gift from God. Use your smile to make others feel good and comfortable. Smile your brightest in front of people even if you feel down. Smiling creates a great impact on your confidence.

15.  Focus on Results

Focus on Result

Always focus on your result. Never look back on what you are doing. Never falter from the task you just started. Keep Your head high, do your work and focus on your result. Good results will make you more self-confident.

16.  Make Some Habit Changes

Make Some Habit Changes

We all have some bad habits. It’s not a sin to have one. But we should work on them to reform our bad habits. Rather, we should cultivate some good habits within ourselves. This will greatly impact our confidence.

17.  Live Like an Achiever, not a Loser

 live like a achiever.

Live life like a versatile achiever. You should maintain an atmosphere like you can achieve anything. As I said before, the mentality is a fact. Always maintain an achiever mindset. This will hold up your self-confidence at a higher rate.


18.  Increase Capability

Increase your capabilities

Your capabilities reflect your character. So, work on your capabilities. The more capability you have, the more room for greatness awaits you. Your capability will make you more confident.


19.  Live by Your Principles

live by principles

Never leave your principles at all costs. Remember, your principles tell who you are. Your principles play a vital role in your self-confidence.


20.  Speak More Maturely

 speak more maturely


Always show maturity in your speaking. The more mature you speak the more confident you look. Being mature creates a great impression. It also works great in terms of building your self-confidence.


21.  Confidence Is the Key

confidence is the key

Show confidence in yourself. No matter what happens, always keep your confidence high. The more confident you are, the more you are likely to have an influence on others.


22.  Be Kind and Generous

be kind and generous.

Never be selfish. Be generous to others. Your kindness will hold you high. So, be kind and generous to others. Kindness never lowers your confidence. Rather it boosts more.


23.  Be Positive

be positive.

Always be positive. Positiveness is a great skill. A positive thinker is always a confident person. So, be positive. It will greatly boost your self-confidence.


24.  Thy Yourself

Thy Yourself

Always try to know yourself. Study yourself more. In this way, you will know yourself more and you will automatically know your way to build your self-confidence.


25.  Kill Negative Studies

Avoid negativity

Never keep negative thoughts in yourself. Negativity is a curse. It will drag you down eventually. So, kill negative thoughts and push forward.


26.  Optimize Your Social Media Pictures

optimize social media pic

Your pictures on social media play a vital role to present yourself to others. So, be sure to use good and quality pictures in your social media profiles. You can optimize them a little bit to express yourself more confidently.


27.  Bring out Your personality Through Dressing Sense


Dress well and good. Good dressing sense creates a great impact on your confidence status. The good dressing will not only bring out the best version of yourself but also will dramatically increase your self-confidence more.


28.  Grooming



A good shave and shower will really work great. It makes you feel a lot lighter and confident. A little bit of grooming will help in your self-confidence.


29.  Never Compare Yourself to Others

never compare

Many people suffer from low self-esteem just because they compare themselves to others. They feel insecure and minority in front of others. Never compare yourself to others. You are who you are. Try your best to bring out the better version of yourself. Comparing with others will never bring you any happiness.


30.  Read or Research on Famous People

read motivational book

It may seem kind of off-topic but it is what it is. When you will see their bio-data you will know it for yourself. Most of the famous persons are top today only for their belief in themselves and their sheer self-confidence. Read about them and you will find your way to build your self-confidence even more.


That’s all the 30 tips that will not only raise your self-confidence but also will help you to bring out your better version of yourself. If you follow these tips accordingly, it will slowly but surely change your life in a good way.

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