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Teaching Assistant Interview Questions & Solutions | Get Fully Prepared

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A career as a teaching assistant promises to be both gratifying and interesting. The work is interesting and exciting, and no two days are the same when you’re tasked with assisting young people who require more assistance. Here are some general teaching assistant interview questions and answers you must get prepared for.

If you recently earned your teaching assistant certificate, it’s reasonable to assume that the next item on your to-do list is to find work in your chosen sector. However, with hundreds of other applicants to deal with, you must be aggressive in your approach to securing your dream job.

To help you succeed, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked teaching assistant interview questions and how to react to them. It’s a terrific resource that may help you ace your interview and highlight your skills by providing practical advice and insight.

General Interview Question

Questions For a General Interview

Let’s start with four common questions that you could be asked during a teaching assistant interview. These are used to evaluate your character, desire, and reason for applying for a certain position, thus excitement and positivism are essential.

Question 1: What motivates you to work as a teaching assistant?

The most basic interview questions are sometimes the most difficult to answer, which is why preparation is so crucial. Consider what prompted you to choose a profession as a teaching assistant; perhaps you had extra tutoring in high school? Or have you always longed to work with youngsters that want additional direction and assistance?

Question 2: What motivates you to work at this particular school?

One of the most difficult interview topics to nail is striking a balance between exhibiting appreciation of the school’s reputation and accomplishments while without fawning. Find out as much as you can about the school from their website before the interview. This not only demonstrates your enthusiasm and proactive attitude, but it also helps you to schmooze based on facts.

Question 3: What makes you think you’d be an effective teaching assistant?

It might be difficult to talk about oneself. Before the interview, make a list of your qualities and talents and match them to the school’s requirements. Consider the traits that a teaching assistant should have: patience, empathy, approachability, and a caring disposition are all qualities that you should emphasize in your response.

Question 4: What is a teaching assistant’s role?

Interviewers are looking for evidence that you understand the role of a teaching assistant. And how they can make a positive difference in the classroom. Use your knowledge and skills to answer this question: what is the major reason for the presence of teaching assistants in schools? Consider the value they provide and the assistance they may provide to pupils who have more needs than others.

Abilities and Knowledge

Questions About Abilities and Knowledge

School officials will want to examine your abilities and expertise during a TA interview. Because you’ll be working directly with children from many areas of life, they’ll want to see that you have a diverse set of talents and abilities.

Question 1: How would you help to make the classroom a safer place for students?

The purpose of this question is for school leaders to assess your understanding of safeguarding, which will definitely be an important part of your day-to-day responsibilities. Prepare for the interview by researching current trends in successful safeguarding. Demonstrate your abilities by describing how you would use up-to-date strategies to assist protect children both in and out of the classroom.

Question 2: To what degree do you believe it is important for children to enjoy school?

The simple answer is, of course, to a large extent, but you’ll need to go a little further. As a TA, your job is to make sure that all students have a pleasant experience in the classroom. Therefore, think of a scenario where you can demonstrate your knowledge of this crucial topic.

Question 3: How would you deal with troublesome behavior if you had three options?

Remember that this is a time to exhibit your expertise and training, so review course content before the interview. Resolving problematic behavior is a key responsibility for any TA. It necessitates a deft touch as well as an empathic, patient attitude. Create easy measures to reduce disturbance, such as separating children and looking into the core of the problem.

Question 4: Which scenarios do you believe will be the most difficult on a daily basis?

Interviewers are searching for evidence that you understand the responsibilities of a teaching assistant. Be truthful and open in your response. Recognizing that the post would bring problems and upheavals demonstrates maturity and insight, as well as awareness of the position’s importance. Make a list of possible scenarios and demonstrate how you would manage each one.

Competency Questions

Competency Questions Based on Scenarios

Scenario questions are utilized in teaching assistant interviews since judging someone’s skills without placing them in front of a classroom full of youngsters is challenging. Plan to rely significantly on your expertise and knowledge in this circumstance, and prepare to cope with any unexpected problems ahead of time.

Here are some examples of scenario-based competence questions that you could be asked during your interview:

  1. Your class has a new student who doesn’t speak much English. What methods would you employ to help them?
  2. When a kid falls in the playground, he or she is hesitant to go to the school nurse. What does this tell us about their safety and protection, and how would you handle the situation?
  3. You’re instructing a pupil who looks bored and uninterested in the job. What would you do to make them more interested in their studies?
  4. A parent contacts you about an issue their kid is having at home. How would you go about resolving the problem and what steps would you take?
  5. Several kids are disturbing the instruction by misbehaving in class. How would you go about assisting the instructor and preventing the disturbance from affecting other students’ learning?
  6. A youngster is acting in a way that you are concerned about. What actions would you take to ensure they get the attention and care they require?
  7. According to the evidence, a kid is being bullied. What are your plans for dealing with the situation?
  8. You’re teaching a student who brags about terrible behavior outside of school. What are the steps you take?

These are just a few examples of competency-based questions that may be asked of you during your teaching assistant interview. Remember that if you want to ace these sorts of questions, preparation is crucial, so review your course materials and keep best-practice recommendations in mind before you approach the interview panel.


A job as a teaching assistant is a rewarding, demanding, and meaningful occupation. If you want to work with children and have the patience and expertise required for the job, Oxbridge has a variety of teaching assistant courses and training programs that can help you reach your TA goals.

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