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How To Verify And Listing My Business On Google

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If you operate a business or store with a specific location or a business that spans a service area, Google My Business can assist clients to identify your business location, address, working hours, and more. Verification is critical. But no worries! How to verify my business on Google?

It is free and simple to do business using Google My Business. Entering your company’s details just takes a few minutes (although Google may take a few days to complete your verification). You may create a business profile with Google directly.

At first appearance, the procedure appears to be pretty simple. Google provides you with specific guidelines, and you validate your listing. It’s really that simple. However, upon closer examination, you will notice that there is much more to it. Many individuals fail or forget to check their lists, lose or do not get postcards, overlook apparent issues, and as a result, struggle to find a solution.

In this post, we examine every conceivable method for verifying your listing, look at any hidden concerns that may arise during the verification methods. And show you where to seek assistance if you run into any problems.

Why Verifying Google My Business Listing Is So Important

The primary and most obvious reason for Google Business Profile is that you will not be able to manage your business information in Google Search and Maps, or other Google properties unless you verify it. Google must verify your actual business address to confirm your contact with customers and determine whether you are permitted to possess a listing. Only then will you be able to update your company information throughout Google, examine listing statistics known as Insights, add fresh photographs, create posts, online marketing, reply to customer reviews, know the positive and negative reviews regarding your products, and so on. It is a great way to get your potential customers pretty fast.

Furthermore, Google My Business signals (proximity, business category, business description, business hours, keyword in business title, and so on) account for 25% of all ranking variables in the Local Pack. This implies that if you have a GMB listing, you have a significantly better chance of being in the Local Pack than if you only rely on ranking variables like links, reviews, citations, and so on. As a result, having control over the information presented on your Google My Business profile is critical.

The second reason why having a Google My Business profile is critical is because verified businesses are twice as likely to be regarded as reliable by users, according to Google. When Google My Business profiles are enhanced and modified by the real owner, they appear more consistent and trustworthy.

The third reason is that confirming your business protects it from anyone who may pose as your representative and claim the listing as their own. This is an example of simple and easy fraud; therefore keep an eye out for similar occurrences.

5 Easiest Ways to Verify My Business On GMB Listing

The various business verification techniques available on Google are heavily influenced by the type of business and its geographical location to bring the potential customers to you. Each company will have its own set of possibilities.

Let’s have a look at all of the different verification choices and see how they differ from one another.

When you register or claim a business, you will get the option to select a verification method.

Although the graphic above only shows three verification choices, there will be more if you build your company listing.

1. Email

When you begin the verification option, you will see the “Verify by email” option if your business is eligible.

Check that the email address given on the verification screen is valid and that you have access to it before clicking “Verify now.”

Then, enter your inbox and look for the email from Google My Business. It contains a verification code as well as a link to the Google My Business website where you may activate it.

2. Phone

Some businesses may choose to verify their GMB listing over the phone, although this option isn’t accessible to everyone right once. Consider yourself fortunate if you can authenticate your business over the phone because the process just takes a few minutes.

You have the option of receiving an automated call or a text message delivered to your phone. The system will generate a 5-digit code for you to enter into the code area.

Unfortunately, there are many real-life instances on the GMB community forum regarding bogus calls made by persons claiming to work with Google. Google has a tutorial on how to spot unusual phone calls.

Keep in mind that Google will never: during the verification call:

  • Charge you for any GMB listing services;
  • Request your passwords, verification code, or any other personal information;
  • Propose to upgrade your GMB listing.

The only thing you need to do during the verification is receive a google my business phone call from a genuine Google person who hears your verification code and writes it down for future usage.

3. Standard Mail

This is the most common method of verifying a firm. The bottom line is that it informs Google of the actual location of the company or physical address and that it exists.

Depending on the area, the delivery procedure might take up to two weeks.

By the way, don’t modify any business information (company name, physical location, category, etc.) until your firm has been validated since this will significantly lengthen the certification process. It’s also worth noting that Google will not mail verification letters to PO boxes.

4. Instant Verification

Instant verification is a great feature that many business owners fail to take advantage of. Honestly, we did the same mistake and waited for a long time for a postcard when we could verify our listing.

According to Google, if your site is already verified in the Google Search Console, then you deserve a quick verification. In practice, however, this option is not available for every GSC-verified firm.

In fact, it is a question of how much Google can trust a company. If you are running a new business or one with little web presence, it is doubtful that you will be able to get your business recognized right now. In this case, mailing a postcard is the ideal way for Google to investigate your company.

To use Quick Verification, log in to GMB with the same account you used for the Google Search Console.

5. Bulk Verification

This option is available for businesses that need to verify more than ten locations at the same time. For example, if you run a pizza business with 25 outlets, you may be qualified.

After logging into Google My Business, click the “Get verified” button next to one of your locations. Then choose “Chain.” Fill out the verification form with all of the essential information and submit it.

Note: Please keep in mind that Google may take up to a week to evaluate and validate your form.

GMB Help Center: If you are facing any verification problem, fill this form to get more instructions from Google.

How to Verify My Business on Google by Postcard?

Do not change your business name, address, category, or ask for a new code while you are waiting for your verification postcard. This could slow down the verification process.

Get Your Postcard

On your computer

  1. Sign in to Google My Business.
  2. Choose the business you want to verify.
  3. Click Verify Now.
  4. On the postcard request screen, make sure your address is correct. To help your postcard get to the right person, you can also add an optional contact name to the end of the message.
  5. Click Send postcard.
  6. It’s time to look in the mail for your postcard. Most postcards arrive in about 14 days.

On Your Mobile Device

  1. Open the Google My Business app.
  2. Tap Send postcard.
  3. Choose the business you want to verify.
  4. Tap I don’t have a code.
  5. Check the mail for your postcard. Most postcards arrive within 14 days.

Enter Your Verification Code

On your computer

  1. After you get your postcard, go to Google My Business and sign in with your business name.
  2. If you have more than one location, open the one you want to manage.
  3. Click either Verify location from the menu or Verify now.
  4. In the “Code” field, type in the 5-digit verification code from your mail.
  5. Click Submit.

On your mobile device

  1. After you get your postcard, open the Google My Business app.
  2. Choose the business you want to verify.
  3. To verify, tap Enter code.
        • If you didn’t get your postcard, tap I don’t have a code.

Note: Due to COVID-19, you may experience delays in getting your postcard.

Now We Are Ready To Verify My Business On Google :

Verifying your GMB listing may be difficult, but it is well worth the effort. As a result, you will have an efficient toolset to analyze and regulate your business’s presence on Google search. And nothing is more crucial than converting searchers into devoted consumers.

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