What Does HRU Mean on Snapchat? A Comprehensive Guide

What Does HRU Mean on Snapchat

Snapchat consumers love to utilize acronyms to inform more rapidly and productively. In any case, at times the contractions can be all difficult to stay aware of. It appears as though there’s another abbreviation or shoptalk term to get familiar with each week. Thus, that speedier correspondence can misfire as the beneficiary of the message considers, what’s the significance here? One of the furthermost down-the-line abbreviations to become famous on the Web is HRU. In any case, on the off chance that you don’t know what HRU implies, no significant reason to stress. Here is the response to what’s the significance here on Snapchat as well as a few other convenient abbreviations to be aware.

What Does HRU Mean on Snapchat?

HRU for the most part means “How Are You” on Snapchat. This can marginally confuse since it’s anything but an immediate abbreviation. As such, with an abbreviation you would typically expect the “R” to represent a word that starts with R. For this situation, however, the “R” represents the sound it makes, which is a similar sound as “Are.” HRU can be utilized as a hello toward the start of a discussion. For instance: “Hello, HRU?” or “HRU doing today?” It could likewise be utilized to monitor somebody who has become sick.

Options in contrast to HRU

Nothing bad can really be said about utilizing HRU, but there are a couple of occasions where it probably won’t be the most ideal choice to welcome somebody. If you have an expert connection with somebody, for instance, HRU may be all in all too easygoing. On the other hand, you could realize that the individual you’re addressing leans towards full sentences. For this situation, working out the full expression: “How are you might be ideal?

Assuming somebody has sent HRU to you, you should answer with something else. A few extraordinary choices are: “Good, HBU (how about you)?” “HGI (how goes it)?” or “WSG (what’s good)?”

Other Snapchat Abbreviations to Be Aware

HRU isn’t the main abbreviation individuals love to use on Snapchat. Here are a portion of the other most normal ones.

  • ATM represents at the moment.
  • BRB represents be right back.
  • ILY represents I love you.
  • NRS represents no replies sorry.
  • SFS represents shoutout for a shoutout or snap for snap.
  • SMT represents send me that.
  • STE represents sent to everyone.
  • TBH represents to be honest.
  • TBT represents throwback Thursday.
  • WR represents won’t reply.
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How To Reply When Someone Sends You an HRU?

At the point when somebody sends you a HRU, you can hit them up letting them know how you’re doing? You can likewise warmly ask them how they have been so the discussion can pick pace after that.


Snapchat consumers have their own arrangement of contractions that they ordinarily use while addressing one another. One such condensing is HRU. On the occasion that you’re thinking about what’s the significance here on Snapchat, you must realize that it is the short type of how are you? Although addressing somebody casually or while needing to start a discussion, you can include HRU as a respectful approach to conversing with them.

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