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Streetwear Style in 2022 | What is It & How to Style

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Streetwear style is a curious and perplexing creature. On one, it’s flimsy, obnoxious, and frequently unattractive. On the other hand, James Jebbia’s skate brand, Supreme, has grown into a multibillion-dollar giant. Though streetwear outfits style were created 50 years ago in Californian surf culture, they didn’t really take off until the 1990s, when the first skate boom (thank you, Tony Hawk) and hip-chart hop’s supremacy introduced a generation to baggy pants and graphic tees.

That generation is now reaching maturity. Even though it has a mortgage, it prefers to dress in a sweatshirt rather than a suit.

“Because dress norms have grown so much more casual, streetwear is so many people’s go-to every day,” explains Harvey Nichols menswear buyer Lara Djandji.”As more people wear jeans to work with a jacket, the number of people looking for tailoring has decreased, and those who used to wear jeans are now more inclined to look for a tracksuit.” Thankfully, streetwear has progressed as well. Here are six ways to wear streetwear without seeming corny, whether you want to change your appearance or just polish up your jeans-and-sweatshirt collection.



Until recently, streetwear apparel was designed to be worn while falling off a skateboard; as a result, the majority of it was made of denim and heavy cotton in loose fittings. Designers have modified time-honored items – sweatshirts, cargo pants, sneakers – into outfits you wouldn’t want to chance on the pavement, yet current streetwear style has stepped out of the skatepark.

For the average person, this means upgrading from practical textiles to something more luxurious. “A pair of high-end sweatpants made from soft-handle fabrics like cashmere and jersey is a simple way to include a subtle element of streetwear,” says Mr. Porter style director Olie Arnold, referring to designs fashioned from cashmere and jersey. “They’re a good alternative for a worn-in pair of chinos.”

It’s a trend that’s been embraced by everyone from Loro Piana and Officine Generale, which now make cashmere baseball hats as well as their blazers, to the high street, which no longer sells loopback cotton pajamas.


Hype is everything in young culture. Because reputation is crucial, you’ll want to get Supreme, Palace, Gosha, and Yeezy, which are all well-known among your peers. However, the exchange rate fluctuates. Chris Tang, a stylist, and photographer adds, “There is no age cut-off for streetwear.” “However, an older gentleman should stick to what he enjoys and what he finds to be effective.”

Wearing streetwear labels that are inventive but don’t have youngsters queuing outside their stores is the grown-up approach.

“A lot of companies this season are drawing inspiration from streetwear,” adds Arnold, citing easy-going urban clothing from Pop Trading Company and stripped-back Acne Studios items as examples.

In summary, you should try to avoid wearing streetwear ensembles with logos, or at the very least keep them hidden as minor embellishments. Because an adult understands that the nicest part about grail findings is being questioned. Not yelling about where they came from.


“We started at the bottom, and now we’re here,” Drake says. And the man has a valid argument. “Shoes create the ensemble in streetwear, and sneakers are the lynchpin of it all,” Arnold explains. However, navigating this terrain can be hazardous. Each fresh drop causes hype-beasts to hyperventilate, and you may spend monstrous sums.

Invest in trainers that will last as long as your brogues by picking premium materials from streetwear businesses. And that appreciate outstanding workmanship, rather than paying secondhand rates for Yeezys or the newest Off-White collaboration. “For a few seasons now, the distinctions between luxury mainstream fashion and streetwear have merged beyond recognition,” Arnold continues.

Despite the popularity of purposefully ‘ugly’ trainers with massive soles, it’s best to avoid ornamentation or unusual forms to ensure your brand-new kicks look as fantastic with your suit as they do with your sweatpants.


Teenage lads don’t have to worry about their appearance, so they can peruse the big rail. The loose fits of trendy streetwear ensembles, on the other hand, aren’t tolerant of people approaching their dadbod stage of life. Tang says, “Streetwear is, dare I say, a ‘lifestyle.'” “People from all walks of life can relate to it.”  Just make sure it’s the fits you properly.

Your best bet is to go for a looser cut than the figure-hugging tailoring of the last few years, but one that doesn’t make you seem like a tent with legs.

It’s easiest to pull off if you wear it below the waist. From high-end to high-street, streetwear labels have shifted from thin fits to straight-leg silhouettes that allow for more flexibility on a skateboard – and are more comfortable off one. Teenagers should wear an oversized bomber; older people should choose a cropped jacket to balance off the looseness.


The look’s tendrils have grown into every aspect of menswear, so there are now very few clothes that can’t be modified to it. This is great news if you’ve spent the previous decade building a soft-shouldered Italian tailoring wardrobe and don’t want to part with it.

“It might be frightening to incorporate streetwear into your [work] clothing,” Arnold adds. “Investing in a hoodie is an easy way to update more conventional clothing. I’d recommend putting it with a premium bomber jacket or textured unstructured blazer for an inexperienced hoodie user.”

Trainers are another simple method to make your business attire more modern. “A casual suit or chinos with a pair of shoes is always a safe and simple option,” Arnold says.


A look right off the rack is the quickest way to a successful streetwear style ensemble. Mixing and matching pieces from various brands and cultures to express your own allegiances. As well as interests is the essence of streetwear.

“Don’t go all out and wear the newest stuff from head to toe,” Tang advises. It’s a style that only Instagram influencers can pull off, and they’re probably all too young to drive.

That isn’t to imply that statement or branding pieces aren’t acceptable. However, as an adult, you should match them with items that demonstrate a little more ingenuity. The ‘it’ sweatshirt, which is a must-have for fashion editors, looks better with chinos than with pants and shoes from the same brand. Which are more commonly seen on skaters (who have no idea what the ‘flow’ is). If you’re dressed like a model, tone it down.

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