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The comprehensive guide to travel to Canada

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Ranging from the historic cities lying to the east, to that of the plains and some mesmerizing mountains and highway that are there to the west and the Arctic wilderness of the north is what the following itineraries covers the complete length of this incredibly diverse country here. You will not be able to travel everywhere and even picking some of the highlights that is going to offer you some great insight to the natural and the historic wonders of Canada with the greater distances that are included here.

2 weeks in The Central Corridor

Encompassing Canada’s largest cities with the pristine islands and waterfalls, you will be making 1450 km route from Toronto to Quebec City.

You can easily spend your two days within the wallowing wealth of art museums, architecture nightclubs and restaurants in this multicultural city of Toronto. You then start with your eastward journey as you are spending three days at the Niagara Falls. The Loyalist Parkway at the Highway 33 pulls into the colonial Kingston as it ramblesshoreside in the wine-covered Prince Edward County. From there you can take a break at the Gananoque for the rest of the day which dots the St Lawrence river with the mansion covered Thousand Islands. Before you head out to Ottawa for few days to have your culture fixed at the national museums, you can make your half-day stop at the Upper Canadian Village which is mainly a town of 1860 that is recreated.

Basking in the wealth of the art museums, nightclubs, restaurants, and the art museums, you can spend two days in this multicultural Toronto. You can commence with your eastward haul as you are spending day three at the Niagara Falls. Pulling into the colonial Kingston, you can spend day three at the Niagara Falls.

Montreal would be the next stop that you would be making where through the Euro-cool clubs are usually seduced through the French exuberance here and the cafes that are dedicated to the foodies here. You can easily get back to your shape with your swing over to the Laurentians where you can spend a day or two hiking. Quebec city which is walled charismatically the Old Town as you are finishing here is poised dramatically over the bluff of St Lawrence that is going to leave an impression long after you are returning home.

Trans-Canada Highway
1 Month

With a scenic 7800 km belt of asphalt cinched around the girth of Canada is the world’s longest highway and it is technically a patchwork of the provincial roads that are out there. You would get best sights requiring a detour off the highway with the scenic stretches alternate to the ones that are mundane.

With the Canada’s oldest city and a heck lot of pub filled with good times, the road usually begins in St John’s Newfoundland. Until it can hit the sea at the point where you should be ferrying over to the North Sydney, Nova Scotia where the road starts over on the beautiful Cape Breton Island, it rolls all the way through this province here. You can also take the longer route to the Prince Edward Island following the St John River through the Fredericton to Quebec as you continue on the New Brunswick here.

You can also take the pastoral side-trip to the east of Gaspe Peninsula since it would be quite enticing here. Else, you can also reach out to the romantic Quebec City on the other side of the highway following the mighty St Lawrence river.

Before you plunge into the Ontario at the museum-fortified Ottawa, you can also carry with you the theme bearing the urban mark in Montreal where the pastis series and the café that will have you lingering onto them. You can also follow in the fur trader’s footsteps to North Bay which is the gateway to the Algoma wilderness which has inspired the Group of Seven painters from there. The great road that skirts to the Lake superior to that of the Thunder Bay and voila, on your journey to week two as you savor onto the superb stretch here.

Calgary- Week 3

The highway then enters into the prairie flatlands of the Manitoba where the Winnipeg spirals up providing an enlivening patch of the cultures and the cafes here. Under the Saskatchewan’s biggest skies until reaching the badass Moose jaw which is the well-noted hiding place for the bootlegged booze of Al Capone, this is the road that dawdles under. Dinosaur junkies can also detour the Drumheller here in Alberta. Before you arrive in the Calgary, make sure that you have your cowboy boots on. Calgary is one of the fastest growing cities of Canada.This is how you are going to spend your week three…


You will now be making up the Rockies here. As the highway here meanders through the Banff before getting into the British Columbia at the Yoho National Park and reaching at the highest point at that of the Kicking Horse Pass, they usually offer some dramatic changes here. The river country usually finds its way out through the mountains here. It is through the Fraser River Canyon where the most memorable section leads through that of the Fraser River Canyon and from there it rockets it mod, multicultural Vancouver from where you can easily ferry out to Victoria. You can also stop there to get some of the best panoramic views!

French Canadian sampler                                                                                                                                           
1 Week

This 700km usually jaunts through Quebec and New Brunswick where you can get a taste of this Gallic Canada city.

You can simply immerse yourself in this Acadian culture at the historic sites through some local foods including the pets de soeur as you start here in the Caraquet. You can easily try one of these. The fiddle fuelled festival Acadian usually takes over the whole town if you visit this place anytime in the months of August.

You can easily cross into the city of Quebec as you randle through the Campbellton. The main target of yours would be Rimouski on the River of St Lawrence. You can easily explore more into the delicious cafes and the intriguing museums and then take an east trip up the Gaspe Peninsula on the Route 132. Here you are going to come across the ridy farming hamlets, and the rocky shores flashing by with the fluttering Acadian flags.

You can now head out to the Forestville with ferry that can help you cross over from the Rimouski. From there you can head out south to the most inviting Tadoussac. You can also check out the blue whales that are patrolling the area there since it is all about whale-watching here in this boho little town and the zodiacs motor.

In this atmospheric city of Quebec is where you can finish this trip here. You can also wander its labyrinth of the lanes and stop often to take a sip from the corner cafes as you check in at the cozy inn in the Old Town.

Heart of the Maritimes
1 Week

The core of the Maritime provinces of Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick are all present at this 650km loop lassos at here.

All your way through the Halifax, you need to make a break at the northwest for the New Brunswick as you eat and drink up here. The home of the world’s biggest lobster sculpture with no surprise is the cooked version of the creatures that gets served in the eateries all around the town here since Festive Shediac is the home to all.

It usually links out to the New Brunswick to that of PEI as you are barreling over the 12.9km of Confederation Bridge here and to the Anne’s land you can start your pilgrimage. The fictional orphan of the Green Gables fame who was mainly red-headed and the Cavendish is wildly developed town that usually pays homage to here with Anne.

With the exploration and the red sandstone bluffs up at the Prince Edward Island National Park, you can continue the red theme as you can do several things here ranging from beach watching to that of bird watching. Before you take the ferry from the Wood Islands back to the Pictou in Nova Scotia, you can stop at the compact of PEI which is the colonial capital of Charlottetown. If you are lucky enough then the town here might be hosting its First Nations Powwow as you stroll across the boardwalk of Pictou. From here back to Halifax it is around a two hours.

Bite of British Columbia
1 Week

For experiencing a range of heart-throbbing landscapes in the south BC, you need not have to drive too far. There is almost everything present here in roughly 550km surrounded by the Ocean, mountains, islands and forests.

You take a couple of days to check out the indie shops located here along with the forested seawalls vistas of the Stanley Park as well as the foodie fare as you start here in Vancouver. Options to drive to the Tsawwassen ferry terminal to get a dream boat trip to that of the Swartz Bay on Vancouver Island on your day three. Then you can spend you night stay by exploring the picturesque capital and the historic buildings as you zip over to that of Victoria.


Then you can drive to north up the island on the Highway 1 by stopping off at the Chemainus which is a former logging settlement that had reinvented itself as a town of art on your day four trip here as well.  Head for a late lunch and an overnight in Nanaimo as you continue northwards and the next morning you can also catch a ferry back to the Horseshoes Bay Terminal of the mainland located in the West Vancouver.

Through the formidable mountains to that of the Whistler, from there, the Sea to Sky Highway runs Cliffside through it. You are sure to come across huge amount of adrenaline activities as well as funs that can be in your final few days here. And from here it is about 120km back to that of the Vancouver City.

Klondike Highway & Around
1 Week

You can now head out to the call of the wild and set your wheels on fire for the roadway which is going to be an epic one. For approximately 30 hours, it includes a lot of driving and the main attraction of the trip here is its roads.

Similar to that of the Klondike Highway, you can start at the Skagway Alaska. Soon you are going to enter the rugged land Jack London as you leave your cruise ships behind you. And you will come across some groovy art and organic bakeries as you follow the road to that of the lively Whitehorse. Then  you can continue your northward journey to the off beat Dawson City. Check out the gold rush historic sites, blow a kiss to the dancing girls and also take a mine tour as you linger a few days and check out whatever is there on store for you.Chance to check out the steep grandeur as you take your day trip at the Tombstone Territorial Park for the great beauty onboard.

Now you can head out to the Alaskan border and connect down through the US along the Alaskan highway at the Beaver Creek of the Yukon as you follow the Top of the World highway all across the tops of the mountains. It is sublime when you consider the road between the well-stocked Haines Junction to that of here, and it is parallel to that of the St Elias Mountains and Kluane National Park. It rolls into the Haines, Alaska as your journey ends here it is absolutely Gawk-worthy.

Cabot & Viking Trails
2 Weeks

This is the 1700km route through that of Newfoundland, Quebec, Labrador and Nova Scotia since this is a whale-riddled, wild and windswept place. You can also check out the Viking vestiges, sea and cliff vistas, and a lot more.

You can spend a few days by chilling out on the beer, cosmopolitan life, as well as the farmers market as you start in the Halifax here. For almost two days, they are hit out to the road to Celtic-tinged Cape Breton Islands here. There is no ferry that is involved here since it is the causeway that connects the mainland to the island since it is about a five-hour drive. You can certainly get a feel of the pastoral Baddeck beauty in store and along the art-studio that circlesall-round the Cabot trail as you do not have enough time to traverse the Cpae Breton in depth. You can also visit the industrial North Sydney which is near to that of Newfoundland with the help of ferry.

Over the Cabot Strait to that of the Port aux Basques, it is about six hour sail here. You need to be sure to be in the book in advance as the ferry goes daily. You can also steer for the GrosMorne National Park which is four hours north to that of the trans-Canadian highway as you are spending a day here in this sleepy town. It is usually rich with that of the mountain hikes when it comes to the World Heritage Site, fjord-like lakes, sea-kayak tours, as well as the weird formation of the rocks.

Viking trail

You can also continue on this Viking trail to its endpoint which is the L’Anse aux Meadows after soaking under it for at least three days. For almost 1000 years ago, this was the first settlement of North America where Leif and his viking friends homesteaded here. Back tracking for about two hours to that of St Barbe where the ferry departs for Labrador, you need to poke around for a day before backtracking. It usually takes Two hours of crossing since the reservations are quite wise on a daily basis.

You then enter into the Big Land. You can head out for the L’Anse Armor for its intriguing tall lighthouse and shipwrecked strewn hiking trail as you turn your wheels to the northeast. There is also Canada’s newest World Heritage Site all along the Red Bay that preserves some of the huge whaling port from the 16th century. You can drive 90km onward to that of Mary’s Harbor and spend your night on the offshore island holding the Battle Harbor which is the restored village in order to get away from it all. It is now the best time to head back after few days here in Labrador.


You can also detour for few hours down the Route 138 in Quebec before you get into ferry. Overlooking the crashing surf you can easily get passed the beautiful drive past waterfalls here. You can also retrace your path back to Halifax where you will need couple of more days.

The Rockies
2 Weeks

On the smorgasbord of the scenic delights on this trek of 2000km it loops all the way through Alberta and British Columbia as you start your feasting here.

You can also be spoiled by the urban hiking, biking, as well as the other activities along with the best culinary scene of Western Canada you can start with a couple of days in the mountain-meets-the-sea here in Vancouver. Through the rolling hills to that of the lake-studded Okanagan Valley that is famous for the fruit orchards, bold reds, and the crisp whites as you make the wine pilgrimage to the east. If you fancy tippling for a night or a two, Kelowna would become the best sipping base here.

You can easily get high on the Rocky Mountains of the BC next time when you visit this place here. Mt Revelstoke has some cool scenic hikes and drives and Glacier has its namesake ice fields numbering 430 where a trio of the National park comes up in great succession here each providing its best beauty in question. To take all in, Golden provides the most convenient base with a great array of restaurants, stores, as well as the tourist facilities.

You can park it in the Banff as you cross the border over to Alberta. If you wish to hike, paddle, and gawk at the glaciers for spotting those grizzly bears then you need to allot a lot of time here. The must-see here would be the sapphire blue lake Louise which has a pair of alpine style teahouses that would give fire to your hikes with beer, hot chocolate and scones.

Return to Vancouver

We would now be returning to Vancouver. The handiest spot to spend the night before you ride back to the City of Glass would be by taking the Yellowhead Highway that plows south to the Kamloops.

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